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dwoodall 01-11-2015 03:33

Good Anchorage Broken?
I looked in the repository and didn't see anything about this, but Good Anchorage seems to be broke in the current Beta. It gives a message that say something like "Data Incomprehensible." It will not let you log in or pick up new anchorages. It will display older anchorages that were downloaded previously. Is there something wrong with my installation or is this happening to others?

Thanks in advance.

rgleason 01-11-2015 07:42

Re: Good Anchorage Broken?
Doug, It needs to be recompiled as the v4.1.x plugin api changed so the opencpn.lib changed. I might be able to do it in a little while.

rgleason 01-11-2015 09:33

Re: Good Anchorage Broken?
Opencpn Beta File Thingie rguser rgpass
Look in 4.1.1022 Win PI directory for Good harbor

I have not tested it. Please advise how it works here.

rgleason 01-11-2015 15:26

Re: Good Anchorage Broken?
Note: This should work with v4.1.1022, but Pavel has changed the plugin API for some squiddio functions and those changes will eventually work their way into Opencpn beta, however I believe this plugin should work with a newer version of Opencpn, due to the backward compatibility feature.

Note: All Plugins were to have been backward compatible, however when wxwidgets 2.8 changed to 3.0 all plugins had to be recompiled for v4.1.x by necessity.

dwoodall 02-11-2015 15:47

Re: Good Anchorage Broken?

I got it from the thingie and loaded it. It shows as 0.3. It gives the same error I was getting before.

Thanks for your help.

rgleason 02-11-2015 15:49

Re: Good Anchorage Broken?
I'd best try it myself now to see if I can determine what is happening. Thanks.

rgleason 02-11-2015 16:20

Re: Good Anchorage Broken?
1 Attachment(s)
Dear Doug,
It seems to be working for me in v4.1.1022, after a little hiccup at tools>plugins>enabling the plugin, where I had to close O and reopen. Please keep in mind that it does depend on a good internet connection. You know how to toggle the icon (red, green, blue? and what they do?). Please explain in more detail, step by step what is happening. Have you managed to login with your account into the website? I would try doing that too, just to test the connection as well.
Please see attached.

rgleason 02-11-2015 16:26

Re: Good Anchorage Broken?
Doug, now reading your first post, it really sounds like you might need a better inet connection. Also perhaps the server on the other end is a little bit bogged down by many user requests. Maybe try a different time? - My connection was a little slow too at times, and it could have been the server or our use on the router at the time.

Seems like you really use it a lot and know the details! ..Sorry.
Let us know what you find out.

dwoodall 03-11-2015 05:12

Re: Good Anchorage Broken?

I have decent inet connection 50M up and down. I tried logging into Good Anchorage from the web site and that works fine. I also noticed something else that may help. If I select a smallish area that I know has Good Anchorage data in my existing database, it will work. I have no idea if it is actually refreshing those points or simply redrawing them. However if I select an area where I have no Good Anchorage data, OpenCPN will crash. I will have more time next week, I hope, and I can look at the log and try to figure out what is happening or at least provide the dump file. I will also turn the debugger on and see what it has to say.

FWIW, I wonder if thi may be intermingled with an issue I am having with the mapping database getting corrupted occasionally. Only solution to that seems to rebuild the maps.

This is not a critical issue for me either way as I find Good Anchorage only of marginal use in terms of the actual data it contains. At best, it shows anchorage other people have used. What I think would be a great solution is for OpenCPN to have it's own shared database of anchorages and other data, that Open users could share. Something like ActiveCaptain without all the backage that comes from that. If the data could be drawn directly into OpenCPN along with current weather, maybe even user track data for the approach, comments, etc, that would be really a great tool,


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