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pirate Re: Boaties Fry Pan

Floaties in eggs? WTF? What's floating, the big yellow thingy?

I have a round stove. Is there any hope for me?

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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

Round pans distribute the heat evenly, square pans have cool spots in the corner which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you are cooking.
I find a simple steel wok the best for most cooking. It heats up very quickly and cooks fast like a stir fry which saves gas on those long ocean voyages. You can use it as a steamer with a bamboo basket, although be careful in heavy seas. With a foil covered wire tray I have even used them to bake a cake and cook biscuits. I will get around to try and bake bread one day. But you have to be familiar with the idiosyncrasies of your stove and wok and be prepared for a few failures until you learn them.
About the only thing they are not really suited for is a wet dish like a casserole. For those I use a pressure cooker, which also cooks fast and saves gas.
Its not strictly non-stick but a well oiled and cured wok can generally be cleaned with just a vigorous wipe with a wet cloth or paper towel, thus also saving on water.
You can buy traditional ones with just holdons or proper insulated handles. They come in a variety of sizes with flat or rounded bottoms (I prefer the rounded so that any fat drains away as I push the food to the side. )
You can buy fancy ones for high prices at the kitchen stores or get a dirt cheap one at just about any asian food supermarket.
I love my wok. At home, on land, I use an electric one because I dont have a hotplate.

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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

Originally Posted by Andrew Troup View Post
As a matter of fact I have done both and they were fine (not dead square, more like an old TV)
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You must be more practised than me
I have a set of square (ish) whisky glasses and a set of round ones (both top shelf). The square ones seem to slop over the edge after a few hours of use - the round ones not so much. I have never tried either with milk or water - they may work better in the square ones but I guess I will never experience it so I am happy to take to word on the matter
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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

I'm still using the Calphalon Professional that we bought in 1990. Zero failures. Nothing sticks if it's seasoned. Homey don't play no teflon.
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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

I bought the set. Really works great. Gives more room on the cook top. Much better than I expected.
That derelict boat was another dream for somebody else, don't let it be your nightmare and a waste of your life.
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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

For us that want to use a small, thin induction hotplate, aluminum won't work, along with glass or copper. Well seasoned cast iron sounds good to me Bob.
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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

Thanks for the bump
That derelict boat was another dream for somebody else, don't let it be your nightmare and a waste of your life.
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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

The original link (Boaties fry pan) looks like a standard pan sold in any supermarket. I fail to understand why it is considered special.

As far as non-stick, well seasoned cast iron is the best as it can be treated harshly but never loses its non-stick. Teflon can come off very easily.
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I have read several times that there is "a strong association" between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease.

Stainless may be heavier and more expensive, but.....
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Originally Posted by rebel heart View Post
The magma ss non-nonstick nesting pots and pans are worth their weight in gold. Awesome quality, quick removeable handles, sized great. Plus a cast iron and a non stick and we're golden.
Second this,admiral loves her set! !!!
also read a report that there is little actual hard data that supports cooking on aluminum pans is bad for you. I think living good is bad for you and thats just too bad!
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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

I have one! It is the best addition to my galley in years,well thought out , constructed , and stores well,even make popcorn in it. Perfect for a single hander but too small for more than two crew.
Zee and others ,sniffed at using anything other than utensils from home, and I would do the same if I had the luxury of a larger boat with greater storage,but in a smaller craft that is sailed hard and every cubic centimeter allocated ,I am willing to pay a premium for a quality product that makes life aboard easier, safer or more fun. you all.................mike.......................... ......................
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I'm not a fan of Teflon. I did a little research to see if there were alternatives. None had the unique shape but did find a few that might work:

For the cast iron fans the Lodge 5":

For the tough storage crowd a much more expensive product with removable handle:

There are many square frying pans out there but I still use my stainless removable handles like many others. I just find this an interesting topic.
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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

I used to have one of these! Not this exact brand I'm sure, but it looks the same. I used it when cooking french toast, the one I had was the perfect size for 4 slices. Made me and my old BFs very happy, but I honestly can't think of any other situations where it would be necessary. Aside from making french toast, which is a really great food.

My roommate has a little cast iron frying pan and it makes amazing food. I may buy one myself soon and start the seasoning process. I got rid of over half of my kitchen stuff when I moved earlier this year, and since my goal is to get my own boat and be able to live aboard I've added "will this work on a boat" to my litmus test when I'm tempted to buy something.
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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

In a house kitchen i use stainless or cast iron BUT for the boat i've found a midprice non-stick aluminium pan the best - non stick = easy clean; midprice ($25-35) means i dont mind chucking it away when it starts to wear but also midprice = doesnt wear or scratch easily; the most important thing is the base of the pan - it has to be one of the ones that are well designed to spread the heat evenly - so - doesnt have to fit the element perfectly = doesnt have to be square.
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Re: Boaties Fry Pan

I have one.. It works great.
It fits just nicely between my engine supports and under the engine as an oil change pan.

It came with the boat and the PO said "was a gift - cooked badly - found a better use for it"
Looking at it it is warped. So I think the heat of the propane got to it.

Of course your mileage may vary.
Me I have 2 cast Iron fry pans. One for me and she. One for when the whole tribe is gathered. Both I got at car boot sales.

S/V Earendel
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