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rgleason 27-12-2015 21:01

Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
We have had some very helpful and effective volunteers to help with documentation. We will be needing some more help to get the documentation current.

1. If you know of Opencpn Documentation pages that need updating, or programming that would have changed the documentation, please advise below, being as specific as possible.

2. If you can help by proof reading the documentation and comparing to the beta version, that would be very helpful, noting below which sections of the manual you have covered and noting what areas need to be updated specifically.

3. If you can help make the necessary changes it would also be much appreciated.

4. I do not know if Thomas is going to be able to help us, as he has normally masterminded and presided over these events. --but it would be a very good thing if he could, because he knows the most efficient way.

Gilletarom 28-12-2015 00:54

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
Hello All,

I understand this post in the new thread, it tells us two things:
- So far, only one person, Thomas, was on the main work of writing with OpenCPN,
- This can not last longer.

Problem, to be able to write a page of the documentation, you must:
- Solid experience and knowledge OpenCPN the improvements made by the most recent developments of OpenCPN,
- A good command of the English language and not just English, it has to be an English language "international" if we want users OpenCPN, non-English, can understand the explanations using contains.

Provided it is not "mission impossible". We need it for our service a new Thomas? Why not. Starting with Thomas himself.

But is this it reasonable?

Otherwise, we must apply not a universal editor, but the drafters. For example, an editor for each plugin, and an editor for the heart of OpenCPN.

With a senior editor that could be Thomas, if he will again.

Under these conditions, it is much more acceptable for enthusiasts who will take care.

Best regards. Gilletarom

Aart K. 28-12-2015 02:35

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
Please keep me informed. Not only the new things, but, also very important (!), the options in 4.0 that has been cancelled.

I am working on the 4.2 version of the documentation ("Handleiding") in Dutch.

Look here for the 4.0 version.

the Netherlands

Roel Smidt 28-12-2015 05:03

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation

Originally Posted by Aart K. (Post 1999116)
Please keep me informed. Not only the new things, but, also very important (!), the options in 4.0 that has been cancelled.

I am working on the 4.2 version of the documentation ("Handleiding") in Dutch.

Look here for the 4.0 version.

the Netherlands

Hi Aart,

Currently I am working on the (English) 4.1.1108 Watchdog-pi documentation. It is not in it's final state yet but if it can help you, I can make a Dutch version.

Best regards/Vriendelijke groet,

rgleason 28-12-2015 06:49

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
I think your structure idea is good. I have been editing for several years and Roel and Jon have been very busy too. Also Hakan as well as others. We need to be systematic.

Aart K. 28-12-2015 06:53

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
@ Roel

I would be very pleased if you can do so. More PI's?


P.S. Graag met afbeeldingen vanuit de Nederlandstalige UI.

wdkester 28-12-2015 08:41

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
I'm willing to volunteer, however I think we need a little process for editing, and guidelines for documentation.

Where it's stored.
How it's edited.
Should we edit the source directly or submit changes to a chief editor?
How 2 people may work on the same text (or not)
Is the android help a separate document ?
I think we need access to 4.2. (I currently don't know how to compile or use file thingie)
A list of things that changed.

So, you see, I'm not very knowledgeable about the current situation; but I am a long time user and have edited before. It's winter in Minnesota and I have plenty of time.

Maybe a proof reader?

cagney 28-12-2015 11:36

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
Cruising & Internet is a challenge.
Sometimes I have time to write, and sometimes the wifi connection is good enough. It's a rare event that both occur at the same time ......

The current wiki requires a lot of bandwidth to edit. A system that allowed off-line editing looks attractive to me right now. Perhaps "git" could work?

A thread I started a year ago,

Updating the User Manual | Official OpenCPN Homepage

From the "readme" file for documentation in the source code:


Creating the documentation starting with the wiki. Some points to remember.

0. Everything included in the "Book" "User Manual" will be included. Anything that is not strictly a documentation
of OpenCPN, needs to be (temporarily) moved to, for ex, "Supplementary Hardware".

1 Download "Live Snapshot" from download page.
OpenCPN User Manual

2 Run all pictures in the folder "OpenCPN User Manual_files" through "optipng"
Open a commandline in the folder and run $optipng -o7 *.png
for max size reduction.Watch out for the possibility of corrupted pictures as a result from running the command.

