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sully75 17-11-2014 16:41

Anyone get their appendix out?
Any other crazy things to be safe for crossing an ocean?

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Island Time O25 17-11-2014 17:01

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
This thread question reminded me of an old joke.

A young Jewish guy comes to a rabbi for advice. He explains that he needs guidance on how to choose a wife since in today's society there are so many choices that one is lost and can't decide. So the rabbi, wanting to marry off a girl in his congregation who no one wants, asks him: -Boychik, do you remember Hannah that always limps to the service? -Sure I remember her, the young man replies. -Well I think she would be an excellent choice for you, says the rabbi. -But she has a terrible limp!, exclaims the young man, -why would I marry a girl with such a condition? The rabbi looks at him thoughtfully and continues: -But you see, boychik, you're young and inexperienced in life and you probably think that if you marry a beautiful and perfect girl now she will stay that way forever. But let me tell you, and I've seen lots of couples over the years, things happen and accidents happen. And that beautiful wife may, a few years into a marriage, get into a terrible automobile accident. And she will be hurt. And may even break her leg in few places. And as a result will limp now for the rest of her life. And it will take you years and years to accept this calamity. But with this girl Hannah you'll be all set from the beginnig!

CharlzO 17-11-2014 17:55

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
Seems a tad extreme (would a doctor even let you voluntarily have your appendix removed?). Guess I'm safe that mine came out years ago, but at the same time, if you were to try to preempt every possible scenario.. well, might as well stay home, really. You can't rebuild yourself into the bionic man before leaving, so why try. Have a way to contact for emergencies, prepare as best you can, and that's all you can do.

Hud3 17-11-2014 18:05

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
Extreme? Maybe, but a few years ago, I considered crewing with a friend on a passage from Virginia to the BVIs, but ended up not going. I came down with appendicitis on the day he was five days out from the Virgin Islands. If I had been on the boat, I probably would have died a very painful death.

David M 17-11-2014 18:11

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
You have to play the odds every time you go to sea. It is not possible to make going away from land 100% safe.

Think of all the merchant ships sailing out there and how often one of their crew members has a life threatening medical situation....such as appendicitis. When this happens onboard, there is usually a naval ship within a day or two with an emergency operating room or an airlift is sometimes possible if within range of a helicopter.

I hope knowing this makes you feel at least a little bit better.

Captain Bill 17-11-2014 18:16

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
I heard about a guy just last year that had his appendix out so he wouldn't have to worry about it crossing the ocean. Unfortunately he had a reaction to the anesthesia and died on the operating table. At least he didn't have to worry about it.

belizesailor 17-11-2014 18:23

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
Wise words from a surgeon friend: "There is no such thing as minor surgery". Is it more risk than having an appendcitis will only know after the surgery. You are playing the odds both in the OR and at sea...and every day really.

captain58sailin 17-11-2014 19:09

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
Back in the day, my Brother had his appendix removed just prior to our departing on a long sea voyage, it was due to it being diseased. At the time my Father thought it might be a good idea to have everyone's appendix removed, but he didn't. I didn't need my appendix removed until 40 years later and my Father never had his removed, nor has any of the rest of the family. I don't think I would have an organ removed as a preventative to a possible medical issue at sea.

sailorboy1 17-11-2014 19:24

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
get your gallbladder removed at the same time, and wisdom teeth

Island Time O25 17-11-2014 19:28

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?

Originally Posted by sailorboy1 (Post 1680355)
get your gallbladder removed at the same time, and wisdom teeth

And while he's at it might as well get both hips replaced. 'Cause you know what they're saying about those squeaky old hips and being on the boat in the middle of the ocean.

Island Time O25 17-11-2014 19:30

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
I do think that the OP is pulling our legs with that one. Ouch, may need to reposition that pulled leg now.

american 17-11-2014 19:56

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
I am official "appendix hater" after mine tried to kill me. Had some stomach discomfort on a Monday morning, went to see the doctor, was told I was constipated and it would pass. Tuesday morning I was in severe pain (barely able to move) and knew I wasn't just 'stopped up'. My appendix ruptured in the taxi on the way to find a hospital. If my girlfriend hadn't been with me at the time, I believe I would have died (taxis and hospitals in China aren't all that reliable).

In my life I have never experienced pain so great as a ruptured appendix. This is going to sound strange, but I actually *felt colors* along with the sensation of extreme pain. (Extreme pain is purple and violet, btw). At some point I stopped being coherent, woke up on Wednesday morning in the ICU. Spent 4 days of 'touch and go' during which doctors were uncertain if the antibiotic cocktail they had me on would clear the infection that was raging through my body.

Would NOT have wanted to be anywhere on the water when all this happened.

Moral of the story: Kill your appendix before it kills you. At least that's the view of someone who's been in a life or death fight with his appendix. ;)

jackdale 17-11-2014 22:53

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
Kay Cottee has her appendix removed before she did her unassisted, non-stop single handed.

Since occasionally do Maui PNW deliveries, my doctor asked if I still had my appendix. It was removed when I was 12.

I currently have a small hernia that he insists I have fixed.

He says he views my exploits just as he would Arctic expeditions.

When a member of my crew was medevaced 1040 miles north of Hawaii in 2012 for prostate issues, it took 4 days to get to Los Angeles on the container ship.

Zanshin 18-11-2014 00:05

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
So far I've asked 4 doctors, two of which were involved in marine medicine and the other two are GPs who did their time in remote Africa or Oceana, and so far the statistics are 3 "against" and only one "for". All of them were told I was planning a solo Pacific crossing.

robert sailor 18-11-2014 00:24

Re: Anyone get their appendix out?
I sailed from NZ to Fiji and a couple of days after I arrived I got acute appendicitis, had to be flown to NZ for an emergency operation, hows that for timing?
Get the proper antibiotics and take them with you. If caught in time they could save your life as well as deal with the issue.

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