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They are great on fishing lures! ;>)

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This should be cut off.

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Sorry folks, some of the y-chromosome sector has been experiencing some episodes of acute testosterone poisoning. They should probably be moving on to some sites about piracy, advanced onboard weapon systems, or musings about alcoholic stupor within the next day or so. Attention spans being what they are for this group of dysfunctionals, sustained dialogue is not a serious component of their beings. Take a breath, talk about what an emerald or an opal does for your self image and these folks will get terminally bored and go elsewhere.

In the meantime, remember that jewelry has always been a part of ALL human cultures, on the part of both sides of the gender gap, for as long as folks have been getting together and showing their stuff. Simply asking how to continue doing so in a safe and sane manner, under sometimes hazardous or stressful circumstances, is a reasonable and responsible inquiry. Stay safe, stay attractive, and stay happy. If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. And I like momma happy.
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You got it Roy
I would be very hesitant to post anything on this forum that could possibly get the testosterone on high gear again after seeing what happened with this thread.

By the way Charlotte (if you are still watching this thread) what I use is just like the photo you posted and it seems to work well for us.
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I keep my costume jewelry in a velvet lined leather jewelry roll. My wedding ring and engagement ring are stored someplace similar to the sanitary pad box idea mentioned above. The idea being that a thief would grab the roll and assume that they got it all.
s/v Mata'irea
Tayana 48
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The velvet lined leather role is a very cool idea for the good stuff, as well. Some precious and semiprecious treasures are easily scratched (emeralds, pearls, etc.), and the steady rock and roll of a boat could cause some damage to them. Being able to tightly bundle them makes it easier to stow them in more secure locations. I didn't think that this thread would have any personal application, but it's a pleasant surprise to be surprised. Thank you.
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I have to admit I learned something from this thread also.
I never thought about the fact that swimming with jewlery on could make you attractive bait to the fishes. I would hate to loose a ear to a hungry fish ... good information.
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Originally Posted by jackiepitts View Post
... I never thought about the fact that swimming with jewlery on could make you attractive bait to the fishes...
Diving & snorkelling dress code:
"If it sparkles, shines or reflects light - you’re ‘Cuda/Shark bait.”

Fish, especially barracudas, are attracted to shiny objects, which may resemble their prey (small silver fish) - so don't wear jewelry or other shiny objects while snorkelling and scuba diving.

Likewise, shoreside predators also seem to have an affinity for shiny objects.
Gord May
"If you didn't have the time or money to do it right in the first place, when will you get the time/$ to fix it?"

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Wow...I also never had a clue about shining things attracting fish.Thank you.
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My wife pares down the jewel collection to a pretty bare minimum for travel. It fits in small cloth bag about 4 inches square with a zipper on it. The large diamond engagement ring stays home in the safe deposit box with most all that is valuable.

Most simple gold jewelry goes very well in summer climates and even locals wear a little bit. Wearing expensive jewelry is very dangerous in open public places. CSY Man was quite right about that part. Simple stuff goes well with casual clothing and you fit in better. You need to make the attempt of fitting in now and then. I would use the "if you lost it" test to decide if you should bring it. At that point a small container keeps it all handy.

Having a safe means you are keeping very expensive or illegal items aboard to anyone that might see it or learn about it. They don't know what is in it but they assume the ideas the safe conveys - "No one has an empty safe". Similarly, large fake diamonds may be to buy cheap but look expensive to the untrained eye at night. Things need to appear to be what they really are for maximum utility and lowest risk.
Paul Blais
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Paul, I agree with your comments about safes and fake diamonds - which is why my safe is used solely as a distraction/ploy should the worst-case scenario arise. Do I show off my safe (or is it even visible) to visitors? No. But if I am ever the victim of a robbery, I suspect that I will be glad to have installed one to keep the thieves off the scent of any real valuables on board.

Similarly, the 'fake diamonds' are not intended to be worn in risky situations, but rather as items to be stored in the safe where they likely will, as you have acknowledged, fool an untrained eye.

Any burglar/robber on board your vessel will assume that you are carrying easily portable assets including cash, credit cards, passports and jewelry. Rather than having your boat torn apart and, at minimum, frustrating the intruders and increasing the risk of harm to yourself and the boat, I still maintain that a safe with seemingly valuable contents is a worthwhile investment.

