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CaliforniaGirl 16-01-2015 17:31

Dishwashers aboard
Before you flame me, realize that I am from a totally drought-parched part of the states, so that is my point of reference. We have way more energy than water.

Dishwashers use less water than hand-washing. This cannot be debated. You can wash a full load of dishes in only 8 gallons of water. Could you really manage that with hand-washing?

So, it's established that dishwashers are water-efficient. How about energy-efficiency on a boat, though? The water has to be heated, plus electricity is needed to run it.

I'm actually thinking about the drawer-type dishwashers (they only use 4 gallons per wash).

I have no opinion here and am just looking for your thoughts.


a64pilot 16-01-2015 17:47

Re: Dishwashers aboard
You've established that dishwashers use less water than handwashing, only 8 gls, that's all?
Honestly you can hand wash dishes if you need to using only a few ounces of fresh water if water is really short, this from a cruiser wanna be, real cruisers can probably do bettter. Wash in salt and rinse off with a spray bottle of fresh. Really would be astonished how little fresh water you can use if you really need to conserve. Realize you have an endless supply of water that is floating the boat.
Just do not try to conserve by drinking less

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Grant Gordon 16-01-2015 17:49

Re: Dishwashers aboard
Sorry but on a boat, you can manage load of dishes with less than one gallon. It's just something that you learn to do when living with limited resources. If you wash with salt and rinse with fresh, then you are down to less than a quart, or where I am from, a litre.


Grant Gordon 16-01-2015 17:51

Re: Dishwashers aboard
A64 beat me to it. I think I am a bit more extravagant than he is allowing for a whole gallon.

dohenyboy 16-01-2015 17:54

Re: Dishwashers aboard
Depends how big your water tanks are, do you have a watermaker or will be able to stock up on water/collect rain water. I love my dishwasher. The dishes come out cleaner if you do it correctly.

giant 16-01-2015 17:58

Re: Dishwashers aboard
Agree with a64pilot and would add that dishwashers I believe use caustic soda mostly to clean... not exactly the best stuff to be emptying into some fragile coral reef.

8 gallons that is over 32 liters which also equals 1 1/2 jerry cans, that is huge, unnecessary and wasteful on a boat.

Sure some people have 250 liter per hour water maker... whatever floats your boat.

No flame intended just my point of view.

Mirage Gecko 16-01-2015 18:04

Re: Dishwashers aboard
On board we use way less than a gallon or 4 something litres.
Going home to check the dishwasher in the house if it does use 8 gallons or around 35 litres then it will not be used much in the future.
Frankly I thought they were heaps more efficient than that.

giant 16-01-2015 18:07

Re: Dishwashers aboard
Maybe it is 8 liters not 8 gallons.

Sondor 16-01-2015 18:29

Re: Dishwashers aboard
Energy Star rated dishwashers which most people on land have these days use 4 gallons per load.

a64pilot 16-01-2015 18:32

Dishwashers aboard
I don't know, a full size house dishwasher? Two wash cycles, and at least one rinse? Could be 8 gls. Heck a house toilet uses at least a gl per flush don't they?
Water consumption of the average person is phenominal, as well as energy consumption

Check out this

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Mike OReilly 16-01-2015 18:36

Re: Dishwashers aboard
As others have already said, your "undebatable" premise is dubious at best. I don't use anywhere near 8 gallons of water to clean dishes on land, let alone while living on our boat. It's certainly possible for a dishwasher to use less water than a hand-washing, but with only the slightest bit of care and awareness, it's easy for the opposite to be true. In fact, for most cruisers who live with modest vessels, being environmentally conscious is both a necessity, as well as being part of the lifestyle's attraction.

So, to answer your question: learn to wash dishes with a modest amount of water. It's not hard, and it fits in well with the cruising lifestyle.

CaliforniaGirl 17-01-2015 01:50

Re: Dishwashers aboard
Does anybody have anything salient to share regarding energy usage, or are you going to continue to debate water conservation?

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motion30 17-01-2015 02:08

Re: Dishwashers aboard
I have a small dishwasher aboard 18" I use it all the time while docked. When on the hook I Hand wash

Mike OReilly 17-01-2015 06:14

Re: Dishwashers aboard

Originally Posted by CaliforniaGirl (Post 1726795)
Does anybody have anything salient to share regarding energy usage, or are you going to continue to debate water conservation?

Maybe you need to ask an actual question. Are you asking which dishwasher is most energy efficient? If so, you may have to actually look at the various versions yourself. I assume they are all rated.

As you can immediately gather, dishwashers are not very common on modest cruising boats, mainly b/c they waste water. I would guess they are also huge power draws, both to run, and heat the water. Again, an unnecessary waste of amps.

If you never leave the dock, then water and amp conservation mean nothing. If you plan to cruise on a modest sailboat, then a dishwasher is simply a bad idea.

a64pilot 17-01-2015 06:27

Dishwashers aboard
Energy? Hand washing uses no significant electricity, and if you feel the need for hot water, Propane is the most efficient way to get there. In warm weather, I don't see the need myself.
I believe most will group dishwashers with front door opening home type refrigerators and Satellite TV's.
But you know it's your boat and if you can afford such things, why not?
If you want one, get one. I'm just going to guess your thinking of a large Cat for a boat?

On edit, water conservation is energy use, either getting the water or "making" it, both require significant energy, unless of course your in a Marina with a garden hose

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