3 Links in the Documentation wiki, must follow a very precise format to work as internal links in the final document.
The name of the link must be exactly the title of the page linked to.
To link to "Installing Charts", the link that users see and click on _must_ be "Installing Charts", not even including a final "." !!
On occasion this will look a bit funny, but generally it's possible to adjust the sentences accordingly.

4 Check for and delete hidden links, introduced into the wiki by copy/paste from the forum!!
These may not show in the wiki but use to be easy to spot in the produced single page.
Test by setting all links to be colored or underlined.

5 When naming picture files, pick names that are unique, taking into account that Windows does not differ between cases.
Test1.png is considered equal to test1.png.

6 No spaces in picture files names.


rgleason 28-12-2015 13:18

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
Thomas, thanks for your reply and info. I think Git is a problem because it does not support images except as an external link. We would have to have a sep storage place url for images I think. Tried the git wiki when doing chartdnldr for pavel. I found it to be possible but a bit of a pain simply because of image restriction. Like the git repos and offline features very much though!

rgleason 28-12-2015 13:19

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
Stored the images on my server and made external url. Git wiki page then showed the images.

rgleason 28-12-2015 15:29

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
It appears things have changed with Git, or perhaps I did not understand it all at the time.

Git and Images for web page - Solved?
Link to an image in a repository on GitHub by copying the URL in your browser and using that as the path to the image.

GitHub Tricks: Upload Images & Live Demos | The Solution Optimist

documentation - Embedding images inside a GitHub wiki (gollum) repository? - Stack Overflow

UPDATE: As of now, GitHub also serves raw images from a different sub-domain So, you can also use:

Using Github for Documentation

GitHub Pages are public webpages hosted and published through our site.

Jekyll makes it easy to create site-wide headers and footers without having to copy them across every page. It also offers some other advanced templating features.

Document management and Git - Silversmith

So perhaps this is a good approach to use. Is now the time to change?

rgleason 28-12-2015 15:47

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
Using Git, How could workflow be improved?
1. Forums and Tracker ---> Propose changes/improvement to the program.
2. Programming Accepts Task ---> Notice to documentation, Docs open a Doc. File.
2. Final Testing of the change.--->Notice to Review and Complete the documentation
3. Testing completed. ---> Documentation completed almost concurrently.
Document group need to be following the Git messaging to get the signals.

For example: there was an interesting pull request from Pavel recently for Implement basic support for SVG graphics using wxSVG #531
What would this mean for the document team?

Here is another one that we recently worked on.
Ais scaling less important targets #479

It seems to me that those who are TESTING features/bugs/etc are in a good position to do the initial draft documentation and review, the edits of others. Perhaps we should try to make this a little more formal.

Also perhaps we should be using the github messaging system in a more effective way? Any suggestions?

Also monitoring the forums is critical to picking up on interests and activity that will impact the program.

rgleason 28-12-2015 16:02

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
I think we need to start with a change.log list and check that against the current documentation and the current beta version.

We need some volunteers to do this and make notes against the list.
This will give us a big picture of what needs to be done.

rgleason 28-12-2015 16:11

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
Well I am now convinced that we need to start with this Change.log List that Thomas left (because I am pretty certain no one has gone through it) and Bdcat will have an additional list that takes the list up to v4.1.1108, but we should get started now.

We need a couple of volunteers who have the current beta version v4.1.1108 running, and have good fast internet access to the O User Manual OpenCPN User Manual | Official OpenCPN Homepage and also able to look up Flyspray (FS) items in Tracker to learn more about the change.

Who are willing to take each item and investigate what needs to be changed in the manual, and make a short note next to each item, what needs to be done, and noting when new graphics images are needed. A windows user and a linux user would be ideal, but it does not really matter. Perhaps each person one takes 20 items.

If we don't get started now, the manual will not be current when the program is published.

Thomas, is this where we should start?


