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PhilDuhs 24-03-2013 08:07

Battery Recommendation - Banner vs. Varta
Hi all,

I'll be replacing my 4 x 140Ah batteries before the summer and am tossing up between VARTA Professional DC LFD140 (as per VARTA Professional DC LFD140) and Banner Energy Bull 130Ah (as per Banner Energy Bull 960 51 Nassbatterie zyklenfest 12V 130Ah).

The main reason to stick with these batteries is that they're a size-for-size replacement for the current batteries making installation easier and cheaper. I'll also be putting some solar panels on the boat for the summer so I don't expect the batteries to get too much of a hard time so am willing to take the chance that lesser quality, cheaper batteries will still serve me well (thus no AGM, Lifeline, Trojan, etc). I'll also be going from the current 4 service batteries to 6 which should further help the longevity of whatever I get.

Does anyone have any advice re either of these batteries? As I see it:
  1. The Varta claim to be 140Ah, whereas the Banner batteries are 130Ah
  2. However the Banner batteries are heavier (should count for something?)
  3. The Varta batteries are sealed, maintenance free whereas the Banner batteries will require topping up (although I'm used to this)
  4. Not sure on final costs, but lets assume they're about the same
  5. The Banner batteries claim "350 charging and discharging cycles at 50% DOD", not sure on Varta so probably nothing special??

All help appreciated!

S/Y 37 Rocks

Sarulz 29-04-2013 05:27

Re: Battery Recommendation - Banner vs. Varta
I would stick with Varta. 4 pcs x 140Ah should be no more than 400 Euro (as far as it is in my region). And I am talking about Promotive Blue range. I like Promotive as they discharge very very slow due to Varta tehnology mixture of calcium and silver.
Mention that they are longer and do not know what is your dimensions there.

GordMay 29-04-2013 05:58

Re: Battery Recommendation - Banner vs. Varta
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Sarulz.

Sarulz 29-04-2013 06:03

Re: Battery Recommendation - Banner vs. Varta

Originally Posted by GordMay (Post 1222737)
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Sarulz.

Regards !!

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