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boatgirl123 17-06-2013 20:06

Fort Lauderdale Stunning Ketch
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Saw those huge masts from across the bridge. Had to go investigate and wow so impressive. I couldn't get any closer to it but the shape of the hull and the color and the size of it. Any guesses on length? I coulda get the name of the boat to investigate it. Maybe she will be there again tomorrow. Anyways had to share

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Bohemian17 17-06-2013 20:25

Might be the METEOR it was just painted in palm beach

gonesail 17-06-2013 20:35

now that looks like a real boat :thumb:

boatgirl123 17-06-2013 20:43

It just might very well be the METEOR. Just researched it and it looks like it. It's HUGE!! Pic does not do it justice. I couldn't walk away from that boat.

Teknav 17-06-2013 20:46

Hiya BoatGirl! Maybe you'd like to spend a week or two sailing it? :whistling: :D

Going to behave now!

Bohemian17 17-06-2013 20:48

My friend is the captain I think its 167 feet. I got to take a tour a couple of years ago . Very well built and sails awesome. They sail her as often as they can vs. Motoring .

Bohemian17 17-06-2013 20:50

Now I'm not sure that's the boat because of the British flag. But I'm not sure how they have the boat registered I think one of the guys from Nova Scotia so maybe that I don't know how that ties in

boatgirl123 18-06-2013 06:31

Amazing. You are lucky you could tour it. It looks spectacular. I was watching videos of it. Ill see if she is still around today. Maybe captain would give me a tour if owner not around lol.

Bohemian17 18-06-2013 07:06

Sorry just spoke to the captain the METEOR is still in palm beach. So you will have to do some recon lol

boatgirl123 18-06-2013 07:50

Thanks bohemian. Crap what boat is in Fort Lauderdale? Yes recon work in order. Well I could always go up There and pay the M a visit. Not too far especially for that sight. Thanks anyways!!

motion30 18-06-2013 08:14

Hi. Boatgirl. maybe if you read a book like sailing for dummies ? that one picture in your profile you look like you're on a really nice powerboat :-)

HappyMdRSailor 18-06-2013 08:33

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We have this one in our marina occasionally....

I was thinking of up-sizing, but this might be too much for me.....:whistling::whistling:

The white speck in the foreground is a 30' runabout....:confused:

boatgirl123 18-06-2013 08:53

@happy. Upgrades are always a good thing. Ill be ready to first mate it with you. That is beautiful.

boatgirl123 18-06-2013 08:56

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@motion30. Maybe if you picked up the dummies book and learned how to sail you might be as interesting as a sailor and not a ho him motor boater. Lol. Until then you can kiss my a**
Hope all is well. Kisses.

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HappyMdRSailor 18-06-2013 09:14

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Originally Posted by boatgirl123 (Post 1263684)
@happy. Upgrades are always a good thing. Ill be ready to first mate it with you. That is beautiful.

Maybe I should inquire then....

It was the masts I saw on the other side of the breakwater that made my jaw drop....

Pictures of a sister ship I found later....

Should be enough room....:D

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