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weavis 17-06-2014 07:36

The Mallorca Squad
Hola (whatever that means ):whistling:
I will be in Mallorca for two days July 1st and 2nd. 2014 ( I also will be there later in July but not sure of the dates).

As some of us want to meet up for a chat and a glass or two of the local wine, I suggest we choose which day suits us all.

I will be free from 12noon-8pm both days and as Im buying the first round Id like to recommend my restaurant for the venue.

(If this venue does not suit, Im open to alternatives.)

Its just off the placa de Espanya and either a 25 minute walk from Palma marina or a 5 min bus ride.

Its called

Meson el Rocio
Fausto Morell, 5
Palma 07007

The park on the left is right behind the rail station and the Placa de espanya is in front of the rail station.

weavis 17-06-2014 11:51

re: The Mallorca Squad

weavis 17-06-2014 13:41

re: The Mallorca Squad
O.K. Thats one reply that doesnt mind which day it is........

Prairie Chicken 17-06-2014 23:54

re: The Mallorca Squad
I know where Plaza Espana is so we can find you. It sounds like a good central location. Either day works for us (my OH & I) assuming we're not way off in Alcudia or something. We're in Palma now but will likely launch off for Cabrera & the East Coast after Superyachts this weekend.

Who else is around? Let me know.

Kenomac 18-06-2014 01:00

re: The Mallorca Squad
My wife and I will be in Mallorca both days and would enjoy meeting up. Either day and any time is fine.


weavis 18-06-2014 02:42

re: The Mallorca Squad
Yo people..

The reason I chose the Placa d'Espanya is
1/... both the bus and rail network are based there.
2/. The Meson el Rocio is authentic Spanish Tapas/food.
3/. If for any reason we want to change venue, there are about 50 different retaurants within 5 minutes walk and still close to the central transport hub.

For thos of you who berth in Palma a lot, and want to get around the city, you can buy a bus card from a newsagent for 10EUR which will give you 15EUR worth of trips..just hold it up to the machine on a bus and it will beep. as local trips cos 1.50EUR each, it gives you good value at 1EUR each!

Some things I use when traveling abroad either via boat or land.
  • I have a SKYPE world wide free call subscription.
  • I have a UK phone number and a USA phone number.
  • This allows me to carry either number all the time wherever I am in the world and people can call me as long as I have an internet connection at the local rate of the country of the number if they are calling from that country.
  • I can call most countries to a land line for free.
  • It costs me about $200 a year all in for the number and service.
I have pm'd you all with my email, SKPE chat and phone number.

Any others in the locale please feel free to meet up with us. We are just going to say hi and put faces to our inane ramblings and prove to each other that we are normal people......... er... ok.:whistling:

So far it will be 5 including me......

I have suggested we do a final confirm on Monday 30th June as we all will be in Mallorca.

Looking at my schedule, It is possible that after my Seminar in Zaragoza, I will be returning to the Mallorca clinic for the remainder of the month of July.... so if you guys are around still, we can talk boats and stuff. I have to go look at a Catamaran that is coming in to Soller at some stage in July.

Prairie Chicken 18-06-2014 09:32

re: The Mallorca Squad
Sounds like a plan! My contact info sent by PM Weavis. I'll be in touch to confirm on or before Jun 30th.

We'll also be around Palma mid July.

weavis 18-06-2014 09:53

re: The Mallorca Squad

Originally Posted by Prairie Chicken (Post 1567151)
Sounds like a plan! My contact info sent by PM Weavis. I'll be in touch to confirm on or before Jun 30th.

We'll also be around Palma mid July.

I got it.
sent email for testing.

5 of us so far.... :thumb:

weavis 19-06-2014 11:37

re: The Mallorca Squad
Possibly 7 if a friend can get repairs done in time in Morroco. :thumb:
Shame boatman61 and Saltymonkey are too far away.

Prairie Chicken 19-06-2014 13:21

re: The Mallorca Squad
The more , the merrier!

SaltyMonkey 19-06-2014 13:32

re: The Mallorca Squad
:thumb: !!!!!!!!

weavis 24-06-2014 07:40

re: The Mallorca Squad

Air trafic Strike in France is affecting all Bristol flights to Spain.
I will keep you informed if I have a delay next week.

weavis 25-06-2014 14:31

re: The Mallorca Squad
Well the buggers are calling off the strike tonight instead of going the full 6 days......
So hopefully back on for Flying out early next week........


SaltyMonkey 25-06-2014 15:07

re: The Mallorca Squad
may i suggest the Calias ferry?

boatman61 25-06-2014 15:44

re: The Mallorca Squad

Originally Posted by SaltyMonkey (Post 1572015)
may i suggest the Calias ferry?

Better to let the train take the strain..
Then you take a ferry...:D

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