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tat 07-04-2015 13:12

Are bubbles normal when charging, or gassing?
I have decided that the next batteries I buy will be lead acid and not sealed. This is because I was thinking about it and want to have some control, but also that I'll enjoy the chemistry, the hydrometer, the topping up, and I am wondering if I will get a visual clue that the cells are gassing during a charge, because I charged a 6v motorbike battery, changed the electrolite, and could see it was bubbling away nicely, though now i realise that could have been bad.

I want to keep a couple of batteries in great condition, as a real and pleasant interest. I see battery maintenance as a great little challenge to be into.

I'm going to get into the detail and make sure the plates are good and thick, which is what I have been reading, that some batteries say they are deep cycle, but not in reality. So I'm really happy about it all. I just love this boating hobby. Selling the house, even.

Fished out an old fire extinguisher from the canal, and sized it up in the boat, decided it was a go, and gave it a good burn-off on a bonfire at the allotment, and will make it into a wood burner at the workshop. I made one from a propane bottle for the allotment and it is fantastic, controllable and no blow backs even in hurricane winds. I have a Propex (Propane) heater in the boat, but it requires the voltage, so wood burner a good addition, as so very reliable.

If I can see bubbles when charging, is that normal or is it gassing and time to turn down the amperage (if it is variable), or turn the charger off?

Goingbuddha 07-04-2015 13:19

Re: Are bubbles normal when charging, or gassing?
When charging our company's forklift batteries, they would always bubble. Not sure if yours are the same.

Tayana42 07-04-2015 13:32

Are bubbles normal when charging, or gassing?
Check out CF contributor Main Sail. His articles on battery maintenance are the best resource.

Look at his articles at Compass Marine.

By the way, I don't think it is ever a good idea to change out the electrolyte in your batteries.

S/V B'Shert

barnakiel 07-04-2015 14:53

Re: Are bubbles normal when charging, or gassing?
I can see bubbles in liquid acid batteries then I reduce charge voltage.

I think in such batteries bubbles are normal at this stage of charging.


SeaSon 08-04-2015 09:06

Re: Are bubbles normal when charging, or gassing?
Bubbles are normal when charging. Hydrogen, so flammable.

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