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Tyrone777 29-10-2007 13:15

Best Location for a Wedding?
Hello All,

I have just proposed to my girlfriend and am planning on getting married someplace in the Caribbean. Not sure what side or where yet. We are even considering Mexico on either side. My question to anyone who reads this is location. Where do you think is the best place to get married with immediate family and a few friends? Trying to keep the budget down so maybe an all inclusive in Balize or Mexico. Maybe some island hopping in BVI's? We just have no clue and have not been to vary many places. We do live in Texas so someplace fairly close would not be bad as less time traveling and more time partying :smiling:

Thank you for any suggestions!

Ishmael 29-10-2007 16:49

I proposed to my wife at Maho Bay Campground on St. John, USVI ( - Maho Bay Camps - Maho Bay Camps - Green Resorts on St. John, US Virgin Islands (USVI)). We spent a week there, and stayed in the platform tents (#A7) overlooking the bay. Absolutely beautiful! And because it's very rustic, and run by the U.S. park service, it's very reasonably priced. Our wedding was back at home in Massachusetts, but it was very casual, on the beach, and the guests really loved it. I think the less uptight the whole affair is, the more relaxed and fun it is for everyone. Good luck!

jerryscooper 29-10-2007 23:28

I lived in St John USVI. Its a great place but very expensive for friends and family to get to and stay. If it was just the 2 of you it wouldnt be bad. But a bit much to expect from other people. I have a friend who was just married in Talume, Mexico. (not sure of the spelling). However, she said it was beautiful and affordable. I couldnt make it but I saw the pics and vids. She was right. And I remember when I was making travel plans it wasnt to bad price wise. I would have been traveling from the east coast. Good luck!!!

Islandmike 30-10-2007 00:09

St. Johns for me as well, we spent our 25th there, and many trips after. My daughter will probably be married in either Maho or Cinnimon bay. So beautiful, so quiet and not really expensive compared to some areas, certainly not as lavish as some places but very nice. If the guests are looking for posh, air conditioning nice restaruants then it would not be the place. The outdoor showers in Cinnimon bay are sooo nice. It would not be your normal run of the mill wedding, thats for sure.

Pblais 30-10-2007 04:25


Where do you think is the best place to get married with immediate family and a few friends? Trying to keep the budget down so maybe an all inclusive in Balize or Mexico.
My wife and I married in the Caribbean. To keep the budget down we went to the best place we could find and left the friends and relatives at home. 6 months later we had a great reception back home and invited all the people that would have never been able to come. Since we were already married we stretched out the reception over a few days and had a great time with everyone. it sure beats running off after a ceremony and leaving all the people that wanted to see us. No matter who you are or how much you can afford there will always be people that would have loved to attend and wish you well.

You need to get married for yourselves and celebrate your family and friends. Both matter a lot.

Tyrone777 30-10-2007 16:36

Thanks for the info. I think we will get married in Mexico someplace and Honeymoon in the VI's. That way more people can afford to go and less time traveling. The reception will be in between the wedding and the honeymoon unless the flights are cheap from Mexico. Who knows, there are still so many options. We really want to goto the Virgin Islands to visit/charter and in a couple of years try and move there. :viking:


David M 30-10-2007 18:04

If there is water nearby...its a good place.

Tyrone777 20-11-2007 10:47

Thanks for the input. We have decided to get married in Mexico (Playa de Carmen) and then head to the Virgin Islands for our Honeymoon. We are wanting to do some island hopping and get in some scuba/snorkeling too. If you have any moderate hotels or all inclusives I sure do appreciate it.

Vasco 20-11-2007 15:30

Caneel Bay

Southern Star 18-12-2007 13:33

Tyrone, why not honeymoom in Mexico and save for a later bareboat in the Virgin Islands (it would give you a much better sampling of the area beyond St. Thomas). If you haven't booked yet, have you given any thought to Jamaica? Some incredible scenery, music, food and some very reasonable all-inclusives. As I recall there was a Charter company in Texas that specialized in packages to Jamaica - something like 'green apple', or maybe just 'apple' vacations. If not, there are plenty of companies that do. And no worries, it is quite safe if you stay out of Kingston.


RaptorDance 18-12-2007 16:47

On place to consider is down here where we are in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. There are very inexpensive flights from Texas (especially DFW) and some great places to "get hitched"!

Here's my favorite wedding spot, (the food is fantastic too!) Le Kliff: vallarta restaurants, vallarta weddings, puerto vallarta fine dining, vallarta fishing tours, vallarta golf, ocean view restaurant
There's also Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta - one of the better top end resorts:
And of course, the Four Seasons in Punta Mita - but that's very expensive.

There are many inexpensive places to stay down here if you choose to do the wedding at a place like Le Kliff Great hotels with pools, AC etc. on the beach can be booked for under $100/room per night or less.


mickmul 18-12-2007 18:11

We got married on a motor yacht (United Endeavour. . . co-incidence, not chosen name) on the Swan River, Freemantle, Western Australia in 1995. had one brother and sister in law there, left it all up to them, went great. . . point is. . . decide how many you want to put the expense on of being with you. . . the more company you want, the shorter the radius from where you live . . the less family you are comfortable with, the more exotic the location, and the bigger the homecoming wedding party . . but. . . go!! no point spending xxxk$ on a one night shindig at home. . .

cruisincanucks 03-01-2008 00:41

If you want romantic,inexpensive travel and fantastic cruising and touring...check out Venezuela. Best in the world as well as the most inexpensive on land and at sea.

Moonchaser2304 03-01-2008 01:13

We spent our honeymoon on a Moorings bareboat charter in the BVI...a 36' monohull, small to keep the price down and not have to arrange with other couples, then stayed a few nights in a beach side deluxe room at the Long Bay Beach Resort, the most "elegant" all inclusive in the BVI (realize that elegant in the BVI is not "Hyatt", it's local charm and lots of it)...we loved it!! The combination of "surf and turf" was excellent, and the view out the room for a few days was a great way to wind up the trip.

shadow 03-01-2008 01:26

My wife and I got married on the beach in Hawaii and then took a 2 week cruise around all of the islands!! Great stuff and weather!!

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