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Roy M 21-03-2015 16:10

SiriusXM, Satellite Weather, and subscriptions
I just upgraded my electronics to the B&G Zeus2 system. I also plan on a Fusion tuner for music while sailing. The B&G chartplotter touts its ability to receive satellite weather data for an additional price. The folks at Sirius didn't seem to be able to provide me with specific information, so I'm hoping some of the denizens can do so.

Specifically, for British Columbia and the Pacific coast to Southern California, is reception of the radio channels clear and dependable? Is there anyone on the Pacific side of Mexico receiving Sirius XM radio?

I found out that there may be a separate package available for Hawaiian waters, but the sales people of Sirius XM were clear this is not so. Any of you heard of this?

smac999 21-03-2015 17:37

Re: SiriusXM, Satellite Weather, and subscriptions
the radio works fine up the down the coast of BC to northern Alaska. never tried weather. and this is a Canadian subscription. I don't know how the coveridge works with with US vs Canadian subscription.

CAELESTIS 24-03-2015 18:45

Re: SiriusXM, Satellite Weather, and subscriptions
SiriusXM Marine Packages - SiriusXM Radio

marine1 25-03-2015 02:44

Re: SiriusXM, Satellite Weather, and subscriptions
The system works but it has to be activated thru the US version of Sirius. I have recently installed a couple of Raymarine units for clients and they had to register them as if they where in the US incl a US address.

Roy M 25-03-2015 08:16

Re: SiriusXM, Satellite Weather, and subscriptions
Thanks, folks. I had the Sirius Weather module on my Raymarine Classic system, but never got around to activating it, more due to other activities, but the cost makes one consider how much use they will get out of the package to justify. I was asking because there were some rumors flying about from some knowledgeable folks, that Hawaii would get included in the near future. That would make my decisions more easy. Having to fork over $30-60 per month for a system with limited range and reception is getting less likely for my needs. The money might be better spent on gear to capture internet on the high seas. Also, it was a bit disconcerting to find the lack of information that the Sirius sales force had about their own system. Oh well....

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