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saltylcd 21-06-2015 14:44

is this bad?
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Hello everyone,

I've been lurking on this forum for while and finally posting today for the first time...
I'm looking at a boat as a potential first purchase and trying to figure out the expenses to get her in a decent shape (I'm totally new to this).
There are a couple of scratches on the mast that I would like some feedback on...They seem to be superficial and not deep (maybe from when the mast was taken down to redo the mast step)...
Here is a picture...I'll try to get some close up ones...
Attachment 104063
Please let me know if this looks really bad (need to change the mast) or can be fixed to keep the integrity of the mast.

Thanks in advance

Seymore 21-06-2015 15:01

Re: is this bad?
From the first picture, it looks like a nothing. Sand, prime and paint.

Wrong 21-06-2015 15:05

Re: is this bad?
Looks to me like the boat may have been recently moved overland and the scarring you see a consequence of poor preparation. Possibly from rigging wire scoring the mast finish.

Other more important considerations, which I'm sure will shortly be forthcoming from others.

DotDun 21-06-2015 15:05

Re: is this bad?
Looks like the mast is anodized. To fix you would need to pull the mast, sand and paint.

Interesting scratches, must have pulled it previously using a chain - not a good idea.

JPA Cate 21-06-2015 15:08

Re: is this bad?
Welcome aboard, saltylcd,

Well, I've never seen that sort of road rash on a mast from removing it. I am intrigued by the bright blue bits. Was the mast that color some time previous? is it some kind of bog? (from a cosmetic repair?)

The "rash" is curious to me because it doesn't look like what I've seen from halyard slap, sort of looks like it was attacked with a bicycle chain, which is unlikely.

If the cuts into the aluminum are really deep, then they could be a problem, but I can't really tell from the picture, and so I can't be sure. Maybe one of the guys here who knows more will be able to give a better estimate, but from what I can see, it looks superficial. Wait for more feedback, though. I am not an engineer, and I do not know how much the mast would be weakened by the gouges. Knowing their depth and the thickness of the mast section would help the engineers on board give you a better notion; calipers are your friend!


Stu Jackson 21-06-2015 15:33

Re: is this bad?
Is it painted or anodized?

No way to guess from that picture.

roverhi 21-06-2015 19:31

Re: is this bad?
Don't look to be a problem unless they are very deep and very numerous. Unless you want a forever headache, do not paint the mast. If it's anodized, use a mild abrasive cleanser, clean it up, and go sailing.

sailorboy1 22-06-2015 06:10

Re: is this bad?
current owner on of those freaking halyard bangers :facepalm:

hope the new owner does better :thumb:

Kenomac 22-06-2015 06:24

Re: is this bad?
No big deal. Sand, treat the aluminum and paint. Should take no more than an hour to do. No need to pull the mast, don't know why someone would suggest that. If it's anodized, just sand the immediate boo boos maybe with a Dremel tool, then treat and forget. Don't paint if the mast is anodized.

GordMay 22-06-2015 07:29

Re: is this bad?
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, saltylcd.

saltylcd 22-06-2015 07:47

Re: is this bad?
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Thank you all for your replies!
Here are 2 close up pictures:
Attachment 104075
Attachment 104076
The blue stuff looks like tape...
How do I know if the mast is painted or anodized (it does not look painted to me). It's an old kenyon mast (mid 80s).
Thanks again for all your advices...

Privilege 22-06-2015 08:10

Re: is this bad?
Your mast is almost certainly anodized. The anodize is just there basically to protect the aluminum. The scratches don't look too bad, most of them just being surface scratches. Check under the tape to make sure that they don't go too deep. The mast will be several mm's thick and if you look around at the clutches and winch plate you will see that the mast is designed to have a certain number of holes in it anyway without sacrificing strength. Therefore, your scratches appear to be just a cosmetic issue. If you can live with them then go for it. You can fill them and paint over them but aluminum is difficult to paint properly and any ordinary paint will start to peel in a couple of years. Google how to paint anodize masts. There's lots on it. Good luck.

saltylcd 22-06-2015 10:15

Re: is this bad?
Great, thanks again everyone.
Maybe one last question: any recommendation on what to use to treat the aluminium?

Wrong 22-06-2015 10:30

Re: is this bad?

Originally Posted by saltylcd (Post 1853414)
Great, thanks again everyone.
Maybe one last question: any recommendation on what to use to treat the aluminium?

Easiest fix. Buy some aluminun tape. Tape over superficial damage.

Kenomac 22-06-2015 10:33

Re: is this bad?
West Marine has a two part product that will clean then treat or etch the aluminum in preparation to paint.

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