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Re: Towing Question?

Get a bit larger boat with the cash you will save on the tow, say 33 foot and put it on deck... seen this done multiple times


"When the bow be in the trees we'll be running out of seas"
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Re: Towing Question?

My first choice when this thing bit me was a Carri-Craft but couldn't find one that I could get east of Kansas.

I looked at houseboats, gas guzzelers and not really something for open water. I would like to have a boat that could say, go to the Bahamas sometime, but not towing a trailer along the way.

Cost of operation is what took me away from houseboats and the deeper draft that will not go where I'd like to.

My cruisng grounds;

The White and Buffalo, Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Tenn. Ar. Mo. and easterly. Draft should not exceed 5' for the Great Loops, so I have read, 4' is better and 2' will get me through the Buffalo and White most of the time. The draft on the Bolger boats are in inches, so that gets me in the marsh and swamps (carefully) as well! The gulf is not a problem given good weather or open ICW crossings.

Plan was to sail in open areas where there was sufficient wind. Not much wind on the White River, but you can and some do.

Pulling my floating bike trailer, I would consider a Kodiac trawler type too, some are motorsailors, for me the best of both worlds while not a great choice to sail or motor, but there are trade offs. But when the engines get up in Hp, I lose the economy I'd like.

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Re: Towing Question

Most folks who talk about trailers and sailboats mean they have a small sailboat which can ride on the highway on a trailer behind a land vehicle which they will leave at the launch ramp when cruising.

It sounds like you want to do just the reverse, have a motorcycle that can ride on the water on a trailer behind a sailboat. Where do you plan to leave the boat while you're cruising on the motorcycle? Boats aren't as good at staying where you put them as cars.

Why not try to do it both ways: come up with a boat you can tow behind your motorcycle while you're on land and which can tow your motorcycle while you're on the water. All you need to do is design a roadworthy trailer that floats.

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Re: Towing Question

how are you going to get the motorcycles on and off the trailer. GOOD LUCK, they use cranes on the yachts that i work on. Were will you load and unload them. Boat ramps???? good luck when the water is low and you have to work on the slimmy concrete trying to push or drive a motorcycle. were ever you go just rent a car for the day. You might get away with a honda 250 4 stroke but not much bigger. FYI I own a harley 1600cc so I know the size of it. I tried riding my harley up a car ramp to put into the back of my pickup. That was scary enough
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Re: Towing Question

Actually, the 650 Transalp was originally for this venture (had an XR before) and it is much better for touring and off road than the XR and at 325, is on the light side for dual sports. And, the idea was to have a boat that had a tubular frame that was also a trailer. Pull it with the bike to the water, rearrange things, float with the bike, get out and ride home. That can be done but the inflatable tube part was pretty expensive just to try a little R&D. From that the boat kept getting bigger and here I am with basically the same overall goal, but a much larger boat and a bigger cruising area in mind.

And, where this initial venture was just me, with me staying in a tent or a small cuddy, my GF has decided I would not be safe alone with so many single women out there and she now has to go with me. That means we are not staying in a tent.

If I'm taking the 650, it can be loaded and unloaded with a rigged "A" frame or small winch and swing boom. Depending on the boat, a simple ramp is sufficient, I can ride it. Slimmy muddy banks or ramps might be fun, but I can ride it anywhere someone can walk (not climb, walk).
Most docks have a main dock with slips to the sides, I can back up to the end and off set the bike as well, I only need a 3 foot wide area.

The cruiser is more of a problem, generally requiring a boom and rigging, but I can ride it on a ramp as well. I ride it up into my F150 with an 8' ramp. Easier if you get a little running start at it. It's kinda like swimming in deep water, if you think about how deep it is you might freak, just think about the top three feet of water you actually use to swim and don't look down.

My floating trailer thing would be pretty easy for either one if you build in a removable or fold down stern as a ramp.

Yes, I'm sure it would be a PITA. Could be that it would not be worth it, since I may need to rent two slips at a dock while I ride the bike for a few days, locating decent spots to get in and out and the difference in efficiency may be eaten up by pulling the trailer....but there would be many, if not most times, I'd be going with the bike too.

Now, if anyone has a 30' cat with an 8' clear deck space in good condition for sale in the 20K range, pleas let me know. I won't hold my!

