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Website and Domain Name Help


Have you ever wanted your own DOMAIN name or website with your own unique name? I can help.

It is really kinda cheap, or you can spend money to get the latest greatest.. but if you can follow normal/typical 'setup' for most computer programs, then you can have your own website, or forum, or blog, except you can have a simple name without having to type out some [bold] "www.strange name.your blog"[/bold]

There are webhosting sites that can be as cheap as $5 per month, (paid at one payment for a year) you will get a bunch of free programs, and bunches and bunches of email addresses for you and your family and friends.

no more yourname@gmail or hotmail, or other generic..

It is kinda easy, and kinda fun learning something a little new.

let me know or ask questions in public, and i will try to help.


first and foremost, I am not an expert. maybe beginner to intermediate level???

I will not accept money or anything, and I am not, nor never was affiliated with any computer or web related service company...

just know i had issues getting help when I wanted my own domain name and now that i know, I am kinda forgetting, and figure if i use it I might not lose it...

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oh, one other great benefit for having your own domain and webhosting service is that you get way more offsite back up storage then you will ever need, unless of course you are a huge power user... but, I cant get close to 5% of my maximum capacity.

you can store friends and family stuff too, depending on how well they trust you... as you will have access.

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nice offer. I still have my own webspace and a nice email address as well.
And you are right, the email looks much better than those of the big email services.

All others ike storage, functionality, applications etc. are a question of $
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if you have any webhosting service then you can upload your MYDOCUMENTS or other files onto that server.. it's easy with win7... you can set it up with windows explorer.. so you can just click an icon on your desktop and it will open explorer right up to your webhosting server...just enter your password...and drag and click which files you want to send to your server...and instant offsite storage...

most webhosting servers have cPanel or other similar backstage 'operating system', and they usually have SIMPLE SCRIPTS which usually have many scripts to help you setup 'forums', ''blogs', or whatever other type of website application you want to show off..
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OK, I'll start. I've been thinking about getting a domain name for a bit now. Can you lay out the general steps required and what the cost options are for the different providers?

What service do you have? What's the cost and how much data storage and bandwidth does this give you?

Thanks- Matt
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i dont really want to give out my service for fear it will look like i am pimping it and or making money on it, which i am not...

there are some people that will sell you domain names and hosting service but it is more of a AMWAY type of setup...

when you get your domain and server setup, you will be able to HOST unlimited numbers of sites. (they are in different subdirectories)...

And there are some service comapnies that sell SHARED hosting. which means you are on the same server as thousands, or hundreds of thousands of sites... which is ok for most folks... blogging would be totally cool with that... but if you want the best service and dedicated servers you will be paying more for it...

what you want to find out is the company that has a policy for sharing small numbers of sites on any one server... You can ask the company reps, or there is a way to search for that info, and i will look that up after I am done here to hopefully find it and post it.

but like all things the better the service the more the money...

BTW: I dont want to post in public any hosting companies that have bad reputations either, as i am not an expert and all my info is second and third hand on that front...

the prices range from about $5-$30 a month...

I pay $6, and I think it is one of the better companies out there, (After having moved from a company I didnt like)

the 'prices' usually are based on paying for a year at a time, so it is about $60-75 a year...

Also, most services offer free domain names. but, be careful... some will keep that domain name so if you leave you will lose it.. .please make sure you own and can keep the domain name...

My service has unlimited everything.. data, domains, and all that...

and not that it is necessarily a bad thing but all the customer service is from the usa...

not sure if that is important or not, and yes, if you are from a different region you may want to find a server that is local to you as well...

The big thing to kinda keep in mind with all servers, at least all that i know of is that it isnt like windows...

you will get a server and it will ahve a 'directory' tree, but your site will be two or three levels above the ROOT directory.. you will never get to the root, nor will you want to...

so, the terminlogy is a little different. but after you set it up, it wont matter...

If you want, when you are ready, i can help you set it up via telephone and all that.

you will be able to setup unlmited email addresses, and FTP accounts... FTP is how you transfer your files to the server or from the server back to your hard drive.

if you develop your own website using off the shelf software, then you will need to transfer the website to the server as well.

but most servers have a setup using SIMPLE SCRIPTS that will let you setup a website in minutes... (less then 10?)

I can give you some names of servers via pm, as i dont want to break any rules, and again, I will not be making any money/commission on anything you do... period...

if for some reason this is against the rules, I would hope the mods will let me know politely and to delete any offending comments...


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godaddy (dot) com had a sale the other day, $2.99 yr for a domain name. I have no affiliation with them but they seem to be one of the cheapest ones out there, they make their money with the up-sells that come after you buy the domain like hosting, search engine optimization and marketing packages, none of these are needed for a cruisers website. There are other places out there that will give you free hosting if you allow them to place advertising banners on your site so you could do it for $2.99 yr if you wanted. I'd rather pay the $5 a month and have a larger server to back up photos and computer files on and no ads on my site.
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basically, my point is that it is really easy to setup a domain name and email and get it hosted.. whether you particpate here or just search for web hosting, and pick one, it, it's all good..

you can always change your mnd and move the site to different host, or park the site and reserve the name for later use...
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Here is a service that I have used for years to host websites from my home PC . Dynamic DNS is free so all you have to do is get a domain name and use their name servers. Godaddy is another excellent option. That is where I buy all my domain names...regardless of the cost because their service is second to none. Between the two here and others that have and will be suggested, you will find what you need.

What you have failed to tell the forum, is what you want to do with the site. That will determine what features you will have to put on your wish list.
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5 bucks a month and you call it cheap?

One can buy domain name for 10 bucks a year and have it hosted for free.

How cool is this?

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yes, you can host the site on your home pc if you have win7 pro version i believe and use a IIS or other home site server... but, that is two or three steps in the complexity scale and you would have to call yourself for customer service... not a pretty conversation...

And yes, you can hosted for free, on some sites with thier ads all over the place or you can pay more and more and more.. up to you and you will find that you do get what you pay for, not that you need or want gold but maybe some ground chuck...???

as to what you can do with the site, is up to you.. you can create forums like or a photo hosting site for you and whomever you want... you can create a garage sale site or something like an eBay or blog...

you create some really cool interactive stuff.. (dynamic websites), vs the static website like a blog...

there are about 50 different scripts to setup just about any type of site you want on my hosting company... (and the one before my current site had the same amount)

you can create a site with some freeware software and upload it but it may take a little longer and you will need to set up some information from from the hosting company, vs, using simple scripts
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oh, and 'dynamicdns' or uses your domain name and links it to your home computer's ip address... there will be a small program running on your computer / home server, that updates your current IP address with teh dynamic DNS server so that folks can 'find your home computer...

this is kinda technical, sorry. but a DNS translates your NAME into an ADDRESS... and your address is where your website is sitting... the problem is that your home server usually has dynamic IP address. that means it can change at anytime.. and if it changes when folks type the NAME, it will go tot he wrong address, until DYNAMIC DNS updates...

anyways. for just starting out, i would suggest paying the couple bucks to not deal with that for now..

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