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7421f 18-07-2014 19:36

Need help with charts in XINUTOP-NAV
I am putting together a bootable USB running XINUTOP-NAV, but have hit a wall on installing the charts. All I get is the background chart. Being a newbie with Linux OS is not helping. Would someone be so kind as to share with me a step by step on how to accomplish this?

Thanks !


petter5 20-07-2014 00:12

Re: Need help with charts in XINUTOP-NAV
Hi !

Depending on the size of your charts in terms of megabytes, you must first check if thee is enough free space on the partition for the charts. Normally Xinutop is installed from a disk-image using dd under linux or win32 imagewriter under windows. in Xinutop go to a terminal window and write: df -h and enter. You will then get information about free disk space in the file system. Is the free space larger than the size of your charts ? not, you will have to expand the filesystem first. Xinutop is distributed as a prebuilt image and to reduce the size of the image so that it can be fast downloaded, it is kept at a minimum size and must be expanded later. From the Xinutop documentation:

- Increase the partition size: The *.img file is created from a 512Mo compact-flash, the minimal size to run Xinutop. If you need others programs, you get rapidly a "no space left on device" message; so to use Xinutop on a larger partition, you have two solutions: 1) Plug your device (as "passive") on another running Linux box (may be an another Xinutop) and use gparted to increase the partition size

Easiest way for a newbie to do this is to make 2 identical USB stick's at minimum your chart database size + 1gb base capacity. then boot from one of them, while booted, plug in the other USB and use GPARTED from the menu in Xinutop to expand the size of the filesystem to use all space on the USB disk. When done, shut down the machine, boot from the USB disk that you just expanded the filesystem on. You can now copy your folder with maps to your home folder or even desktop of the Xinutop. Then go to settings and just browse to the folder where your maps is stored and press save. Your maps will now be available to use. A tip: After your maps is installed and you has got your GPS and all other things to function just the way you want, you can use win32 image writer under windows or dd under linux to make a image of your "perfect" usb disk with ll maps etc, Then you can later use this image to write another copy, completely functionally with all settings and maps etc. If you later mess up something, you can just write a new image and boot from that.

boat_alexandra 20-07-2014 05:41

Re: Need help with charts in XINUTOP-NAV
It should be possible to expand mounted partitions. It is very common these days.

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