Might be easier to find a new GF, younger, that can keep up with me and won't mind more of an adventure and go back to the smaller side of things.....
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Re: Towing Question

I agree with captain KJ. Why not look for a shallow draft, low air draft commercial boat. Plenty of room for everything from the bike to a pic nic table! find a full skeg with a protected prop. We put thousands of miles on our trawler 8 knots a 2gph. Used to have a string of production yachts following us like baby ducks when the rivers were flowing high!
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Re: Towing Question

Originally Posted by Tingum View Post
I agree with captain KJ.
There are only 2 rules on my boat

1) captainkj is always right
2) when captainkj is wrong refer to rule number 1
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Re: Towing Question

I'm afraid you want to do too many things. It is possible to find solutions to all of the problems, but it will not do anything well.

Probably a trawler is you best bet. 30 to 34 feet will do the trick and keep your fuel cost down with an Ford Leyman 120 hp. Most draw around 3 feet instead of the 4 to 6 feet for a sailboat Perfect for gunkholing. Get one with a mast and boom to use as a crane for offloading.

There is still the problem of salt water, but this will probably work out best.
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Re: Towing Question

I agree with billyehh, a small single engine diesel trawler 30 to 34 foot long would be just the ticket. There should be enough room on the rear of the boat for a smaller sport touring bike. The GF will like a seperate bedroom if you have guests. You will get the same speed or better than a sailboat at the cost of 1 to 2 gph in fuel costs. A study unit to lift bike to dock is a necessity. I don't believe the steadying mast is strong enough to lift the bike.
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Re: Towing Question

While looking a scads of boat plans, I'm looking at the listings too. There seem to be some good deals out there, but not in my neighborhood.

I really can't afford to get stung on some tub some guy says is in great shape and buy it sight unseen. Next, getting a survey every time I'm interested, really interested, could be expensive if it doesn't pass. But one could pass. If I ran around the country looking at boats, those expenses would simply come out of the boat budget, the longer I'd look, the less there would be to buy. I set a limit and I'm pretty stuborn about my money, I'm not selling one of my properties in this market for a depreciating asset.

I have never owned a diesel and know little about them, but I could learn. I do like trawlers.

What I have been considering are about 32 feet, powered by a 15 or 20 outboard getting about the same speed and trailerable. They say the sip gas at a half gallon an hour, so going to 2GPH is a jump x4. But, for a large boat, 2GPH is not bad until you fill up along the way for a 5,000 mile journey. The difference is alot of dinners out, shopping and whatever.
When that's done, I have to haul my boat out for those weekend cruises. The boat must be trailerable and I'm pulling whatever in the Ozarks, this ain't Kansas. Guess I could move to the east coast or to the gulf.

I realize that sailing or boating is not cheap, this is not my first rodeo or boat. Seems to me that building is getting to be the only option. But, I know I could buy alot more boat, and better boat, than I would build, so I'll keep looking.

Just trying to work out the best combination. Something in the 20K arena to get into, that does not need major repairs, that is efficient or better, economical that 2 can stay on for 6 months that will carry some cargo. Doesn't sound like too much, but maybe it is.

I do appreciate the feedback here and I'm taking it all in too!
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Re: Towing Question

If you wanted to find a small catamaran under 6 figures there are plenty of listings but you need to do some serious web searching. Here are a few I found in 15 minutes:
32' COM PAC | 32 CATAMARAN | 1995-catamaran for sale TARPON SPRINGS FL

Endeavour Catamaran Endeavourcat 30 Multi-Hulls-1993-for sale Middle River MD 100539233

Used 2005 Sea Tribe 870 Catamaran, Port Charlotte FL - 97612484 -

1991 GEMINI CATAMARANS Gemini 3200 32' for sale

1992 GEMINI CATAMARANS 3200 32' for sale
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Re: Towing Question

Goinh with i2f on this one: BAD IDEA!
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Re: Towing Question

thought the same through the years...towing a garage for toys that don't fit on the boat...biggest issue I see is increasing fuel burn and speed reduction...everything else could be worked around...time involved getting toys , especially the land bsaed ones could be excessive unless you have all the time in the world!

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