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SilentOption 01-01-2016 11:45

faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
I want to replace my worn teak with fake teak or composite "Teak looking" material.

Its is currently on my seat hatches and swim deck.

I am looking at Nu Teak

I appreciate any thoughts on this subject.

Happy New Year

SilentOption 01-01-2016 11:51

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
Anyone here have Marine Deck 2000 installed?

leftbrainstuff 01-01-2016 12:05

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
We recently replaced the 31 year old teak deck on our Liberty 458. We replaced it with UK Dek King installed by Ameriteak.

The aft deck was still fine but needed recaulking. The fore deck had sections worn down to the bottom of the caulking groove.

It's pvc based which is far more durable than teak on a fibreglass deck. Teak decks look great but thin teak retained with screws is a very poor engineering joint which is why we didnt want to replace teak with teak.

The caulking is extruded with each strip. Each steip also has a mating male and female groove which ensures it sits flat.

The Dek King looks great, never fades and has better and more consistent grip than smooth teak. It's also not affected by fuel and solvents. It sheds water better than teak too. It doesnt look or feel like plastic when its sanded rough. Apparently some owners dont want it sanded and it then looks plasticy and isnt as good a non slip.

It does capture more hair and fluff due to the surface finish.

No screws, its all bonded. I have had to to counterbore all penetrations to ensure a flat mating surface for deck fills and the like. I then used 1/16" buna n sheet for all sealing gaskets to ensure no leaks.

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bcboomer 01-01-2016 12:16

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
I put "Seacork" in and around our cockpit last summer and so far we love it. Incredibly sure footing wet or dry with shoes or bare feet. Doesn't get as hot as the molded non-skid in the sun. :smitten:
Less expensive than "Marine Deck 2000" and I think less slippery as it apparently has a higher percentage of cork.
Not too steep a learning curve. I'm experimenting with a different glue and finish in one area to see how it stands up.
Colour fades quickly to a gray/beige that blends nicely with our off-white gelcoat.

SilentOption 01-01-2016 12:54

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
Thank you both! That was exactly the kind of information I was looking for.

Best Regards to you both!

thinwater 01-01-2016 13:31

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
Synthetic Teaks Go Toe to Toe - Practical Sailor Print Edition Article

I notice Practical Sailor just published a review. I don't know anything about it.

SilentOption 01-01-2016 15:35

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
Thanks I'll read it

Highland Fling 01-01-2016 16:31

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
Replaced the well worn teak on the cockpit seats and swim platform with TEKDEK about three years ago now.

We did it ourselves, BUT took patterns of the panels and had them custom made, the plank width is smaller than the 'normal' teak deck size.

They are great, for sure non slip even when soaking wet, they do get a bit hotter than the teak in the Caribbean sun but that is the only 'issue' I am planning to replace all the wood on deck, handrails hatch and table trim with faux teak 'D' shaped mouldings. No more varnishing :-) You can get two finishes...shiny which looks like varnished or matt which is a coarse rubbed finish.

We were going to do the cockpit floor tis just a moulded non slip finish on the GRP but decided that was overkill we might paint it with the KIWI non slip stuff which seems to get a good reputation. However no decision on that as yet, I have a fair bit of the TEKDEK planks back home in Scotland so we might do a laid teak cockpit floor with that, but this is a low priority project ATM.

I can and I am happy to highly recommend the TEKDECK product and their production of custom fit panels. They also fit this product world wide.......Tek-Dek International - Teak Boat Decking

monus 02-01-2016 00:46

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
The problem you will have and see all over the newly fake teak decks is that the material used is glued on the deck! The point is that the deck is not all straight so you will see the fake teak going up and down like a roller coaster because of the flexibility of the used material instead of stiff 1.2cm planking. Real teak and i mean real burmese i did is 1.2cm thick quarterly sawed and also glued on the deck. Where my deck was not perfect straight they used more Syka glue and is is straight for the eye! It will at the end put more value to your boat as well. In malaysia/thailand with the right poeple you can get it done for around RM1500 per sq meter!!! (burmese teak).So my advise stick to original!