Release 4.1.602

1. Implement configurable waypoint range rings (FS#1560)
2. Implement configurable NMEA Talker ID (FS#1557)
3. Harmonize autopilot APB and XTE precision settings to be the same always.
4. Improve 2-bells audio file. (FS#1673)
5. Correct to disable selectability of hidden AIS targets. (FS#1666)
6. Grib: Add Fixed spacing option for arrows and numbers.
7. Grib: Correct data interpolation error at 180 E/W longitude.
8. Grib: Improve email request dialog to allow requests crossing 180 E/W longitude.
9. Correct dialog text for magnetic variation sense. (FS#1694)
10. Add extended AIS Aton rendering according to IEC6228_Ed2.
11. Make initial page selection on options dialog more consistent in GTK.
12. Correct ENC UWTROC, OBSTRN,WRECKS visibility in Base and Standard modes. (FS#1717)
13. Correct uninitialized member causing crash on DSC message with incorrect checksum(FS#1697)
14. Correct to ignore DSC messages with "Unspecified" position (FS#1711)
15. Correct VERCCL and VERCOP height decode and rendering on ENCs (FS#1704) Thanks TransmitterDan
16. Correct to ignore invisible marks on selection/query (FS#1670)
17. Correct keyboard accelerator logic for WXOSX (FS#1698/1655)
18. Correct RouteProperties dialog to "Stay on top" for WXOSX build (FS#1698)
19. Correct help launcher on wxWidgets 3.x. (FS#1702)
20. Correct uninitialized variables (FS#1679)
21. Correct for "GD=" missing datum in KAP chart header. (FS#1683)
22. Correct depth unit display for BSB charts with KNP/...UN=METRIC (FS#1654)
23. Correct cm93 failure to show some soundings on keyboard pan (FS#1689)
24. Correct automatic route creation properties on MOB event (FS#1699)
25. Improve toolbar tooltip placement for right-located toolbar. (FS#1657)
26. Correct datum initialization for quilted non-WGS84 charts in OpenGL mode. (FS#????)
27. Correct occasional linux focus loss (FS#1684)
28. Preserve visibility attributes for GPX files originating from OpenCPN (FS#1667)
29. Improve formatting of S57 object attributes as decoded (FS#1713)
30. Correct ENC SENC file creation math for ARMHF systems.
31. Implement quilting of skewed raster charts in OpenGL mode.
32. Implement manual/timed automatic toolbar hiding option.
33. Update Windows build tool to VS2103
34. Update Windows wxWidgets version to wx3.0.2
35. Implement automatic reload of updated PlugIns by visiting options->Plugins screen.
36. Improve GUI for GRIB PlugIn, better fitting the small screen.
37. Correct duplicate routepoint delete logic, (FS#1743)
38. Correct for inadvertent waypoint dragging on double-click (FS#1748)
39. Correct route line width in selected and activated modes. (FS#1735)
40. Correct ownship predictor rendering when ownship is off-screen (FS#1754)

rgleason 28-12-2015 16:58

Re: Opencpn 4.1.1108 Documentation
Bdcat advises:
"Changelog for 4.1.1108 is at Post #1 of this thread, as always. If you need more, let me know."

I note that the change.log 4.1.602 finishes with #40 and this 4.1.1108 starts with #78. I have searched for all other threads "Opencpn Beta Test 4.1" with bdbcat as author and have not found any other lists.

78. Add Follower/Buddy to MMSIEditDialog to suppress AIS alert.
79. Correct occasional loss of reduced toolbar on chart stack change. Thanks, Chuck.
80. Correct memory corruption on high overzoom DC mode raster chart rendering. (FS#1885)
81. Correct memory leaks on SENC file creation.
82. Improve AIS Alert Dialog sizing algorithm.
83. Suppress some unnecessary log error messages on exit.
84. Correct polyconic & transverse Mercator chart outline calculation method. (FS#1882)
85. Correct operation of Anchor Information hotkey ("A") in vector chart display. Thanks nkiesel...
86. In Responsive mode, set basic toolbar tool and compass size to 6 mm nominal.
87. Correct chartbar switching behavior on touch enabled configurations.
88. Re-enable install log on MSW Installer Package.
89. Correct toolbar submerge grabber logic in various cases. Thanks, chuck.
90. Refactor to allow building with USE_S57=OFF (FS#1903)

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