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TJ D 06-09-2015 05:59

Buzzards bay, pot question
Hi, just a quick one here.

We're about to leave for the cape cod canal, and are looking at transiting Buzzard's bay overnight. Has anybody been there and seen what the fishing gear situation is lately? If it's chuck full of pots, we'll probably try not to run in the dark. Our boat doesn't really like them, too many protruding bits!

Thanks, TJ

Cormorant 06-09-2015 07:05

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
I'm not local there but passed through on the same route earlier this summer. I don't recall any trouble with lobster pot buoys, especially out in the main channel. Shouldn't be a problem for you. Though maybe some Buzzard's Bay locals can provide more insight here. . . .

Thin Line 06-09-2015 07:27

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
Haha different kind of pot question then I expected.. ;-)

2hullvenus 06-09-2015 07:38

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
Unless you're in a rush, just pop into Onset harbor for the evening and handle Buzzard's Bay early in the morning.

Pots aren't bad there and more permanent fishing gear is marked on the charts.

Crossing traffic fron New Bedford going out fishing in the ocean and steep chop when wind/current don't agree is your major issue.

Tailwheel 06-09-2015 07:45

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
I sail out of marion. As previously mentioned by others, no issue with lobster pots etc out in the main thoroughfare.

Only issues:
1 the main channel is busy at night
2 The cape cod canal is tidal and you don't want to fight a contrary current
3 must motor in cape cod canal. No sailing.
4: I believe a securite call is req'd if transiting the canal

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brownoarsman 06-09-2015 08:02

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
I never had pot problems in Buzzard's. However, coming into Ptown on a night approach required a lot of dodging.

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TJ D 06-09-2015 08:17

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
Thanks, everybody.

Onset's not an option for us because of our draft. We're sort of committed to keep going once we get through the canal.

Anyway, normal summer weather and traffic aren't a concern for us, just getting a pot wrapped around something. We went north in April, so I wasn't sure if that was representative of what we would find later in the summer. Maine has certainly been difficult for us on the pot front.

Good sailing, TJ

zedpassway 06-09-2015 08:50

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
Are the pots you are talking about like the buoy floats connected to lobster pots in Frenchman's Bay around MDI?

If so they are a royal pain. And they are a double pain since usually you have two close to each other which are connected very close to the surface. You have to sail leeward of the pin that sticks out, otherwise you will catch one on your keel or rudder, or if you have a prop down there---even worse.

Since as you know, the water up here is about 53-55 degrees F, going down under the boat is not something anyone but a NAVY SEAL should do. You might think about a light duty wetsuit for $50.

We try to push them off with boat hooks but if the line wraps around your prop underneath, then someone will need to go down there, with a very sharp knife, since the lines are very hardened by the effect of the saltwater.

I have a very small boat boat compared to most cruisers here(micro-cruiser---sleeps 4 really good friends), and my power is OB, so I can lift it, but getting them away from the rudder or the keel is a pain.

And yes sailing in the dark requires two people with 400,000 candle power lights on both sides of the boat, yelling instructions out to the helmsman. Since they are the livelihood of fisherman, you are not supposed to be cutting them.

TJ D 06-09-2015 08:59

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question

We haven't seen that much 'toggle' gear down there like you're describing, but we don't really like to be running close to single buoys either.

I have a wetsuit, underwater light, etc. no stranger to cold water. We also have the spotlight, of course.

The main point of the post, however, was to see if that specific piece of water had that much gear around so that all the unpleasantness you are describing is avoidable! If B Bay was loaded with gear, we would have made other plans... It sounds like it's not all that bad on the pot front.

Thanks to all. Signing off. TJ

donradcliffe 06-09-2015 09:29

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
What is your draft? I've taken 8 feet into Onset a dozen times with no problems.

Cadence 06-09-2015 09:51

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question

Originally Posted by Thin Line (Post 1908412)
Haha different kind of pot question then I expected.. ;-)

Me too!:biggrin:

TJ D 06-09-2015 14:42

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
Hi, we're just a shade over 10', the water looks a bit thin on the chart for us. We don't really want to go to a place where we have to wait for high tide to get in or out.

No worries, we've got all covered.

Thanks, TJ

hlev00 06-09-2015 16:04

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
Red Brook Harbor might work for your draft. If you boat is over 60' or so you need to check in with Canal Control on 13. Exact LOA is in the pilot guide. Number 2 I think.

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Capecoder 06-09-2015 16:25

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
"Anyway, normal summer weather and traffic aren't a concern for us"

I have boated Buzzards Bay for more than forty years. The normal daily South West afternoon sea breeze could be around 20knt and a out going tide (current that was in your favor transiting the Canal.) Will cause six to eight foot square chop from Onset to Cleavland Light. Lobster pots don't last too long in the shipping canal.

Enjoy your trip, but don't poo poo the normal condition. If you used the current on your last transit you did not experience the opposing forces.

TJ D 06-09-2015 16:30

Re: Buzzards bay, pot question
Thanks for the tip Capecoder.

We do understand the weather there, and would be well outside the bay prior to the afternoon SW setting up. That is one of the main reasons for the question about the pots in the first place, wanting to do a night transit for calmer conditions!

And of course, we have already checked the forecast for the areas we intend to transit...


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