Finally, for those living aboard for extended periods, there are still opportunites for safely wearing some valuable jewelry. I personally do not own a single piece of jewelry except a relatively cheap watch; my significant other, however, does and enjoys 'putting on the Ritz' from time to time. I do not deny her that opportunity, nor do I believe that doing so would improve our cruising experiences. Use discretion and common sense at all times, but do not let fear rule your lives.

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well , i have a foot on each side of this cockpit.when we go away for 4 months on the boat, i bring 2 antique gold items of sentimental value which generally live in a small beat up metal box in the bottom of the spares locker in the head:under extra hoses, tools, nuts & bolts , in a locker reached by moving a floor plate in the wet locker..i 'd only wear either at the home port for a friend's big party, etc. i also have a small amount of cash and a few flea market beads and silver pieces in a bowl in the master cabin. (not visible unless you enter the cabin.. )(we call this the 'bait money' bowl in my (bad) home neighborhood. at home , when the crook breaks in looking for quick drug fix money, s/he will grab the $30 or so in plain sight , then leave and not trash the whole house looking for more. ...(it's worked 3x now--not the same 30$ of course, haha) Now-- as to wearing any jewelry in a strange port, or when meeting new people or working on your engine etc-- i agree, this is a very bad idea and may imperil your safety. i remember a diesel man who wouldn't let student near the engines wearing 'jools.' and if you didn't/couldn't take off your wedding ring he gave you a latex glove to wear over it.

as for the 'bait bowl' on the boat-- we haven't been broken in to in 28 years of sailing . maybe the german shepherd in the cockpit has some role in this..

fair winds, following seas and peace to you all.

i'd never wear jewelry
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As a liveaboard lady I too enjoy the pretty things in life but I don't bring them aboard. I do have nice expensive jewellery and it is all at home in Oz in a bank where it is safe and I can get to it when we return. I allow myself a few little pieces onboard but all are well under $100 each (well under) and only worn if we go ashore. Never never wear them when sailing as sv hylite pointed out the dangers are many.

I store most in a little jewellery box from a jewellers which snaps shut. If we do get robbed and they find this they should be happy with the shiny things but the actual loss is so minimal it's OK for us. We also have many spots all over the boat where we secrete money and other valuables - a talc powder container works well, up in the back of a fridge, behind panels, even tucked into cushions covers if things aren't too bulky. I used to manage a detox unit for drug addicted clients and I can tell you that they can find hiding places where no sane person would look. The most common one is the seams of clothing or in waistbands so if you have one pair of trousers that you don't wear often make it the 'safe' and sew things into the seams. Envelopes stuck to the inside of sliding doors is a good one cos no one looks on the inside of those. Another one is pushing all the jewellery into a bar of soap and returning it to the packet and sealing carefully. I hope these have been of some help but honestly - leave the expensive/ sentimental bits at home and go and buy some pieces that look expensive but won't hurt to lose - it takes alot of the worry away. And also lets face it once you start sailing into 'dangerous' areas you really do want to think about how you present yourself and your 'wealth'. As yachties we are always perceived to be rich ( which fundamentally we are in happiness and enjoyment if not financially) especially to those who have very little so I choose to keep those shiny bits for special occasions.

Good luck and I am sorry you have had a bad time here cos I have never found the men to be anything other than courteous and polite.
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i keep my best stuff with my mother--she keeps it in a bank or under her bed--i donot know which....real cruisers really havent a land home--i donot either---i keep what little nice stuff i have mixed in with my costume stuff and i wear it on occasion--but it is well hidden and never left out in plain sight or in anyplace obvious to anyone or easy to find...and i never wear it anywhere in any ostentatious tasteful and understated.....
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Originally Posted by Southern Star View Post
Charlotte, I have a safe on board my boat but use it only as a ruse: in order to fool potential thieves its contents include our current passports (certified copies kept elsewhere will get you by, if necessary, until you can obtain replacements), a small stash of cash (about $500.00 USD), an apparently current credit card (get one with an expiry date well down the road and cancel it), plus some inexpensive jewelry with faux diamonds etc. The fact that they are in a safe, and the fact that the contents seem to be (and in the case of the passports, are) valuable, should satisfy most thieves that they have found your real stash of valuables.
What a great idea! I love it! Most of my jewelry is costume jewelry anyway. Anything of sentimental value would be kept on land, so it wouldn't be a problem it they took it. I love this ruse! Thanks Brad.

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