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sopwith camel 13-12-2007 10:26

Lord Nelson 35
I have been looking at this boat on line. I like the look it a great deal and the layout looks like it would be very livable. But I cannot find much information on it. It appears to be similar to the Hans Christian 33 and 38. Kind of in between both. Does anyone know where we can find more information about this boat? Thanks!

senormechanico 13-12-2007 13:39

I used to own one. It was a great boat for liveaboard and bluewater cruising.
It was designed after a Hans 33 but with flatter sections aft to reduce hobbyhorsing.
Only about 35 were made as the cost to produce them and keep up the quality became an issue.

Which hull number are you looking at? Got a link? PM me if you like.

Our boat was #6 which was made in 1985.

Steve B.

Zaphod 15-12-2007 08:38

We have hull No. 1 and have been cruising in her for the past 2yrs. They are good, heavy displacement cruisers with an easy motion in a seaway, though it takes a bit of wind to get her to hull speed. The Lord Nelsons avoid some of the construction problems of her brethren i.e. no core in the side decks and substantial fg plates under the teak inserts on the coachroof. Tommy Chen, the builder lives nearby and was a great help in our renovations and refit. PM me if you'd like more details.


johnpair 27-11-2008 08:34


J.P. here, thanks so much for your info. The owner of the LN 41 I am looking at, here in Toronto, told me they were actually made in the same yard as the Hans Crhistians. When I was living aboard my Hunter, about a decade ago, a friend of mine with a "six pack" licence used to help me take the boat out for day sails lessons in the Lauderdale area, and as you know, there were/are lots of boats for sale in Lauderdale, and back then, given the comments I heard about my Hunter, I had my eyes on a few Hans Christians, his comments were (among others) <these boats look absolutely beautiful but man, they're so freaking heavy, they can't sail out of their own way>. When you look up to someone for info and you hear such comments, it's hard to discern which is which...

sopwith camel,
I have the sale's brochure of the LN 41, I am looking at, with lots of info on construction. I could forward it to you if you like, let know.


senormechanico 27-11-2008 23:34

As far as speed and sailability, they're indeed heavy, but they're no slowpoke.
We did quite respectably as long as we weren't beating into big seas. That's when the relatively wide bow would slow us down. It pointed quite well as long as we weren't in the heavy stuff. We could do as well as Baba's HC's and Tayanas of the same size or even a little larger. Typical speed on a beat in reasonably flat water (less than 1') was six knots or a little better. We could do mid 8's on a reach with full main and genoa or assymetrical chute.

Steve B.

johnpair 28-11-2008 12:48

Now I know what to expect from the LN 41, should I buy it, thanks. The solid teak and roomy interior would certainly make it for a comfortable liveboard. btrayfors gave me a run down of other similar designs, and pointed to the Robert Perry design Valiant 40 for both, up wind and speed performance. Unfortunately, finding one without blisters could be a problem, also I'm not sure the interior is as nice as the LN 41.
Decisions, decisions...


Cheechako 28-11-2008 12:52

The LN's were superbly built boats, a lot of attention to details. I would guess like all those type, especially the smaller version, it wont sail to weather well though.

Cheechako 28-11-2008 12:57

The Valiants with the big blister problem were built in Bellingham Wa and used a MIL spec fire retardant resin. There must be notes on line regarding what years... The key to the Taiwan boats, at lest the early ones was communication, the good boat companies had people visit regularly and reject/train the taiwanes on building details. Eventually yards like Ta Shing emerged building some of the best boats in the world.

johnpair 28-11-2008 13:19

I've read the notes on the Valiants, hulls fron 116 (or so) to hulls 256 (or so). Best thing to do is either wait for good weather here in Toronto, and ask the seller of the LN 41 I have been looking at, to take me for a sail on the lake, or drive down to Fl, and try to arrange sailing both, the Valiants, and the LN 41s and take it from there. Thanks,


dick lazar 05-01-2010 17:19

Is the LN41 that you were looking at last year offered by Toronto Yacht Sales or Able Pro? The boat is still for sale and looks great. Why is it still for sale almost two years later?


johnpair 06-01-2010 09:52

Dick, the boat looks very nice indeed, not a square inch of plywood, all solid teak. One draw back, the engine is a BMW diesel (original) with some ten thousand hours on it, it runs great now but with Murphy's law around the corner, who knows. Mooring fees, at the marina, it is considered a 47 foot OAL because of the bow extension. There are a lot of nice boats out there, after many years on the market.
Right now, (two years later) after my initial interest, and the fact that the owner invited me to go sailing a couple of times, but unfortunately the conditions were not very favorable, hot, humid, and very little wind. So, no decision yet.

LN41 11-03-2012 09:06

Re: Lord Nelson 35
Would you send me a copy of the Lod Nelson 41 brochure. I bought a LN41 last July and will sail south to Fl and Bahamas starting early Sept. I am looking for more info on the boat.Thanks

BergeronWarren 15-08-2013 19:33

1 Attachment(s)
Hi all LN owners. I am preparing our LN41 s/v Tashtego (hull#31 built '83) and was wondering if anyone has had cracking and/or distortion on the bowsprit hardware (ss collar and bobstay). We unstepped the mast to look at chain plates (they were pitted where deprived of oxygen so we're replacing) and found round holes had become oval. Now we've got a dilemma trying to fit new stock on a tapered irregular bowsprit. Curious if anyone has experience or advice. If typing takes too long, feel free to call.
/Matt Warren 216.401.6813

Cheechako 16-08-2013 10:00

Re: Lord Nelson 35
If that is the collar that goes on the tip for all the rigging attachments... yeah.. that's a tough one. Bronze cast is a possibility. Someone on this forum had a bunch of bronze hardware for sale recently. odds of it fitting ? low! Can you make a pattern using the old SS fitting and bondo etc? New Found Metals might cast you one. Otherwise you jst have to take the old one to a fab shop and pay the piper. Sounds like you might want to have it made thicker.... or is it distorted from hitting things?

BergeronWarren 20-08-2013 16:00

Thanks for your ideas. Just today received a deckwash fitting from Newfound Metals. they seem like a great company, however i hadn't thought they would fabricate a special order. i am working with a local rigger and We are making it thicker. Thanks again for your reply. Enjoy your summer. /Matt of s/v Tashtego (LN41)

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