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rsaunders 30-04-2013 07:23

March Pump lc2cp
What size strainer do you use for these is supplying water to a 9,000 btu Webastco unit....? I have seen large Graco to very small ones???

HopCar 30-04-2013 08:00

Re: March pump lc2cp
The LC2CP is a small pump and I would probably use something like the 1/2" ShurFlo with a 50 mesh basket.
Link: ShurFlo Raw water strainers 1/2"-1-1/4"
It wouldn't hurt to go larger. The larger the strainer the less often you would need to clean it. Since the pump is small I'd stick with a small mesh strainer basket.

rsaunders 30-04-2013 08:23

Re: March pump lc2cp
thanks for your help...

rsaunders 30-04-2013 08:33

Re: March pump lc2cp
I see you have larger Groco 1/2" for a liitle more which I will be contacting you I need an intake stariner as well??? the AC will only be used at the dock.

HopCar 30-04-2013 17:58

Re: March pump lc2cp
An external strainer is probably a good idea. It will keep the big stuff out and would reduce how often you need to clean the in-line strainer.

If you decide to use an external strainer, I suggest the Groco RSC series. You can open them to clean inside.
Here's a link: Groco Round Strainers (RSC series)

Sailorman375 30-04-2013 18:37

Re: March pump lc2cp
Depending on where you are, you might want to put a much larger stainer in. Tropics (including Texas and Florida) you're going to wish you went with a big one.

GordMay 01-05-2013 04:37

Re: March pump lc2cp
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, rsaunders.

Hudson Force 01-05-2013 04:57

Re: March Pump lc2cp
My needs are aligned with Sailorman's. When I'm pumping cooling water for my AC and not underway, I'm usually in areas with a lot of plant and algae material. I use a larger Raritan (approx half gallon) strainer. I also keep an extra strainer basket so that I can quickly exchange the basket. Even the large strainer can be frequently plugged in the Chesapeake if you're sucking up nettles (jellyfish). I also have placed a T-fitting between my Strainer and my March pump where I have a hose with a fitting that can recieve shore dock hose. With this, when the need arises, I can "blow" off a cluster of debris that might collect agaisnt the through hull influent. Recently, I had an occurance that caused me to dive down to clean this "clam-shell" influent cover. I had my AC on while an adjacent boat was being cleaned by a diver. Much filamentous algae was removed and, with the current set, these fine long hairs of algae tangled in my influent cover. Turning on my backflush allowed me to pull all this messy stuff away. By the way, I put on latex gloves to scoop the stinging nettles out of my strainer in the Chesapeake!

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