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sinbad8 28-09-2015 12:32

GEOPDF a new map format for nautical use?
There seems to be a lot of activity lately between NOAA,Acrobat Reader and TerraGO with regards to their new,proprietary, mapping system GEOPDF working on layers,with many other, POI like facilities.

I understand from TerraGo that NOAA will shortly open up their map directory in this format which will exist in either a flat map format,or with all the required geo references included. Many editing facilities are available.
TerraGO provides their services mainly as plugins to existing software and they have a gratis GEOPDF viewer for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

As of today,there are very few GEOPDF nautical maps available until NOAA opens their gratis listing of the USA.

Their editing and map making programs/plugins are,unfortunately prohibitively expensive from US$ 5.000.- to US$ 9.000.- including license and a yearly subscription. This will only be realistic for companies specializing in map making.

They all sound very exited about the new format as a new era in mapping systems.

There are already Android apps capable of reading the GEOTIFF format, although needing the use of a converter they provide on your PC.

I wonder how much work it would take to create a converter for OpenCPN?


P.S. Our friend Paul has lately added a new feature in GE2KAP to convert GEOPDF to KAP.

sinbad8 28-09-2015 13:22

Re: GEOPDF a new map format for nautical use?
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Here is a non geo reffed nautical map in GEOPDF format displayed in Adobe reader which has the TerraGO plugin activated.

See the two POI´s inserted.. which,unfortunately are deactivated when converted to KAP


sinbad8 04-10-2015 08:45

Re: GEOPDF a new map format for nautical use?
I have asked both TerraGO and Avenza (PDF Maps) if they can find a way to retain the added nav. info inserted with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC when imported to PDF MAPS and also for other nav progs using the .kap format.

Upon conversion,all the added info disappears,and worse,even the geo locs!!

Paul already have included a conversion GEOPDF to KAP in his GE2KAP,but, unfortunately,all the added info disappears.

We await further developments..


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