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MARC D 19-09-2013 11:26

Fishing equipment
A question for the sailors who fish while on passage:

If you had to buy a rod an reel today for occasional offshore fishing from a sailboat, what would you get? Under 400.00.

And what are you using for chafe (teeth) protection between the lure and your line?



SV Maclas 19-09-2013 11:36

Re: Fishing equipment
We prefer a handline with 150 lb mono. Simple and easy to handle when moving along.

xeon_tsd 19-09-2013 11:38

Re: Fishing equipment
A cuban YoYo for $10.00 a few cedar plugs, some line...and you'll have breakfast.

MARC D 19-09-2013 11:39

Re: Fishing equipment
SV Maclas,

Do you mean a yo-yo? This is what we use right now but want to try a rod. Must be easier to bring in a big one! :p

Therapy 19-09-2013 11:39

Re: Fishing equipment
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Forgo the rod if you are fishing for food.
80-120 lb mono and wire leader.
Crank it in. :thumb:

MARC D 19-09-2013 11:44

Re: Fishing equipment

Hard to beat for compactness!!! Do you have more line failure without the rod dampening effect? Or the reel clutch is enough?

Dulcesuenos 19-09-2013 11:54

Re: Fishing equipment
We got a great Shimano Tiagra 2 speed on a full roller chaos rod loaded w 600 yds of dacron, Mono combo for $250 at a pawn shop. The higher speed makes it nice when you have to clear weeds, the low gear is nice when fighting a huge beasty without having to slow down much... gCuban yo yo rigs work suprisingly well also

Rubikoop 19-09-2013 12:00

I have 2 Shimano TLD 25s and a couple of 5'6" rods with roller guides. I always use a wire leader. Reels have 80lb mono top shots over 50lb Powerbraid. With that combo I have more than 500yds of line to let fish run around if they want. All of this was bought on Ebay for under $400. Rather than invest all your money in one rod and reel, buy two and use them to double your odds. I typically run something on the surface and on the other rig something that dives. I'm covering a wider swath with different lures over a larger vertical area. I carry Cuban yoyos too but prefer the rod and reel. I also have some 50lb Penn reels but prefer the lighter TLDs.

MARC D 19-09-2013 12:02

Re: Fishing equipment
Just had a look at that Tiagra on the net, nice piece of gear and very expensive too. Now I got the pawn shop hint... Won't work for me :(

MARC D 19-09-2013 12:04

Re: Fishing equipment
Rubikoop, Thanks for the info. Will have a look at those TLD 25.

zeehag 19-09-2013 12:07

Re: Fishing equipment
i use 200 pound test with a lure for trolling and tie a slipknot in my line and that is it--i hand over hand the fish to me and i dont lose a smany this way--the more stuff you have to handle, fewer fishies caught--more money spent, fewer fishies caught. i do this mexican way=---cheep[o. i catch what there is out there.
no--no yoyo, no pole reel or any of that unnecessary stuff--i have better control of boating my fishie -- i tried rod n reel fishing and broke 3 poles and lost 6 fish. hand over hand--fishie doesnt get under boat and i have dinner

if your lure look s like flying fish you are golden

amytom 19-09-2013 12:08

We went with Penn Senator 114 with the standard slammer rod. About $200 full price and closer to $150 on sale.

Therapy 19-09-2013 12:41

Re: Fishing equipment

Originally Posted by MARC D (Post 1343850)

Hard to beat for compactness!!! Do you have more line failure without the rod dampening effect? Or the reel clutch is enough?

Only having the boat a little over two years and not fished that much I had no failures.

If I had line failure I would have upped the line size. But - oops! - I was actually using spectra line......sorry. 25 lb size / 100 lb test.

Clutch - dunno. Never a problem.

That reel costs about 60 bucks new. If you are going for a high dollar reel then I would assume it would have a nice clutch. And it should be rebuildable. Even the cheapi you can replace the washers.

There is no sport involved. Just food gathering. If I had ever hooked a real monster I would just cut it loose. I can't eat a whole monster.

salticrak 19-09-2013 13:10

Re: Fishing equipment
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Whilst not cruising yet, this is what I have On my hobie A.I. A finor reel on a rod made for me by a mate.

belizesailor 19-09-2013 18:38


Originally Posted by amytom (Post 1343869)
We went with Penn Senator 114 with the standard slammer rod. About $200 full price and closer to $150 on sale.

For trolling I use Penn Senator 114s also on Lamiglass tuna sticks ( on each hull).

Also have cuban rigs w heavy mono, wire leader, and heavy duty bungy for initial shock absorbsion.

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