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yeloya 07-01-2008 01:12

Brand new concept boat- no fuel at all ...
A Turkish architecht's award winning concept in NewYork consists of huge solar panels that can be used as a sail as well. Two electrical engines powered by a gel batteries installed in the keel are moving the boat when there is no wind. Otherwise, the huge twin flexibale solar panels are used as a sail. Unlike hybrid boats, there is no gen set to charge the batteries; it is assumed that the wind and or the sun would be enough to keep the boat in motion.. The look is very appealing too, but it is obvious that many issues are yet to be solved out before seeing a prototype. (cost, sailing performance, energy management, etc..)

More info and various pictures are available at the following link.

....:::DESIGNNOBIS:::....Creativity is our Business....


dcstrng 07-01-2008 04:53

I think Nathanael Herreshoff would be intrigued by the technical write-up, but would roll over in his grave once he saw the artist’s rendition – looks sorta like a cross between Waterworld and Battlestar Galactica…;)

CSY Man 07-01-2008 04:59

Cool looking high tech boat, but aye, no outdoor cockpit.
It is going to be hot inside that glasshouse....:(

Whimsical 07-01-2008 05:21

Like the sail arrangement but I can't understand the complexity just for the swing out engine pods. If they were extendable ammas that could get rid of the keel and lead that would be something.


yeloya 07-01-2008 06:08

I am not an expert of design but making the extendable arms longer to avoid the keel would turn out to be a trimaran. I don't think the extendable arms have enough buoyancy to ensure the stability. Moreover, if this is achieved than probably the beam length would have been too large leading to serious docking problems. After all, it seems that the designer had a kind of monohull in his mind..

Aeration could be a problem but could be solved somehow. I believe main problem could be in the area of mooring (how can she be kept motionless while huge sails are still up there..) and the energy management ie. how much energy can be generated by solar panels in windless days to keep the boat alive ? Seaworthiness ?? (sails up in 40+ knots winds and heavy seas.. :confused: :confused: Assuming that the so called folding solar panels can not be reefed)


sluissa 07-01-2008 06:12

The only thing I can think of is to lay them down flat when not needed and hope for the best. That'd probably work fine while moored, but I don't know about in a storm.

stevelxls 07-01-2008 07:16

Ugghhh... closely followed by what, why and who?

rebel heart 07-01-2008 07:48

If I ever build a website like that I would fire myself.

liberty16 07-01-2008 11:21

I think it looks awful! Is this the year 2008 or 3008? It doesn't look like a sailboat at all, but an intergalactic starfighter. Nice use of technology, though.

TassieBloke 22-01-2008 12:11

...kool, imagine turning up to unknown Marina at night and do a Mediterranean park..oh Sorry mate, forgot fold up the wings,

At least prop walk wont be problem :D

slomotion 22-01-2008 12:22

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I want a really big one:


44'cruisingcat 22-01-2008 12:32

They hand out awards for stuff like this?

waikikin 23-01-2008 03:13

Yeah 44, they do! I'm gunna(tongue in cheek) invent some of those wine bottle gold medal awards for me! I dont mind the look of it, but as Slomotion has indicated, down here in Oz we've had "Solar Sailers" for years & are quite used to seeing one tied up at Circular Quay in Sydney. Have they built a full size prize winner or is that some model work on display on the website? All the best from Jeff.

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