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Noreastern 19-05-2013 20:56

Hello All, Northeast US Couple Here
We are a middle aged couple that love sailing and are looking forward to cruising full time in about 17 months from now. In the mean time we need to get our 1965 Pearson Invicta ready. It will be a full time job for me for one year until we set off. We are hoping for about 2-3 years of cruising before we have to return to work to upgrade the kitty or decide to move back ashore. Projects range from R/R engine to digging out chain-plates. Everything else in between will need work. Messing around boats for the better part of my whole life will help but also know I will need help from others to make this refit work out right. Hoping some here can help with that.

skipmac 19-05-2013 21:26

Re: Hello All, Northeast US Couple Here
Hello and welcome to the forum. See you picked a good brand of boat but maybe I'm prejudiced. Bought my Pearson in NY in early 2009, live on board in New England for almost a year and left end Sept '09 from Essex CT for FL. Currently in my third year of refitting the boat and hope to be launching in a couple of months.

One thing I have seen on my boat and a lot of other Pearson is corrosion at the base of the mast. Seems like many models had a steel mast step in the bilge which causes the Al to corrode. I had to cut away 3" off the bottom of mine. Saw three other Pearsons at the yard where I hauled doing the same thing. Might want to look at the bottom of your mast just to see.

maxingout 19-05-2013 21:49

Re: Hello All, Northeast US Couple Here
Good luck on the fit out. Been there and done that on more than one sailboat.

Waterway Guide 20-05-2013 06:07

Re: Hello All, Northeast US Couple Here
Welcome aboard! Hope the recommissioning goes smoothly...I'm sure you'll find lots of help here. Happy cruising!

Cotemar 20-05-2013 06:50

Re: Hello All, Northeast US Couple Here
Welcome aboard the CF. You will get a lot of help here when needed.

Dhillen 20-05-2013 06:59

Re: Hello All, Northeast US Couple Here
It will be fun. It will be hell. We are just coming to the very end of upgrading and fitting out our third boat. You would think I would have learned my lesson by now.

Once you get on board and start cruising (note: you never finish working on the boat) then it begins to seem worth it.

Good luck.


Noreastern 21-05-2013 20:38

Re: Hello All, Northeast US Couple Here
Thanks all for the positive remarks. This summer will be for trying out ideas on setting up boat for cruising. Before we use a saws all!

First thing we tried was removing the wheel steering for a tiller. What we found where huge amounts of weather helm we never knew about with the wheel. Is it blown out sails or boat design? It will be things like this that we would like to try out this summer before we are knee deep into the refit.

sabray 21-05-2013 20:47

Try reefing the main or easing off the main sheet. Check your jib set. Sometimes folk ease off the jib when overpowered when you need to balance the boat and play with the main.

SkiprJohn 30-05-2013 12:41

Re: Hello All, Northeast US Couple Here
Aloha and welcome aboard!
Kind regards,


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