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WindDancer 09-12-2007 10:15

Storing portable genset underway?
Plan to purchase Honda eu2000i for home standby and charging the batts on boat when on the hook or moored more than a day, but can't decide where to store (safely) when underway. I don't like running the diesel to charge the batts with only the alt. for a load(70amp).

If I lash it to the stanchions, how do I protect from marring the deck?



stevensc 09-12-2007 10:52

Does it have rubber "feet" if so you can buy some of those stick on felt pads used on furniture not to scratch floors. The feet will not be non slip so you'll have to secure it well.
I had a genset for night fishing on a small boat, I cut a plywood piece to size and routed out indentations to match the genset feet. Glued a piece of rubber to the bottom of the plywood then attached the whole thing with bungee cords and that worked fine. If you don't have a cover for it usually you can find a BBQ pit cover that will fit.
good luck

jdoe71 09-12-2007 13:15


Originally Posted by WindDancer (Post 117159)

If I lash it to the stanchions, how do I protect from marring the deck?

Good question hope someone will provide the answer as I am thinking of doing the same thing.

Another question I have is are these units waterproof? It's going to get a good soaking on deck I expect. I've seen them sitting beside hotdog carts but that's hardly anything to compare to the deck of a boat in foul weather. Anyone?

witzgall 09-12-2007 13:50

I would think a deck box of some sort would be the only safe way to store a gas gen on a boat. You could just strap the think on, but then it would not faira too well exposed to the elements all the time.


rebel heart 09-12-2007 14:12

I had one for a few years, and the problem (as others have noted) is the gasoline aspect. Curiously, I thought "gensets" were fixed mounted devices, and I always refered to my generator as a generator. Maybe someone can clue me in on that one?

The Honda generators by the way, are absolutely wonderful creatures. Long life, easy maintenance, whisper quiet (unless you're directly behind the exhaust nozzle), and capable of running big power tools and charging batteries.

It's about the same size as a jerry can, so I just made a little canvas cover for it and wherever the jerry cans where lashed, it sat next to them. It's also a nice way to leave a thousand dollar generator on deck and not have it get stolen. With the cover on it doesn't look like much.

The big handle on the top is more than sufficient. If you need to store it below, the only thing I could imagine is letting it run the tank dry, leaving the top open for the vapors to escape, closing the tank off, and then wrapping it in a plastic trash bag, and taping it shut.

It's not the safest thing in the world, but if you're going to store something with residual vapor in the cabin, you can at least attempt to keep the leftover vapor under control (if for no other reason than the fact that it stinks) with a plastic bag.

A deck box sounds like the best approach; I should really consider that again for myself.

High Cotton 09-12-2007 14:47

Have you considered something like the rubber mat used in the back of pickups? I have one on my F150 bed and it doesn't leave any kind of black marks, plus, NOTHING slides on it, at all....... I'm sure it's a good grade rubber and I'm sure you can find something similar.
Side benefit, besides no slipping and sliding generator is that the rubber would absorb vibrations and protect the fiberglas......... just a suggestion.

S/V Illusion 09-12-2007 14:48

Why not fit it for storage securely in the anchor locker which is also vented? Should be easy to find a cover which would prevent boarding seas from inundating it

Kanani 09-12-2007 15:08

Lots of people carry that gen-set down below. Just run it until it is out of gas before stowing.

If you leave it on deck, that thing will be junk in short order.

Before I had an inboard aux diesel, I used to carry a gas gen-set. Never had a problem.

Do you know how many people have alchohol stoves on-board?

AnchorageGuy 09-12-2007 15:36

we have the Honda on board and use it when cruising. If it is to be stored for a period of time we run out all of the gas and store it in the lazerette after it has sat out with the fuel cap off for a while. When in regular use we lash it to the pedestal guard and when we need it we just tie it down in a convenient spot that won't let the carbon monoxide below. we carry a small length of chain and a pad lock to keep it from walking away. we use a 1/4" closed cell foam pad that can be bought in small rolls at Homey Depot for shelf and drawer liners. The rubber feet on the bottom of the unit leaves marks on the deck.

David M 09-12-2007 16:25

Coincidently, I brought the same Honda 2000 watt genset down to the boat to charge up my batteries when the shore power had been out for a few days. The first thing I did was start it up and connect my shore power cord into it. My 100 amp Statpower inverter/charger charger came on line, I heard the revs of the generator come down and then the charger took itself offline. My charger kicked itself off line when it detected the voltage drop on the generator. So, since I have a 30 amp backup charger I put it online and it worked fine. The problem was that at 30 amps it took quite a few hours to bring 3, 8-D batteries back up to full capacity.

I guess the moral of the story is to connect your new generator to some relatively discharged batteries and see if your charger is going to put too much of a load on the genset before you need it. Yes, I realize that 120 volts times a 15 amps outlet is 1800 watts and the genset is a 2000 watt unit so in theory it should work...but in reality, it did not work.

WindDancer 09-12-2007 17:49

I have a truecharge 40+ to charge the two Lifeline 4d house batteries and an optima starting battery which the honda will handle very nicely. The 1/4" closed cell foam is a good idea to use when running the unit on deck.

I had thought about storing it in the forward chain locker, but the locker drain passes into the forward storage area and then under the cabin sole to the bilge. don't know if that can be a path for fumes to enter the cabin or not. I think that gas vapor rises, but if any fuel leaks out in rough seas, I could have a problem. I could leave the unit on the deck with a cover when on the hook and then empty/run it out of fuel and vent the tank before placing it in the chain locker with a cover when underway. I plan to take it with me when I return to my home.

Thanks guys, for some good food for thought.


Doghouse 09-12-2007 18:01

Gas vapors SINK! That is why all gas power boats have a blower that is supposed to be run for 5 min prior to starting the engine.

Also why you are supposed to close all haches when filling the tank.

S/V Illusion 09-12-2007 18:28

Gasoline vapor is usually heavier than air but that's not always true.

There was a recent discussion on safety issues related to gas gensets which hopefully this doesn't revert to as that was not the OP's question.
is it possible without too much effort to install an exterior drain from the chain locker at it's lowest point but still above the WL? If so, you could always block off the opening to the bilge.

David M 09-12-2007 18:33

Have you considered putting your generator in a Pelican Case? Although expensive, they are vapor tight and durable as heck. You won't have to worry about gas getting out or water getting in. I have seen some pretty large ones, larger than that generator. Another option would be to store it in an ice chest..yeah seriously. I have seen ice chests shipped Fed-Ex all over the country with scientific samples and they hold up amazingly well. You will have to put bungee cords all around it to create a nice seal but they are cheaper than Pelican Cases.

GordMay 10-12-2007 02:21

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We stored our portable generator in a a Rubbermaid 18 Gallon “Rough Tote” (19.8”L x 16.1”W x 26.5”H) plastic storage bin. They’re NOT watertight, but will keep most rain out.
Never store the generator hot, and always run fuel tank dry, prior to storage.

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