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s/v Beth 19-12-2014 08:23

Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
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I decide I want to row to Tahiti. Since I like boats that are locally made, but custom (not like those Clorox bottles, which are mass produced) I was enchanted with a local boat which the designer/shipwright guaranteed it's seaworthiness.
Can you tell me how good it will do on passage, in harbor and most importantly, being grounded as a show for it's toughness and quality?

senormechanico 19-12-2014 08:30

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
Looks good, but by the time you add bottom paint, desalinator and all the other goodies necessary for good cruising, the costs add up.

I don't see if the electronics are up to date either.

appick 19-12-2014 08:32

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
Looks like a tough rugged little bugger to me. I like the eco friendly drive train. You might want to think about an all electric conversion for the power train too. That way you can get a solar panel from walmart that can recharge your cellphone/chartplotter to run the motor too!

Although looking at it again it might be a little tight on storage for provisions. If loaded with lots of gear it might really affect its performance. How many of your family will be cruising with you

appick 19-12-2014 08:33

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
... Don't forget to check the thruhulls. Also did he use silcone bronze for the fasteners? If not electrolysis is going to be a biT@%.

sammyo 19-12-2014 08:35

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
I think you'll want to add just a few upgrades. A sail and enclosure perhaps. Perhaps check out the techniques used by captain Heyerdahl:

NOLA_sailing 19-12-2014 08:37

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
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This guy had success with a similar design. His friend, Wilson, didn't make it, though:

deblen 19-12-2014 08:41

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
It's obviously un-sinkable & that's good.
Nice rocker in the bottom profile-you will be able to surf 50% of the time,allowing some rest.
May need a sweep oar for self steering.
Don't see a holding tank,but ur offshore...
Does it meet ABYC stds?
Have u ever read "Kon-Tiki"?
Don't see any electronics-how will u find ur way? Or update ur blog?

With minor upgrades-I think ur good to go!!
Merry Christmas / Len

thomm225 19-12-2014 08:44

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
Stephen Callahan did/drifted 1800 miles in an Avon six man life raft:

HappyMdRSailor 19-12-2014 08:45

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
:biggrin: I am OMG JEALOUS of your draft!!! :biggrin:

:thumb: You can go ANYWHERE!!! :thumb:

a64pilot 19-12-2014 08:54

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
Ground tackle?

Cheechako 19-12-2014 08:56

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
Now Newt...... we all know from recent discussions it's not the boat that's "seaworthy"... it's the skipper.... just be sure you take ASA 101-104, a new generation anchor, and it will all be fine! :nonono:

noelex 77 19-12-2014 09:05

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
Looks good. I don't see any Plexus.:biggrin:

Brob2 19-12-2014 09:42

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
Fools, there is not enough rocker in that hull for offshore sailing; she'll pound like crazy, exhaust the crew, and you'll then have no propulsion.

As for grounding, clearly your parents didn't ground you often enough. :flowers:


Tayana42 19-12-2014 09:48

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
Does it have a modern deep fin keel and spade rudder? Some people can't stand traditional old designs.

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s/v Beth 19-12-2014 10:04

Re: Is this raft bluewater seaworthy?
Wow, been away for a short time to apply twine and pitch and I get 12 responses! It must be a winner! Plans to make it further comfortable:
1. Clay pots for water and plumbing! After they are empty I tie twine (the builder supplied extra) and they will be my buckets and sea anchors!
2. The head- while inshore, I will just paddle up to the nearest home (or Safeway in Astoria). Off shore: hold onto the oars and lean out! TP is 69 cents a roll!
3. I am looking for an AIS that will hook up to my solar cell phone charger! Any leads?
4. I have one of those wind up radios/lights for navigation lights and position fixing. 23.99 at Walmart!
Certainly I don't need anything else. You guys are just being snobbish because you have everything and don't want to share the ocean with me.

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