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farm sail 29-09-2015 22:36

2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
I want to have 2 complete anchors with rode on the bow ready for deployment is there a simple way I can manage both with one windlass or will I need to install a second windlass?

How do you manage retrieval of a second anchor off the bow?

Pelagic 29-09-2015 22:53

re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
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You need to be a bit more specific...... All chain or combination chain and rode?

Since your boat is fairly small, anchor and ground tackle are easily handled and there are a number of options for twin deployment/retrieval using one winch and twin horizontal gypsies

My own is that configuration with an additional vertical capstan to handle lines for warping or anchor rode for a temp anchor to hold me off a commercial dock

Capstan is overkill for your needs, but for my 65ft, it has been useful

UNCIVILIZED 29-09-2015 22:54

re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
You can go with a windlass of the vertical type, which has a capstan on top, & a chain gypsy underneath. Maxwell makes several excellent versions of this type of windlass. And one of the nice perks of it's vertical orientation, is that you can use it to pull things which aren't directly in front of it's capstan & gypsy. Thus making it a winner for hauling in anchor rodes from varying angles, on different bow rollers.

You'll want to ensure that you pick a model where the windlass & capstan can be operated independetly of one another, in order to be able to juggle 2 anchors at once.

One other perk of having a vertical capstan is that you can use it as a power winch, for all kinds of duties, in addition to hauling in an anchor rode. Owing to it's orientation.

Also, there are vindlasses with their drive shaft oriented horizontally, with a chain gypsy on one side, & a capstan opposing it, on the other side. IMO, they're not quite as versatile, but they are popular, & get the job done too.
With these also, you want to ensure that you pick a model where it's possible to operate either side independent of the other.
And, of course, there are many of these which also may be fitted with gypsys on both sides. For larger vessels, which have primarily chain rodes on both sides.

Between the literature, & their sales reps, you should be GTG.

farm sail 29-09-2015 23:18

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
My primary anchor is combination rope chain and would like to stay rope chain to keep weight down.

Right now I have not installed a windlass but I really need 1 as I am primarily a singlehand sailor that prefers to sail on and off the hook. I have a real desire for at least 1 anchors could be self tending from the cockpit. I could deal with a capstan for the second anchor or even hand pulling it but I like the idea of independently activated Gypsies so that both anchors to be self tending

Any recommendations on models or sources to find a dual gypsy or gypsy/capstan rig I don't necessarily need a big giant brute as I do have a smaller sailboat

ranger42c 30-09-2015 05:10

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?

Originally Posted by farm sail (Post 1926257)
Any recommendations on models or sources to find a dual gypsy or gypsy/capstan rig I don't necessarily need a big giant brute as I do have a smaller sailboat

One option might be the Maxwell RC series. I know they have gypsy and gypsy/capstan models. Might be able to order a gypsy/gypsy version. Maxwell is very good at answering questions.


FamilyVan 30-09-2015 05:34

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
Checked your profile. 29' boat? I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it, you can hand bomb an anchor with fibre on a boat that size.

A horizontal windlas will work just fine. Most will have a gypsy to port to handle your chain and a drum to starboard to handle your fibre.

When retrieving, use a snotter on the chain, heave about a foot of chain, fashion a snotter using nylon line and a rolling hitch, attach it to a bow cleat and the chain, then pay until taught. Remove the chain from the gypsy. Heave on the drum to weigh the starboard (fibre) anchor.

Remove fibre from drum, place chain on gypsy and heave.

I have a 24000 lb 35' with 3 anchors (port chain, stbd fibre and kedge fibre) with a manual horizontal windlas. I handle the forward anchors on the windlas, but for my little kedge, I just use my Genoa Winch.

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Panope 30-09-2015 05:57

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
Primary rode to starboard is mostly chain and works well with the chain gypsy

Secondary rode to Port rode is mixed rope/chain and is not ideal for use with the warping drum. Chain slips quite a bit on the drum, but it is able to lift a 65 lb. Anchor from the seafloor.


Reefmagnet 30-09-2015 06:19

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
Small boat? Second anchor? Google "ankarolina" for a left field suggestion.

SaltyTanned 30-09-2015 07:51

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
As a single hander I have found a remote windlass control to be very useful. A closed circuit tv (like the backup devices on cars) I would very much like to have especially for raising anchor.

Bill Balme 30-09-2015 07:58

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
Why have 2 anchors up there in the first place?

SaltyTanned 30-09-2015 08:02

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
Two anchors are more than twice as safe and two anchors can limit the swing considerably when room is restricted.

yachtcowboy 30-09-2015 08:16

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?

Originally Posted by SaltyTanned (Post 1926473)
Two anchors are more than twice as safe and two anchors can limit the swing considerably when room is restricted.

And stuff happens and fast; better to "be prepared" the Boy Scout motto.

TrentePieds 30-09-2015 08:19

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
Left field indeed! If you use a "flatline" to lie to a buoy the flapping and rattling will drive you bonkers as the line tries to make like a demented aeroplane. The aerodynamics are the same as those that caused the Seattle-Tacoma Bridge to collapse those many years ago. :-)

TrentePieds has a vertical capstan/gypsy. Came with the boat. Else I wouldn't bother. The ground tackle (5/16" chain and 1/2" line on a 30 lb. Bruce) is easily handled without mechanical aids. The Capstan is a Vetus equivalent to a Maxwell RC. The spurling pipe is too small resulting in the chain/rope splice hanging up. So I have to go on deck anyway to "convince" the splice to clear the spurling. Generally I just grab the cable and haul her in the old fashioned way.

There seems to be a notion abroad that gear found in real ships should be replicated in smaller dimensions on toy ships like TrentePieds - let alone, say, Catalina 27s. It ain't necessarily so. Willy Occam is the best shipmate I ever had :-)


sailing_gal 30-09-2015 08:31

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
As a single hander, I can offer one of my experiences and why I always keep 2 anchors on my bow- one on the windlass, and the other not. I was once in Snow's Cut heading for the Cape Fear River when I lost all thrust on my sailboat- an Island Packet 37. I immediately went for my primary anchor- which has all chain and is on the windlass. The anchor dropped about 6 feet and then got stuck, requiring some attention for some reason to the windlass. I was able to immediately deploy the secondary anchor which had some chain but mostly rode- and tie it off. I will always have a manual anchor for emergencies in addition to my windlass. By the way, as a female weighing in at about 125 pounds, I can handle that 35# CQR without a windlass. I am sure you could handle yours as well.

stevebein 30-09-2015 08:35

Re: 2 Anchors 1 Windlass?
Did anyone notice the name, Larry Pardey, of the initial post? If this is really Larry, then we should be asking him, not answering what looks like a tongue in cheek, or phoney post.
Lin and Larry know how to anchor and if they need one or two anchors, how to handle rough seas, etc. Why this post and thread>

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