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View Poll Results: Wife left. Sold house. Buying boat. Sailing around world. Good idea or Bad idea?
Yes, go for it! 171 89.53%
No, you're crazy! 3 1.57%
Yes, and I want to come with you! 15 7.85%
No, but I have a great friend, sister, daughter for you to meet. 2 1.05%
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Old 01-06-2010, 16:00   #46
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Originally Posted by Don Lucas View Post
Off topic, but I take yours doesn't read your posts like my does!
Nope, she could care less about boats or sailing. Won't even discuss it. There's an old tune from the Monkees original album called "I'm Gonna Buy Me a Dog" ("cuz I need a friend now"). Fitting. Guess I'll keep my 2 German Shephards and have her put down. (or is it out?) (HA!)(Just kidding)...(maybe)....(not)...

how long have you had the dogs? are they inside or outside?
They're like little kids you know, they won't understand why "Daddy" left them.. (YES the GUILT TRIP! )

Take them along. Just get 'em some flotation.

"Behind every great man there is a woman, rolling her eyes."
But not for long! Now she's gone!
and peace and tranquility reign forever!
1969 Morgan 40 Cruising Ketch
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Fishman_Tx View Post
Take the dogs. When I was road tripping a lot, way back when, my dog was my buddy. Hell, I didn't get married til I was 32. I think I liked the dog that I look back.. They don't argue.
Yeah and they are better conversationalists than most people too.

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Sleptic your timing is pretty good. There is a Pearson 365 that wants to rent the boat on a long term rental situation. It has been cruised by a family of four for a couple of years. You could rent that boat spend a season in the Sea of Cortez and then make a decsion on what you want to do. I would be hesitant ( not meaning I wouldn't do it) to trade everything in on a 50' boat without some kind of experience sailing. I think there are many people here who would tell you crusing short distances is more fun then long distances and I can say from experience Mexico and the Sea of Cortez are fabulous cruising grounds. Here is the link As for the wife thing -- better to be out of a bad marriage then in a good one.
Fair Winds,


Between us there was, as I have already said somewhere, the bond of the sea. Besides holding our hearts together through long periods of separation, it had the effect of making us tolerant of each other's yarns -- and even convictions. Heart of Darkness
Joseph Conrad
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A 50' boat is a lot for a single/doublehander but it can be done. I'd look at the cost difference between the 50' and the 42'. To me the 3' difference between the 47 and 50 isn't enough to make a difference. Statistics say that you're on the hook about 80% of the time so having a good comfortable place to hang is an important consideration.

As for dropping a deposit, I'd want a professional survey of the boat, a mechanics survey of the engine, transmission, and other mechanicals, and I'd want a sea trial. Make sure the contract says if the survey turns up any problems or the sea trial doesn't meet your requirements, you can get your money back. I'd also want a legal document specifying what exactly comes with the vessel. I'd check the boat ID against any liens, reported accidents, insurance claims, or legal entanglements. And male sure the deposit goes into an escrow account, not the brokers pocket.

I'd do the east about (they don't call it the coconut milk run for nothing). There's a lot to see, a variety of sailing and anchoring conditions along the way, and a great location to learn.

As for learning, I'd suggest a basic ASA course. Then I'd give serious consideration to finding a qualified Captain or sailing instructor and have him/her onboard for a month or so. The one-on-one education will do a lot to give you real world experience, confidence, and an idea of what cruising and sailing's all about.

You're taking your dog so that means getting him/her trained to go on the paper/carpet/?. It also means getting shots and a vet check and certification. You'll have added paperwork and fees in order to bring your dog ashore.

As far as leaving goes, now isn't a good time. Hurricane season started today and with a higher than average number of storms forecast, the Caribbean may not be the place to be. That doesn't mean you're stuck in the Northeast. You could boogie offshore to Bermuda and get a lot of offshore training and sailing. From there you could either sail offshore straight to Trinidad/Tobago (south of the usual path of hurricanes) and wait out the season there or head offshore to the Chesapeake, sail some great water, and wait for the storm season to wind down. There are a lot of "distractions" in the Chesapeake though.

BTW, I checked Yes, go for it!

That's what I did, just not in the same order as you (bought the boat, wife left me, she got half the money, I got a much smaller boat - I came out way ahead )
Capt. Douglas Abbott
USCG/MCA IV/M.I./C.I. 500-ton Oceans
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I think that the boat choice has been well discussed. More importantly I think you should consider a 25 year old girlfriend as an absolute necessity.
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Originally Posted by fatty View Post
I think that the boat choice has been well discussed. More importantly I think you should consider a 25 year old girlfriend as an absolute necessity.
Being from the DC area, let me say that he should pick up the girl once he as gone a bit south...otherwise there is virtually zero chance she will know how to cook.
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My wife just left me and now she wants half the house half the boat half my pension (half the cat) savings, car, Avion points and if she had big feet she would take half my hiking boots as well. At the speed the lawyers are fleecing me I will be lucky if I have an inflatable air bed to take to the high seas on. What did I do? Nothing I can recall but the girl wants to go off and "find herself." and apparently I am not on the itinerary. I say this only to point out that the finer points of choosing a 40ft or a 30 ft boat and the anxiety of choosing a westerly or easterly direction look pretty good from my perspective. So go for it bro but remember that you can always get a smaller boat and get it shipped somewhere where the sailing is wonderful and life is easy. You really don't have to trade your inner pain for the pain and dangers of the single handed navigator. My advice: try not to flagellate yourself, cast off the hair shirt, why not! All this character building stuff is all very well but why not just buy yourself a really great boat and put your energy into deciding whether to pull up the hook and sail to another perfect little cove or stay put, have lunch, a nap and then finish that book. You've already been to hell and back, why set yourself up for more?

