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tcul 03-04-2013 00:41

Cost to replace railing
Saw a nice Columbia 28 over the weekend. All new paint, new standing and running rigging, new keel bolts, new rudder work. Bone dry bilge. Really clean interior.

What's the problem? They didn't replace the bow/stern rails, life lines and stanchions.

Are we talking thousands here?



RedHerring 03-04-2013 01:10

Re: Cost to replace railing
What makes you think that they must be replaced, and not just polished? Unlike stays and shrouds, these things are almost never stressed much, and therefore can live longer.

tcul 03-04-2013 02:12

Re: Cost to replace railing
They didn't put back any railing at all. The boat has no bow/stern rails, stanchions or life line at all. Doesn't seem too safe.

boat_alexandra 03-04-2013 03:58

Re: Cost to replace railing
I took mine off because I figured it was safer without them than to have them if they might fail.

forsailbyowner 03-04-2013 04:25

Re: Cost to replace railing
New would cost a small fortune. Around here we have a salvage yard with a mountain of used stainless and could be had fairly cheaply. The stanchions can be found fairly easily, the bow pulpit will be tougher and the pushpit harder still. On my first boat I went without all but the bow pulpit. It really does help you hang on tighter looking down and seeing water and not the false security of lifelines.

RedHerring 03-04-2013 13:17

Re: Cost to replace railing
I'd say the stern cage is almost equally essential. Besides safety and convenience, where else would you hang your man overboard gear, BBQ, fishing lines, drying clothes, yada, yada, yada. :)

Knee-high lifelines may not seem to add a lot of extra safety compared to a good non-skid on the deck and gunwales of a decent height, but with the usual half-inch aluminium profile they do, methinks. When you slip, you go overboard feet first more often than head first, and then you do get caught by the wires. At least, I was once.

tcul 03-04-2013 17:26

Re: Cost to replace railing
Thanks for replies.

There is always "something".

I will set up jack lines and wear a harness and tether when leaving the cockpit.


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