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FlyTheCoop 09-01-2016 13:55

Raymarine C80 cursor problem
Anyone had this before? My 8 yr old C80 has decided to move the cursor left when I direct it to the right and vice versa. Up and down work fine. Also when I zoom out, the set up page appears???:facepalm:

jstevens 09-01-2016 14:25

Re: Raymarine C80 cursor problem
Never experienced that on my 12 year old C120. Sounds like something has been corrupted in the software. Have you reloaded the software from a CF card? You may be able to get more specific recommendations at the Raymarine Forum: Raymarine Technical Forum


travellerw 09-01-2016 14:30

Re: Raymarine C80 cursor problem
Actually sounds like water ingress behind the front panel. The C80 is only sealed on the front by a neoprene gasket. When the gasket gets old, it looses its "puffiness" and will allow water behind. The first board in the C80 behind that panel is the button and control board.

You could remove all the screws hiding behind the beauty bezel and clean the contacts with isopropyl alcohol.

FlyTheCoop 09-01-2016 15:06

Re: Raymarine C80 cursor problem
Thanks, it did rain here last night so the unit may have got some water in it. I'll do what you suggest and report back!

travellerw 09-01-2016 17:57

Re: Raymarine C80 cursor problem
Don't clean the backside of the rubber buttons, that may remove the conductive material.. Just clean the gold traces on the circuit board. Make sure everything is dry before reassembly!

FlyTheCoop 10-01-2016 14:00

Re: Raymarine C80 cursor problem
Well the plotter started working perfectly again today! I didn't get a chance to take it apart but it must have been water ingress as we had a hot sunny day yesterday so maybe it dried out? Thanks for your help/suggestions.

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