Have your self a blast whatever you decide and send us a post card!
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I guess I'm setting myself up for an ear bashing here, so I'll post and then run away - please don't chase me

I've spent the last two years racing a beneteau 50 - not too seriously - Premier Cuising Division - the furniture class - and I couldn't think of a worse boat to buy to go cruising around the world on.

Nothing to do with the strength of the hull, hardwear or anything like that.

Everything is square inside - which is really painful - even just going for a pee in the night.

There are very few things to hang on to - and those things that you do hang on to come off in your hand. Integrated blinds / hand holds made from plastic - hmmmm

The boat is not stiff and all the draws, fridges etc open when the boat twists and the ceiling falls down.

The rig is none to clever either - the top of the mast does circles most of the time.

Beneteau do some nice boats - the 50 isn't one of them.
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Enjoy the planing, and putting it into practice, and then getting out on the oceans.
Sorry to hear of the sad stuff but suspect the sailing will do more good than harm. Just remember you are the boss so it will be easy to stop if it does not suit - and better to try than to always wonder if............
Re boat sizeIMHO biggest issue will not be sailing a 50 footer - actually easier / faster / safer / better suited than smaller craft. But docking and costs of will be relatively higher and your ongoing budget is well worth managing before you invest in anything.
Good luck
Don't take life too seriously. No ones going to make it out alive......Go see our blog at
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go for it. i'd buy the boat and head of.we just bought a roberts 45 and are about to start cruising ourselves cheers best of luck
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Old 02-06-2010, 03:52   #56
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Originally Posted by bewitched View Post
last two years racing a beneteau 50 - .
What year was the boat built? Is it the latest series, or a bit older, or ancient?

I often think blinds are handholds

Notes on a Circumnavigation.

Somalia Pirates and our Convoy
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hey mark good to hear from you.the roberts is a 1988 built in darwin its been to the u.k.its a steel boat and its in good order.its up in calboolture qld so we will sail it back to s.a and see what happens after that.cheers brian and michelle
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Originally Posted by simba View Post
hey mark good to hear from you.the roberts is a 1988 built in darwin

Hi Brian and Michelle,


I was actually meant to quote bewitched and his sailing of a BENETAU 50 sorry for the confusion

It will be a great sil abck from Queensland to SA. But I hope you're waitng till summer. Its far too cold to loose that sun now

All the best

Notes on a Circumnavigation.

Somalia Pirates and our Convoy
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Originally Posted by Lodesman View Post
Personally if I didn't have the walking ballast, I'd go for something a little more manageable - unless you really need to keep some distance between you and the dog. I would be all over this one: 2008 Steel Sloop Hans Dehmel Center-Cockpit Sail Boat For Sale -
Originally Posted by sleptic View Post
Hi all,

That steel boat looks great, but I think I want to go with something a little bit bigger. I should have mentioned a few other things in my original post.

1. I have a lot of experience with carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, painting, diving etc. so I plan on doing most of the work myself. Therefore, I don't think the price difference will be that much more significant for a larger boat. Marina fees, insurance, parts, fuel etc. are a different matter, but I am willing to spend a bit more for the added comfort and security a larger boat provides.

Thanks again,

You have a good plan, I'd agree- go. That said, I think a 50 footer is a little big especially of you're going to be singlehanding. Also, when you fall asleep and hit a container or bump in a coral head coming into an anchorage, you'd be much happier with steel than FRP. There's security for 'ya.
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I of course voted "go for it" but would like to emphasize the above posts saying that the issues will still be there PTSD does not go away without working through it. BUT sailing in many ways is a therapy, it calms, it soothes, and for me it puts me in touch with God in way none other can, and if anyone can fix our problems it is Him. Sorry to mention "The Big Guy", hope you don't mind.

So again I say go fo it, and if a 25 year old girlfriend will brighten your day then go for that too, but I was 25 once and I have to say I was a lot of work! I think the dog suggestion has merit.

As far as a boat, get something in good condition so she can be sailed now, and fit her out for cruising and go now The ocean is waiting for you and she is as breath taking as everyone says!!

Cheers, peace to your heart, and may your dreams come true

Mrs. Rain Dog~Ocean Girl
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beneteau, circumnavigation, east coast, pets, wife, boat

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