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carlager 12-04-2014 07:22

Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.
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The AC 220 Volt stopped working in our Oceanis 36cc.

Is there a fuse somewhere that I can replace ? Attachment 79170

westwinds 12-04-2014 07:35

Re: Heelp the AC220 Volts does not work.
A fuse is now a circuit breaker and that is built into the on/off switch. Usually these are reset by turning all the way off and then back on; however, the switches appear to be all in the on position. I could be wrong because the circuit breaker might be the orange botton. I would first check the power from the dock to the boat. Connectors really corrode in the saltwater environment so the best equipment is the cheapest way to go. Some corrosion with high amps equals heat so the connector gets burned. If the shore power is good, then check the circuit breaker as these so sometimes fail. If you are not trained with 220 volt safety, have an electrician or someone who knows, check it out.

carlager 12-04-2014 07:51

Re: Heelp the AC220 Volts does not work.
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Gave both connectors w40. Now it works again :) Thanx for your help. You've saved our weekend ( spring is still pretty cold in Denmark) Attachment 79171

carlager 12-04-2014 15:11

Heelp the AC220 Volts does not work.
Was too fast.

When I turned off breaker to the water heater (the one in the middle) electricity turned off again.

I have not been able to turn it on again.

Any ideas ?

sailorchic34 12-04-2014 15:55

Re: Heelp the AC220 Volts does not work.
Turning off the water heater should not have caused a trip. Was the water heater filled with water prior to power being applied. One possibility is the water heater was dry and the element overheated, melted and somehow grounded. That's really a long shot. But I can't see how it would happen turning a breaker off otherwise.

If you get power back on, check the shore cable temperature at the boat and dock, if it feels warm, you have a high resistance connection and need at least new ends on the shore cable if not a new cable...

carlager 12-04-2014 16:13

Re: Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.
The water heater is full. Doubt that is the problem.

Is there a way to check the on/off breakers and the blue button ?

carlager 13-04-2014 06:02

Re: Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.
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Turned out connectivity was bad on one cords on the shore cable - bad connection on the plug on the cable to the boat.

Anyone know if this plug can be disassembled ? Attachment 79214

westwinds 13-04-2014 08:01

Re: Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.
A hot water heater is going to pull a lot of amps which means that a connector is going to get hot if it has some corrosion. Once the connector gets corroded and hot, the best thing to do is just replace it because the plastic gets burned and brittle. You can try cleaning up the corrosion, but trying to get to the inside of the connector where the corrosion exists is difficult. Does the connector plastic show any dark spots from overheating where it connects to the boat? By the way, you could try plugging the cord into another dock outlet just to make sure it really is you power cord. Try wiggling the cord to see if you can make connection. That's another way to test for a bad plug besides color. Also, if you do make connection by wiggling, turn the hot water heater on and see where it gets hot to the touch on the cord.

There appears to be a little screw on the side of the connector? You can try taking it out and seeing if you can get the connector apart to clean it up; however, it takes careful scraping and filing to get the job done. Sandpaper does not work very well because of tiny pieces of sand left behind that makes for a poor connection.

carlager 13-04-2014 08:39

Re: Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.
Good advice.

The connector does not get hot. It is however corroded and will connect/disconnect when wiggling. It is a lamp and not a small screw you see on the photo.

Zanshin 13-04-2014 08:55

Re: Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.
Most of those power plugs will screw apart, the 3 or 4 screws are usually in the socket portion of the plug and you slide the waterproofing off. A sparking connection here is bad as it could actual set the plug aflame and be hot enough to melt the single lugs so you should see about fixing this really quickly or replacing the plug.

carlager 13-04-2014 13:04

Re: Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.
Seems the cable is type CEE/NEMA with a moulded she male connector.

So it is unlikely the connector can be taken apart.

Strange to use US standard In an boat produced and sold in EU

Rusty123 13-04-2014 14:55

Re: Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.
I don't know if they make them in the configuration you need, but if they do, the Smartplug is a major improvement.

carlager 13-04-2014 23:56

Re: Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.
In which way has the smart plug been improved ?

Rusty123 14-04-2014 06:20

Re: Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.

Originally Posted by carlager (Post 1518278)
In which way has the smart plug been improved ?

This link covers it far better than I can.

Sand crab 14-04-2014 06:30

Re: Help the AC220 Volts does not Work.
Just cut off the old end and reattach one like this. I've done it hundreds of times on construction sites.
Twist Lock Power Plugs & Connectors |
If that's not the right one then they make one that is. Hardware stores usually have this in stock. The marine version has that screw ring but the standard will get you thru in a pinch. You might want to try sanding the connectors for a better connection!
But....Isn't that a screw hole in your pic?

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