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happyendings 04-02-2014 20:07

Cross Trimarans
I've been semi-lurking and occasionally posting on the Searunner thread and will continue to do so. However, I've just moved to Pine Island, FL where there are presently at least three Cross tri's including my own and am thinking that maybe the owners of Crosses ought to have their own thread.

My own boat is a ketch-rigged Cross 38 built in Maine and launched in 2001. I am currently refitting and repainting her here in St. James City. During the voyage south, I fitted a newer, taller mainmast along with new standing and running rigging and am now in the process of removing most of the equipment bolted to the deck preparatory to sanding and repainting the topsides.

For now, this will serve as a placeholder for Cross-related postings. Anyone with general questions about trimarans, especially plywood/epoxy cruising designs, is encouraged to first search the extensive postings on the Trimarans-Especially Searunner thread.
-Mark Z

Redreuben 05-02-2014 21:45

Re: Cross Trimarans
We only see occasional Crosses down here, even rarer here in the west. Do many owners retain the fin keel or do many/most get replaced with a board ?

happyendings 06-02-2014 07:22

Re: Cross Trimarans
I haven't personally met anyone who replaced the keel on a Cross although I do recall a discussion on this or some forum.

With all the choices available elsewhere, I don't know why anyone would undertake such a large project. We all have our dream modifications that we will probably never undertake. One of mine would be to add small fin keels on the amas and cut done the main fin keel so that the boat would rest evenly when careened and, of course, have the benefit of a shallow draft. But it will probably never happen.

CGirvan 06-02-2014 08:05

Re: Cross Trimarans
I have thought about doing the same thing but with daggerboards in the amas similar to some of the performance cats. Reasons along the same lines as you, reduced draft and better stability on the beach. I would be interested in peoples thoughts on how this would affect the sailing performance, better or worse? Please post a link to the previous discussion you mentioned if you are able to find it.


happyendings 06-02-2014 10:26

Re: Cross Trimarans
The Searunner thread has some discussion on float fins and I seem to remember that there was a popular Piver modification involving LAR devices on the floats. I remember seeing a build option for float fins on the plans for my boat however the plans are in NH until the summer so I can't check this for a fact. A friend of mine is sure that this option was not shown on earlier Cross 38 plans so maybe Norm added them later. The plans for my boat were purchased in '93 or '94.

Mark Z

Redreuben 10-02-2014 17:42

Re: Cross Trimarans
A Cross page wouldn't be complete without a link to the design page;
CROSS Multihull Designs

stevelf 02-03-2014 19:13

Re: Cross Trimarans
Greetings, all... I just bought an older (1966) Cross 37'. Needs lots of work but I feel her bones are good. Has lots of gear...I'll try to upload some pic's. She's moored in Morro Bay, CA.

happyendings 02-03-2014 19:55

Re: Cross Trimarans
What is the rig on your new boat Steve? As far as I know, Cross did not offer a 37. Is yours a smaller design built on different scantlings?

-Mark Zalenski
Pine Island, FL

stevelf 02-03-2014 19:59

Re: Cross Trimarans
maybe she's a 38'....

happyendings 02-03-2014 20:12

Re: Cross Trimarans
Enjoy the task ahead!

happyendings 02-03-2014 20:16

Re: Cross Trimarans
2 Attachment(s)
My boat at my home in St. James City, FL.

stevelf 02-03-2014 20:21

Re: Cross Trimarans
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She needs a lot of work, but has no dry rot...
I'm having challenges uploading photos....

stevelf 02-03-2014 20:35

Re: Cross Trimarans
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one more photo attempt...:banghead:

Roy M 02-03-2014 21:37

Re: Cross Trimarans
Please, do not replace the keel with a board. I spent many years hanging out with Norm Cross. He would come up to LA to see two Cross boats under construction, a stone's throw from me. He would spend lots of time, fruitlessly, trying to get me to switch from a Searunner. When I got to San Diego, my boat was tied up next to a Cross, so we kept bumping into one another. Eventually he would start side tying next to me, then spending the weekends, our two boats rafted, and us drinking wine and talking boats. That's how I met Bob Dixon, master builder of all things multihull. Bob was his crew on CROSSFIRE, and is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the field. We often talked about the Cross fin keel, in all of its forms, including the Coke-bottle Area Rule. Norm was justly proud of the fin keel, but he also understood the realities of shallow draft. The shallow draft Cross keel was remarkably similar to the Brown minikeel, just finer and without the centerboard slot. Neither he, nor any other builder I know of ever went to a board for a Cross. Norms designs, in all their evolutions, are slick sailing boats. His plans are still available from his protege, Jeff Turner, the son of my good friends Jim and Rhea Turner (Jim is now sailing in the stars and our memories). Google Norman Cross trimarans for his website and the availability of Cross keel plans. I've built several for old Pivers, and replaced a couple on damaged Crosses. They're good and solid. Don't ruin a great design by trying to design your own keel. It's more challenging and important than many folks realize.

stevelf 02-03-2014 22:06

Re: Cross Trimarans
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thanks for the good info, Roy... I guess what I am most concerned about right now is the bottom of the boat which has not been touched for at least 3 years. It has a lot of growth. Barnacles, certainly, and mussels and seaweed. I am concerned that it might have penetrated the fiberglass. I had hired a diver to scrape the bottom, but am going to wait two weeks so I'll be on the boat... I crawled all around the amas and aka and all the wood on the INSIDE looks sweet, but I don't yet know the status of the outside.... Very little soft spots on the deck, just will all need to be sanded and re-painted ... I am a finish carpenter and lifetime sailor. This is a dreamboat for me and I got it cheap.... I've been looking for two years and my boat finally found me...

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