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bdbcat 25-04-2014 19:43

S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
Hello S63 Testers...

The 0.5.0 Beta of s63_pi PlugIn is ready for download and test.

Release notes:
1. Improved messages for Windows installer. Thanks to all for the translations.
2. Windows installer supports parallel installations. In this case, "parallel" refers to multiple installations of the same version of the PlugIn for different parallel installations of OCPN. This allows, for example, easy testing of the PlugIn with OCPN 3.3.1606. Later, when new OCPN Betas are released, there will be no need for de-installation/re-installation of the PlugIn.
3. Thanks to Gerhard, we now have an integrated Mac OS-X installer package, called S63-Plugin_0.5.0.pkg. This pkg file runs on OS-X by simply clicking it as any other app. It installs the s63 PlugIn and related files into the OpenCPN application bundle in the system Applications folder. For developers, the CMake build target is "create-pkg".
4. Improved Options dialog layout, giving more space for s63 log monitoring. Note the new tab for "Keys/Permits".
5. There are two issues that are implemented in the Beta, but will not be effective until the next OCPN Beta is available:
a. Extended light sector rollover support.
b. Correct NATSUR attribute decode ("mud, shl, etc" instead of "unk") for bottom condition.

We are very close to formal release on the s63 PlugIn. This will coincide nicely with the production availability of S63 Userpermits from the o-charts webshop. And S63 charts for OCPN become a reality.


Gilletarom 26-04-2014 03:53

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
Hello Dave,


Originally Posted by bdbcat (Post 1527081)
Hello S63 Testers...

The 0.5.0 Beta of s63_pi PlugIn is ready for download and test.

I download 0.5.
I run it without problem
Install Ok. No log error.
I run O 331606 : Ok.
eSENC build : Ok

The charts are correctly visible on the screen. :flowers:

Light rollover sector not Ok, as you said.

sailorF54 26-04-2014 04:17

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
1 Attachment(s)
Downloaded and installed 0.5.0.
No charts visible, even after going through the whole voodo (getting the IHO, checking permits, downloading charts etc...). Log reported no error(s)
I had to delete the previous S63 folder and the S63 plugin info in the ini file, fill in the user and install permits etc.. to view the charts.
The S-63 plugin log (see pic) remains empty when downloading and creating charts ? I can't remenber whether it was already so in the previous version..

Gilletarom 26-04-2014 04:33

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
I said that, to my amazement, it was not necessary to manually uninstall version 0.4. Everything is done automatically.

bcn 26-04-2014 04:52

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
We tested W8.1, OS-X and Deb32.
In the three cases without de-installing (and with the "real" charts).
No problems.

SailorF54, in case you went from a version previous to 0.4. to 0.5, then manually purging some files will be required.

And yes, the process is a bit tedious with the different keys and permits.
But one will do this just once when the software base becomes stable.


sailorF54 26-04-2014 05:34

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0

Originally Posted by bcn (Post 1527267)

SailorF54, in case you went from a version previous to 0.4. to 0.5, then manually purging some files will be required


Nope, that was from 0.4 to 0.5 ...

Gilletarom 01-05-2014 11:44

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
hello Dave,

I had to use an old computer because the PC of my boat is out of service.

This is a laptop with XP SP3 but it has more than 10 years of age.

1) I started by cleaning the PC with CCleaner.

I installed 322. Ok
I installed 331606 in parallel. Ok

I tried to install S 63 05. But I did not try to install in 331606. In this case, S63 is installed in 322. And it appears neither 322 nor 331 606. This is normal.

But it seems to me that it would fit the installer and prevent S63 to settle in an older version of the 331606.

2) I all over again. (Cleaned and re-installed 322 and 331606)

For the S63, when the installer offers me this: "C: \ Program Files \ OpenCPN \ plugins \ s63_pi", I can choose "Browse". But Alpha users do not necessarily know where O 331606. Should the installer automatically provides the most recent existing parallel installation.

B.R. Gilletarom.

Gilletarom 01-05-2014 14:33

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
Hello Dave,

So I installed the S-63 and I get no problem displaying charts.

After that, I remove all the charts with the "Remove permits" button. But after this action, the folder charts S63 remains visible in the first tab (chart loaded)

Is this normal? For me, NO.

If the database is rebuilt, the folder does not disappear. For me, this is not normal.

B.R. Gilletarom.

bdbcat 01-05-2014 19:36

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0

1. "Should the installer automatically provides the most recent existing parallel installation."
Good idea, I will look into this.

2. "Remove all permits" should also remove the directory from the "charts loaded" list.

Sometimes does, sometimes doesn't.
This seems to be a bug. I will look into this as well.


Gilletarom 02-05-2014 01:27

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
Hello Dave,

I uninstalled the S-63 with the uninstaller. Then I reinstalled the S-63. Apparently, everything is OK

But when I opened my O, I found that the S-63 was still active. So, the uninstaller does not update the opencpnini initialization file. It would have to be done.

B.R. Gilletarom.

Gilletarom 02-05-2014 01:43

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
The french language file is copied twice.

Once in the folder plugins/s-63/lib/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES,
again in the share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES folder.

Which one is really used?

Gilletarom 02-05-2014 04:22

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
1 Attachment(s)
hello Dave,

I see that there is a new pot file from 8 days ago. So I use it and I update the french language file for S-63.

Here join

Gilletarom 02-05-2014 04:29

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0
1 Attachment(s)
I tried to attempt to import permits cells in the first tab (permit.txt 8 b), without entering the userpermit and install allowed in the second tab.

1 The error message that is displayed is not suitable for what I did.

2 This message is in English. But I used my new french language file. This is not normal.

See attached copy of the screen.

bdbcat 02-05-2014 05:12

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0

share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES is the actual runtime .mo file.

The other is a temporary copy location from the setup program.
I suppose we could delete that one in the installer.


bcn 03-05-2014 02:02

Re: S63_PI Beta Test 0.5.0

seems to me that we have a memory leak in S-63.
I've sent you several crashes already in the last days.

I can see this on Windows with the "real" S-63 charts.
Any change of the canvas will increase the memory allocated.

When I hide S-63 charts and just go with CM93 for example, the system is stable as expected.

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