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thesanperes 21-03-2013 13:45

Erie Canal
I will be delivering a Elan 450 to Oswego, NY from Port Washington, NY, I'm looking for info on how long each lock takes from Troy, NY to Oswego, NY. Looking at how long my mileage would be in a solid day run and where to stop for fuel and dockage.

Kettlewell 21-03-2013 13:56

Re: Erie Canal
It varies tremendously, depending on what is happening when you arrive. For example they may be just filling the lock to lift someone up so you have to wait until that happens, and then they may need to load up a bunch coming the other way to bring them down, etc. On the other hand, you might arrive just at the perfect moment when the gates are open and the lock tender tells you to go ahead in. I would guess an average of 30 minutes, but an hour would not be out of line. Also, they are in the midst of potential layoffs of lock workers, which could make things slower than usual this spring. I highly recommend getting the NYS Canal guidebook, which has all the information you need. There's a lot of other good information on that website.

thesanperes 21-03-2013 14:16

Re: Erie Canal
What I was really meaning to say is, once the gates are closed, how long for the lift (fill), and drop (empty) so I can add this into distance covered, well understanding that I may be the first in line or left to wait to the end or next cycle. Just trying to see what a perfect no problem day of travel equates to distance doing 7 knots and where I'll be for the night during transit, thanks Tony.

nesscapade 24-03-2013 18:53

I will also bringing my Hylas 54 from Newport, ri to Oswego in late May. I've hired a captain who has done it before.

Here's an online resource I found that helped me with some of the planning.

I'm planning 3-5 days depending on lock schedule

flagorio 24-03-2013 19:24

There is a lot of timing info on the Great Loop sites but I will tell you it goes a lot faster if you leave a couple of cold beers on the lock deck. they can call ahead with your eta at the next lock. The actual drops / rises depend on how many gates are opened on each lock. If you act nervous, it will be only one gate or two. The tourist boats get three. I used two 1 1/2 inch PVC pipes with caps to fend while holding the ropes in the lock. Be sure and bring gloves, too
The canal was a great boating value; free tie ups usually with elec & water. Don't run at night! We did and ran aground which is why the fending poles were doubly handy

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