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Warby12 29-11-2015 13:23

Tinted acrylic in Brisbane
Hi! I'm trying to source tinted acrylic in Brisbane Australia for my port light replacements but can only find untinted :banghead:. Does anyone know a supplier in Oz or do I need to tint it with plastic film after fitting?
Cheers :biggrin:

JPA Cate 29-11-2015 13:26

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane

Have you tried Cadillac Plastics? on the north side of the river. The only other one I know of personally is TAP, in Hobart. But there was a place in Gladstone I was in years ago.

Did you Google on Tinted Acrylic in Brisbane? That might get you where you want.

Good luck with your search, there's gotta be one somewhere there, now... If this is a DIY, remember to make the holes well over-size, because the acrylic expands so much in the heat.

Don't use the film, it peels and looks tatty.


Warby12 29-11-2015 13:52

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
Hi Ann, good morning in Tassie :) hope to get down there one day. We'll be out of this marina in March and then anything could happen!

Looks like my my Googling skills deserted me temporarily, sorry I did shoot enquiries off to a few retailers and they said no tint. A quick search now is getting me somewhere :biggrin: Embarressing as I used to be a professional Search advisor :whistling:

I'm just glad I can, didn't want to use tinted film.

Cheers Stephen

Warby12 29-11-2015 19:55

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
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Yeah, found heaps of suppliers up to 10mm in tinted grey but no bigger :facepalm:
Our Amphitrite has huge back windows 700 x 350mm. Apparently originally they came 14mm thick (sister ship below). I don't feel comfortable with 10mm acrylic for this hole in the hull :nonono:

Can you glue acrylic sheets together?? I'm sure you can but optics might be effected.

Clear in any size is no problem. Maybe I will use clear for the back portlights and resort to plastic tint film (yuck)

Owe Hansson 29-11-2015 20:54

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
I have used these guys in the past
Industrial Plastics - Boat Tanks and accessories

Warby12 29-11-2015 21:41

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
Thanks Owe, :thumb: yep they are my hottest prospect right now, I have spoken to them today and they are looking for off cuts for me right now. I may have to use a few different materials. Maybe 10mm tinted for the deck hatches and smaller hull portlights and 14m or heavier clear for the aft portlights with plastic tint film on the inside, or maybe 14mm polycarbonate on the aft ones if I can get tinted.

Our boat desperately needs new plastic for looks alone but safety is a real biggies with these hull openings too :whistling:

Tientos 30-11-2015 01:14

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
We just replaced all our 40 yr old glass with tinted polycarbonate. 12m on front and 6 m on cabin sides (easier to bend). All available NT Acrylic.

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jholder51 30-11-2015 11:06

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
Don't try layers of acrylic. If you don't have some way to pull all of the air out between the layers, you'll have some distorted optics. Polycarbonate is more break resistant than acrylic. However, that means that it is softer and more prone to scratching unless you get an abrasion resistant coating on the polycarbonate. Don't use Windex to clean either one of them or they will eventually have serious crazing or fogging.
And Ann is correct. The acrylic or polycarbonate has to be able to change size with temperature so be sure to leave space for expansion/contraction in the frame as well as any holes that are drilled:biggrin:!

IolantheSF 30-11-2015 21:17

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
Piece of cake. You mail order it from Tap Plastics in Brisbane, CA. :)

JPA Cate 30-11-2015 21:24

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane

Originally Posted by IolantheSF (Post 1975281)
Piece of cake. You mail order it from Tap Plastics in Brisbane, CA. :)

The shipping to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia might be excessive. :flowers:

Warby12 30-11-2015 23:58

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
Yeah but you can use an envelope because its thin :biggrin:

Patrigo 01-12-2015 04:55

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
Several places in Brisbane sell tinted acrylic, light and dark tint.
Ask for John at Foremost Plastics ph32179177. Recently helped me out with some 6mm light tint (they have both). He was helpfull and the price was good in comparison to other places. Consider using double sided tape, (developed for aircraft construction), instead of dozens of ugly bolts. I have used 3M's tape and it is great stuff.

Warby12 01-12-2015 15:15

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
Hi Patrigo, thanks I will try them too. My problem is no-one seems to have thicknesses over 10mm in tinted :rolleyes:

Clarity27 01-12-2015 22:44

Re: Tintend acrylic in Brisbane
Warby. I've just bought new acrylic sheet for Clarity's deadlights from All Star Plastics in Ashmore behind the gc. Dark tinted smoky grey but only 10mm at $216 fir the half sheet. I think they go to 12mm. Their website is easy to negotiate. Cheers. Bill

Warby12 03-12-2015 17:04

Re: Tinted acrylic in Brisbane
Thanks Bill!!

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