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I have an observation about being 'Clean and Sober' after a year later this month, for me; I do not miss the beer, nor the various mixed drinks, or the straight on the rocks dark whiskeys and scotch. I do not miss the white wine or the martinnis, either gin or vodka.

I miss the good red wine with steak and Italian food. That I miss.

'Da Mule
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Hi Mule

well done on your forthcoming aniversary,the Itch gets lesser as time goes on and it eventually will more or less dissapear.

be carefull with the red wine and steak,these days i can enjoy a piece of steak in garlic and red wine,thats because when you cook wine,all of the Alcohol dissapears,it evaporates.

When i was about 2 years sober,i was in France and every village seemed to have a "free wine" tasting as it was harvest time,anyhow i decided that i was going to have moule mariner and i realised that it was for the wine content and not for the food so i abstained.

get a bit more strenght under your belt and you can have steak cooked in wine,IF IT IS FOR THE FOOD!!

guys like you and me are only one drink away from returning to our old ways,all it takes is one little bitty glass of wine and id be back to were i left off,probably worse
Im one drink away from a slow death

BJ is sober and sane today(i think im sane )

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Kudos to you ex drinkers! That's a hard one. I never developed a good drinking habit but I sure can smoke.
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cat herder, extreme blacksheep
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rum is good for cooking in the caribean where there are the fruits which complement , chicken and pork are excellent with rum and fruit and is cheep in the caribean....and the alcohol cooks out ........
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Here we go again, I lost a nice long post...damn it.

Quitting drinking was a piece of cake compared to quitting smoking. I ache to this day, 35 years later, as I recall the misery of quitting smoking, for weeks my skin would crawl after a meal or if after I was blessed with that other thing.

My last months of drinking i suspect may have been just a bad habit. I really am not sure that I am a full fledged alcoholic. I do not know if I can control it. I have, as many people, done some stupid things drinking but my bell has been rung. I have never been arrested or charged with DWI, mostly because of just pis$ poor law enforcement. I certainly did deserve it on many occasions.

When I lost a son back in 89 I had a job with all the overtime I could handle. So I worked my 14hrs, drank a beer or 2 on the way home, ate, showered, went to bed, got up and did it again, day in day out. This time when my personal life fell apart, I was retired, had no place to go except the bar, and that became a habit.

I would go to the bar about 4, go home about 7 and continue to drink at the house, I never left the bar plastered, and one of the regulars commented, after I quit, that he had never seen me drunk. Maybe he had eye trouble and just could not see it. But I never left there slurring or stumbling.

Word got out to my family, insofar as I was alone, that I was drinking a bunch, and admiring my small firearm collection while crying in my beer. Therapy was listening to George Jones and Willie while downing lotsa booze.

Next stop, Baylor, north campus, the Hospital not the University (I am a Baylor Grad now) Baylor North, in Fort Worth, not Waco. Spent a week there and I still wonder if it was the treatment or the change of envorment?

Now as for my current attitude, I am not too sure as to my alcoholism, was I just following bad habits or so I have a physical addiction, or a mental addiction or no addiction? Quitting was no big deal, no DT's have not nor do I miss it at all EXCEPT when eating the steak or Italian, and only red wine. I am toying with the idea of partaking at the aformentioned meals. Should it go beyond that I will know. Fancying myself as disciplined I will quit for good. Still have not decited yet. No hurry on that decision, I think I have a lot of years left.

Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
'Da Mule
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Originally Posted by Mule View Post
Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
Cheers for that

Some things echo with me. some not
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well ive quit smoking twice unfortunately im smoking again,im trying to get my head into quit the ciggys mode,it proving very tough

Mule,i have had a lot of guys tell me that they are not Alcoholic,and im not for an instant saying that you are but the graveyards are full of guys who said "im not an Alcoholic" or even what i consider to be the worst reward,a wet brain.

I have seen hundreds of guys and galls come out of rehab and go back on the booze and die,personally i went to AA,its a decision that changed my life for the good.

I often sit there at night on the hook in a quiet anchorage,barby a couple of sausages and wash it down with a mug of tea or coffee,watch the wild life and tell myself that this is my reward for putting the cork in the Jug and leaving it there
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Coffee, Coffee -- Must Have Coffee

SV Enchantress
located Herrington Harbour South, Friendship MD
Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof
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Boat: 82 Present, 13 ft dinghy
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Well Baston, I just do not know. If I am an alcholic fine, I can live with that. If I am not then if I drink again it won't matter. The danger part is if I am and I drink and I am not strong enough to lay it down then there is the danger.

Like I said, I have yet to determine my next move. I might determine to take the safe route.
'Da Mule
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What I couldn't do without on a long distance cruise? Music.
Right now it's Nickleback and Creed. Jimmy is always in the stable. REM, Stones, Who, Led, played on an excellent system. Give me some Enya for when a storm's brewing. There's about a hundred 1 hit wonders also. Ipod's loaded up.

Something to tinker with would also be important. I don't want anything to break, but I'd be more then happy trying to make something better/cleaner/faster/quieter.

I guess I'm in love with my Henry Lloyd weather gear">foul weather gear also, and my Mustang life vest. I couldn't do without them on a long distance cruise.

I'd have to second the TP post. I mean, if you like to wash your bum with something else, more power to ya, I'm just not going to shake your hand in congratulations.

English muffins and sweet butter, Cheeto's, and risotto. I can live without them, but why?
Not all who wander are lost
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A nice cigar.
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Originally Posted by Canibul View Post
Nora Jones? Hmm..

Hey, I bet if you listened to Chris Izzak and Lucinda Williams for three days in a row and then immediately went for a psych eval you would end up with a new prescription for Prozac.
Prozac, Psych eval???? what's that? I'll Google it sometime.
Right now I'm too busy wondering if Nora Jones and Jack Johnson will ever get it together and will this Ruby Carbenet go with grilled squid stuffed with peppers, onion and garlic....Is that my toe ring? Where's my sandals?
Problems, Problems, Problems.
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Long Range Cruiser
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5,000 miles ago on a big provision we bought Nescafe 'Classic' in Indonesia. Now 'Classic' must be different in Indonesia that the real world because its undirinkable crap!!!

So I have been drinking it for the last 5,000 miles

Woe is me!

Woe.... is... me.......


Notes on a Circumnavigation.

Somalia Pirates and our Convoy
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