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Duncanson40 01-10-2014 02:12

Which Wet Weathers?
G'day All,
I'm accustom to wet weathers as a commercial fisherman, but not so much when it comes to sailing, especially with the speed that these items develop and change. So, I'd like to hear from people regarding functionality and price, pros and cons. I've worked the West and South coast of Tasmania, as a Crayfisherman and in those days whatever you had got flogged, so it was a real test and when you found something that worked you stuck to it. Stormy Seas were only just developing and came up with a great idea of incorporating a buoyancy system into a jacket.
From what I've seen so far Musto seem the go, and are up there in price too.

Does anyone know of a good supplier or where you can find good gear at a reasonable price?

Thanks to all, for your responses

Snowpetrel 01-10-2014 05:04

Re: Which Wet Weathers???
Ive had reasonable luck with the burke stuff. Ie Southerly offshore. I buy new stuff more often because its much cheaper than top of the line gear. I keep the old stuff for moderate weather and the new for nasty stuff.

The very best gear is a drysuit, expensive and hard to get into, but nothing beats them for real nasty conditions.

A good spray dodger and windvane is much more important than expensive wet wx gear.

I spend enough to get breathable stuff and decent storm cuffs.

barnakiel 01-10-2014 06:21

Re: Which Wet Weathers???
I can only recommend two sorts:

- inexpensive, pvc / similar coated oilies, (sexy yellow),
- very expensive Gore-tex / equivalent gear (a chandlery or (less expensive) climber's shop)

The in-betweens so called breathables always let me down.


a64pilot 01-10-2014 07:20

Re: Which Wet Weathers???
I'd never thought about wearing my dry suit. Lord I hope I never go to where that would be comfortable, way colder than I want to be.
I started off with my military goretex wet weather gear, but bought an excellent set of real foulies here off of another cruiser for an outstanding price, you may want to watch the for sale section, I've bought many things here, and so far all of it has been a very good deal with no problems

Stumble 01-10-2014 11:36

Re: Which Wet Weathers???
I am with Barnakiel.

The cheap stuff it terrible but at least it's cheap.
The mid level stuff is a little less terrible but is pretty expensive.
The really expensive stuff is great but is even more expensive.

My issue is that by the time you she'll out for the mid grade you might as well spend a little more and get really good stuff. Breathability makes a huge difference, as do reinforced knees and multiple enclosures.

My Gill 5 star gear and I have been under water together on the bow and still come up dry.

SailRedemption 01-10-2014 11:56

Re: Which Wet Weathers???
I have a helly Hansen foul weather jacket with gill bib. I got the HH from defender, when I did order them I also ordered the equivalent Gill and Henri Lloyd. The Lloyd jacket was very thin and felt cheaply made. The watch window in the wrist was kind of a gimmick to me. The Gill jacket was very heavy compared to the HH and felt well constructed and the hood and pockets were well thought out. It was just too thick and heavy for my use down here in the south. The HH was great quality but not overly heavy and thick. I also liked the way it looked out of the three, which I know is objective. It has kept me dry Manning the rail during cold races across the lake here and during an offshore race.

The Gill bib was bought during a regatta because the girl who came with us didn't have anything so I let her use my old ones and I bought new ones which needed to happen. It was a good reason to buy a pair. The construction of the bib is nice, same as the jacket but for the bib I liked it thicker because I work the bow mostly so kneeling/crawling/scooting on my butt is a regular practice. So I like the thickness and durability factor. They have lasted me 2 years and still look good. Kept me dry since I bought them.

JPA Cate 01-10-2014 15:35

Re: Which Wet Weathers???

If you still have any connections to the guys who're fishing off Tassie's west coast, see what they're using now. They will have an eye to longevity and frugality. I got my last pair of sea boots in a fisherman's store, and have never regretted it.

Should you decide you want something from the States, look into "Re-shippers." This can save you quite a bit over Australian prices.


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