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Boracay 26-04-2008 16:35

Fitting out the forward cabin...
I am totally fitting out the forward cabin on Boracay.

This is going to be the main cabin. There are two aft quarter berths that should be good in a seaway, however this should be the main sleeping area.

There is a 2/3 steel bulkhead on the starboard side (Frame 6 station - aft end of cabin), a full steel bulkhead on the frame 2 station (forward end), a hatch right in the middle and opening opening portholes on both sides (no noticeable leaks in fifteen days of recent heavy rain)

I am planning to store the spare anchor between frames 2 and 3 and to put in an initial 200 litre water tank between frames 3 and 4 , with space for another one between frames 4 and 5.

Transducers for both log and depth are located on the hull just forward of frame 6. I am planning additional storage for long range fuel cans on top.

An angled double bunk should run along the starboard side from frames 6 to 2. (2.4m - 8') with storage lockers on both sides.

Weight is not an issue as the boat sits stern down at the moment.

I cannot get full headroom anywhere.

Any suggestions, tips tricks or cautions?

What does make the perfect main cabin?

David_Old_Jersey 26-04-2008 17:24

A bit hard to visualise, any photo or a plan?

One thing that struck me was storing fuel in the sleeping quarters - I admit that as a Smoker I have my own concerns :eek:......but I am thinking of the smell, odds are that some will eventually permeate, from when the cans are used, even if never actually leaking and maybe not a lot - but still.........I would also avoid the Saloon for similar reasons.......

But maybe I am a bit sensitive, the smell of Diesal or Petrol on a boat can make me feel like puking.

I would definately try and go for some standing headroom - even if only a footprint - not essential of course, especially if yer can easily use the Saloon for dressing.

"Pefect"? I would guess this would involve both occupants being able to exit the bed without disturbing the other.......and also that no one's head lies against the bulkhead next to the Head - so yer avoid the joys of being woken up :(............or having to listen :eek:.

jackdale 26-04-2008 22:32

How much hobby-horsing do you get? It can make forward cabins unliveable offshore.

The quarter berths will be fine.


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