HankOnthewater 02-01-2016 01:35

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
To read the review in one of the above links (Practical Sailor) one needs to be subscribed to that magazine (or to the digital format).
I don't think it is ethical to copy (part of) that article here.

I have installed Marinedeck 2000 on 3 occasions over the last 10 years (on other people's boats). In each of these cases (2 jobs with cockpit and samll areas only) and one larger job. It is easy for a DIYer. All you need a sharp knife, quality (sharp) mitre saw, a router (small one will do), jig saw is optional, and if you want to rip the 'planks' length-wise: a small table saw.

Yes, if the deck is very uneven (wavy) it can show on the finished surface, however, small depressions ie up 4-6 mm can be accommodated with extra caulking/glueing compound. If the depressions are more than that I suggest you fair the deck first.

My experience is that it last very well, still looks good after 10 years, easy to clean, a lot cooler on the bare feet than real teak, and a lot softer!!
I have quite a bit of Marinedeck 2000 in the shed, ready to glue down on my next boat!

I have a small Excel spreadsheet what allow the user to calculate easily the requirements and the estimated cost. PM me if anyone wants a copy, not sure or I can attach a spreadsheet here.
BTW I have no connections with any wholesaler or manufacturer.

monus 02-01-2016 02:29

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
all ok but what do you prefer and like to see more; a fake Christmas three or a real one cut by yourself? At the end of the day it all about the money.

leftbrainstuff 02-01-2016 10:44

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?

Originally Posted by monus (Post 2003624)
all ok but what do you prefer and like to see more; a fake Christmas three or a real one cut by yourself? At the end of the day it all about the money.

The pvc based products are far superior IMHO than teak in all respects for both form and function. Cost, look, durability, non slip, general aesthetics, durability.

If you want to keep that nice orange teak look on thin screwed teak you'll be replacing it every few years. Screwed on teak decks only became popular in the 1920s on rich bloke yachts. They are not a traditional deck solution. Its only in the last decade we've had a better option. Wholly bonded pvc.

Of course the surface you bond the pvc teak products on need to be flat and smooth. You also need to be very pedantic when laying it curved. It is much more flexible than teak planks.

We also have a fake xmas tree on board.

It certainly wasnt about the money for us.

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bcboomer 02-01-2016 11:19

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
Seacork comes in grooved or plain panels and "planks" so all you need to install is a sharp utility knife, a ruler and a notched trowel to spread the glue.
Very DIY friendly.
We find it soft enough to make the cockpit seats comfortable enough to leave the cushions below when sailing.
As a sailor, I also like the small environmental footprint of cork.:flowers:

One problem with the plastic teak is buckling. I saw a Bavaria for sale that the broker said had factory installed plastic teak and about 5 feet of it had separated and was longer than the deck under it. I don't know what made it "grow" but it was at the gate in the lifeline.

Others have complained that the plastic teak gets hot enough in the sun to burn your feet. That could ruin your whole day!

Make a prioritized list of the features you want and then research to see what you feel is best for your boat.

PDScott 02-01-2016 11:28

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?
I believe that Chantiers Amel has used artifical teak on their boats for years. It must work as they are very expensive and well founded yachts for serious cruising. Just my opinion. Happy New Year to everyone on CF

Vladis 02-01-2016 12:26

Re: faux Teak Decking Whats the best?

Last winter I applied teak to the cockpit floor of my Oceanis 40. At first I was considering artificial teak. But I chose natural teak when I discovered that I could buy pre manufactured panels of true teak planks with 1cm thickness already glued to a base of fiberglass sheet and with the black stripes between the 4cm wide planks. I ordered 2 panels totalising 4 squared metres and paid 800 Euros for the set. Then get moulds of the floor and cut the panels at home until they where at the exact fit. With less than 200 Euros for Sika and other materials I got the job done. I must say that I like the finish much more than other professional jobs that I see around. The exit of the project is due to the excellent instructions that are available from Sikaflex and many YouTube videos that exist on the web. In conclusion, if you can get these semi ready panels of natural teak, do not hesitate even if they are a bit more expensive than artificial teak.
Regards, Vladis

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