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dgringo 17-08-2014 19:06

Dingy / Tender
In San Diego Harbor...

I very recently bought a big (to me) ... A Ta Chiao CT-35. It seems well provided for -- possibly to well, but I have no dingy. I am also really making the lifestyle change and have much to learn,

I am trying to get an inflatable, but with a hard bottom. I am interested in rowing it, but would accept an engine for emergencies and such.

Not much on craigslist; when and where might one attempt to buy one, say, confiscated by the Harbor Police?

All chatter and advice welcome.



Snowpetrel 17-08-2014 20:35

Re: Dingy / Tender
If your going to row, get a proper rowing dingy. None of the ribs will row easily. The plastic RID dinks being the only exception.

Snowpetrel 18-08-2014 02:51

Re: Dingy / Tender
Check out the walker bay RID dinks. If you go the inflatable route a small outboard will probably be needed to make any headway into stronger winds.

ranger42c 18-08-2014 12:07

Re: Dingy / Tender
Lots of threads on tenders and dinghies...

Probably useful to consider how you'll carry it, at the same time. Different dinks -- length, beam, weight, etc. -- will need different solutions.

Ditto about motors; if you have one, where does it live, how do you mount/dismount it, etc.

It's all a single system of multiple components...


dgringo 18-08-2014 18:19

Re: Dingy / Tender
I have davits to rear. Ultimately, on long blue water crossings, should be space for 9/10 boat over cabin.

Boat: 35' x 11'10" -- 44' with the nose think... Sorry, mind not working ;)


Ecos 18-08-2014 18:42

Re: Dingy / Tender
You don't want a dinghy the harbor patrol took from someone. The harbor patrol is not perfect and they may have grabbed some dinghy wrongfully. This is right up there with horse thieves.. Get your own dinghy.

dgringo 18-08-2014 18:46

Re: Dingy / Tender
Yes, I agree on the horse-stealing stuff.


a64pilot 18-08-2014 19:14

Re: Dingy / Tender
If it were just me, and I didn't want a motor, I might consider a Kayak or similar.
Assuming warm weather and if you not trying to get to a job or something. By the time davits, outboard and dink are bought, it's more money than you might think

dgringo 18-08-2014 19:22

Re: Dingy / Tender
Well, a64pilot, I have davits on my boat, but a faster kayak-type might be preferable... Still, a hard or RID does have much utility functions... A bit like a pickup ( I do not have, nor want, any wheels :) )


Yeti 18-08-2014 19:37

Re: Dingy / Tender
If you're on a mooring and you will be leaving the dinghy at any of the local dinghy docks you should probably consider a hard dinghy. Those docks are rough and the dinghy's there are rough. An inflatable will not last very long at those docks.

a64pilot 18-08-2014 19:58

Re: Dingy / Tender
If you already have davits and don't want a motor, that pretty much takes out Inflatables. Mine at least is terrible to try to row, I said Kayak as I thought maybe you didn't have davits and a kayak would be easier to lift and stow.
Most everyone ends up with a motorized RIB, as well that just works well

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