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SVAspen 12-08-2015 20:23

Oyster Problems?
This was just posted. For some odd and unexplained reason, this news hasn't appeared on the internet until now. It seems that Oyster has some explaining to do!

Oyster Yacht sank after 'incident that compromised hull integrity'

DeepFrz 12-08-2015 20:34

Re: Oyster Problems???
That was posted here several weeks ago.

SVAspen 12-08-2015 20:39

Re: Oyster Problems???
It was posted in the forum Monohull sailboats? Strange. That is why no one saw it :)

scuba0_1 13-08-2015 11:12

Re: Oyster Problems???
Omg capsized well wonder if the keel fell off. Lol no not on a oyster.

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DeepFrz 13-08-2015 16:38

Re: Oyster Problems???
Yep, on a big very expensive one at that.

44'cruisingcat 14-08-2015 15:26

Re: Oyster Problems???
So, any more on this? Was there bad weather?

Good thing the crew was rescued.

micah719 14-08-2015 15:50

Re: Oyster Problems???
There hasn't been enough time yet for the whitewash, er, I mean, investigation.

This is the base 825 version, upon which Polina Star III (90 feet) was based:

Oyster Yachts | Fleet | 825 | Overview

Here's hoping Polina Star IV fares better. Tenset, work your composite magic please, a ginpalace in this price class is worth it.

From the blurb, bold text solely mine own impertinence....

The sleek and stylish new Oyster 825 Deck Saloon is an exciting addition to the range of new yachts launched by Oyster over the last two years. Available in both Deck Saloon and Raised Saloon versions through Oysters Custom and refit in Southampton, the new 825 features Oyster’s latest striking and contemporary styling, first seen with the highly successful Oyster 625. Clear deck lounging areas and larger hullports with ‘Seascape’ windows are among the features of this innovative new breed of Oyster yacht. With clean and easily driven hull lines drawn by Humphreys Yacht Design and detailed styling and engineering developed by the Oyster Design Team, the new Oyster 825 is sure to attract acclaim wherever she goes.

With nearly 15% more internal volume than her predecessor - the highly successful Oyster 82 (of which 17 have been built since 2002) - the Oyster Design Team has used this extra space to maximize the standard layout of the en-suite owner and guest accommodation in the three double cabins aft, whilst providing a clear separation of space for up to four professional crew to discreetly run the yacht and enable them to provide a ‘six star’ service for the owner and guests. With her large, full width saloon, the feeling of light and space below decks is further enhanced by the state-of the-art, side-sliding glass companionway.

Developing the latest interior styling now seen on the Oyster 625, 725 and 885, and building on the engineering knowledge gained from the Oyster Group’s successful development of the Oyster Superyachts, the new Oyster 825 provides “Superyacht experience” in levels of style and comfort for the owner who still enjoys sailing the yacht himself with family and friends yet wants the balance of supporting his sailing with professional crew.

The Oyster 825 is a powerful yacht that can eat up 250 miles per day on long passages without drawing breath. From every angle she is refined and elegant. Just as at home safely exploring the world’s oceans as cruising the Costa Smeralda, the Oyster 825 is designed for the owner who seeks adventure and performance but with the peace of mind of safety and every comfort to hand. The spacious, ergonomically planned cockpit comfortably and safely separates guests from sail handling, whilst the huge areas of flush deck, both forward and aft, provide the perfect spot for sunbathing and entertaining.

Offered in different layouts of a standard hull and 2 deck moulds - deck saloon and raised saloon versions, the Oyster Yachts custom team in Southampton will build a very personal yacht for each client.
Further developments eagerly awaited..... :boat:

Jon Eisberg 14-08-2015 16:40

Re: Oyster Problems???
Gotta give credit where credit is due, it is quite remarkable how much 'under wraps' this story has been kept...

Multi-million dollar 90-footers don't mysteriously go down every day, after all... And yet, not a SINGLE news report of the incident appears to exist... Even after a thread was started in the wake of Oyster's press release on YBW's Scuttlebutt forum, YACHTING WORLD didn't pick up on the story until 2 weels later... And of course Oyster's own admission of this event, didn't come until 3 weeks after the sinking...

Pretty impressive, no doubt about it... ;-)

barnakiel 14-08-2015 17:30

Re: Oyster Problems???
Are they built to LLoyds or just the CE mark?


Blue Crab 14-08-2015 17:58

Re: Oyster Problems???
Like many, likely most of you, my number one concern while sailing with family and friends is retaining "the balance of supporting [my] sailing with professional crew." Like for sail changes, trimming, anchoring for lunch, and approaching the dock each evening.:whistling:

Exile 14-08-2015 18:29

Re: Oyster Problems???

Originally Posted by Blue Crab (Post 1890901)
Like many, likely most of you, my number one concern while sailing with family and friends is retaining "the balance of supporting [my] sailing with professional crew." Like for sail changes, trimming, anchoring for lunch, and approaching the dock each evening.:whistling:

Happy to see I wasn't the only one who noticed that one.:whistling::whistling:

micah719 14-08-2015 18:34

Re: Oyster Problems???
This article (in German)....:

Oyster Untergang: Ist der Kiel des 90 Fußers “Polina Star III” abgebrochen? | SegelReporter

......suggests they grounded the day before, then lost the keel and capsised.

I'm waiting for details, and while Shadenfreude is hammering its cage door, I am glad nobody died. It's a rich man's toy, not a family home, so it is not a tragedy.

44'cruisingcat 14-08-2015 22:40

Re: Oyster Problems???
Do they have bolt -on keels?

Bill Seal 14-08-2015 23:44

Re: Oyster Problems???
"up to four professional crew to discreetly run the yacht"

Did the professional crew "discreetly" capsize the yacht?

Kenomac 14-08-2015 23:58

Re: Oyster Problems???
I first read about the boat that sank around 18 months ago in the semi annual Oyster magazine. It was a one-of design experiment specially requested by a client. As I remember, there was to be special engineering involved to isolate sound and vibration from the outer hull and engine compartment to an inner hull, kind of like a floating inner hull. I'm just going by memory, I've yet to find the magazine, so I can be wrong on some of the details.

No other Oyster is or has been built in this manner. All other boats are constructed with the interior, the hull and framework as one with no liner.

The Oyster which sank is also the very first Oyster yacht in over forty years to suffer this sort of demise. There was also one abandoned many years ago off the Faulklin Islands after it hit an iceberg, and I think another off China 10 years ago when the new owner hit the panic button during a typhoon.

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