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geoffr 05-04-2015 15:03

90 degree Lugs
I'm looking for some 90 degree lugs for 4/0 and 3/0 cables. I have found some, but the 90 is in the vertical plane, not horizontal. Does anyone know of a source for tinned (marine) Lugs in NA?

I need:

|-----() battery

denverd0n 06-04-2015 05:59

Re: 90 degree Lugs
Is this what you are looking for?

Located here...
Battery Terminal Flag Copper Tinned - Positive 3/0 AWG

That's called a "flag" connector. I did a search for "flag battery connector" and that just happens to be the first one that came up.

geoffr 06-04-2015 12:16

Re: 90 degree Lugs


Your image is the right idea, but not exactly. I prefer the flat connectors because they are much more secure (especially as this is up in the bow with lots of motion).

Looking for "flag battery lugs" did get me to almost what I want (Quick Cable: MagnaLug Elbow Lugs) :

The only problem is that my wires are 4/0 and 3/0 and I'm connecting to a battery with M8 (5/16") posts. The lug from Quick Cable: seems to only be available in 3/8".

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