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Don't ask if you can't handle it
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Weaming will be hard because CF has become a little like crack for me! If my time on the site was measured by the number of times I posted it would show I don't really have anything to say overall.

To some that questioned whether they were "know it alls", probaly not as some of you have posted some great things (I'm going to avoid names either way if I can help myself).

I'm NO expert and have only sailed for 2 years and hope for things of real use to still be learned here! But I think I'm going to just start calling crap when I see it, if I get thrown off the site so be it! I think I'm going to just stay on the social postings and away from the "sailboats are like the space schuttle" ones (I'll just make my own mistakes and pay the price).

And David, how is that darn Goat doing anyway?

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Atta Boy!....Nuther round Bartender..

"Go simple, go large!".

Relationships are everything to me...everything else in life is just a tool to enhance them.
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The internet and CF is like watching television,tons of crap,mixed in with little bit of useful information and or entertainment.Like TV, you can turn it off(which is something I learned to do)if you don't like it,but you can't stop it from happening.
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Originally Posted by Don Lucas View Post
I think I'm going to just stay on the social postings and away from the "sailboats are like the space schuttle"
I had a cold that saw me laying around reading for about a week. I came to the conclusion that sailboats are like hobbit lairs. Curved roof and slight feeling of being under ground. Then again maybe I was starting to halucinate ...
“We are the universe contemplating itself” - Carl Sagan

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Originally Posted by hummingway View Post
I came to the conclusion that sailboats are like hobbit lairs. Curved roof and slight feeling of being under ground.
Thats because you have a Monohull. Everyone knows that Multi's beat Mono's, a bluewater cockpit should be a deep well with scuppers, a supersoaker filled with capsicum is the perfect weapon, nothing beats a Bruce anchor, you cant leave sight of land without a Sat-phone, your mother is should fear pirates in the Caribbean, and yes, you can cross the Atlantic in mid-winter in a Catalina 27...

Here's to swimmin' with bowlegged women!
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I happen to like it here.....I avoid the flamers....amd I think the Mods do a pretty good job of keeping a lid on things.....


Are like noses

Some of them smell
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When you started you didn't know much and so did not have an opinion. Now you have some and don't care for as many as before. You are willing to do things like you want and live with the results. No problem.

Many come and ask the same old questions and get the same old answers.

I fell in love with cats in the early 80s. Now I have one, partly because I know they really are "safe". I found out here.

It seems Deltas are good but I don't like mine as it has failed too many times. Will be away for April with the new Rocna. I get to form my own opinions for that now.

I will run my watermaker for April too. We shall see about that too.

Most stuff on my boat I have read about here. That is how I chose the one I did with some stuff on it that I decided I wanted - AGMs, bigger alternator, link, inverter, etc.

Without CF it would have been advertisements and salesmen making ...err....salespersons, sorry......all the decisions for me instead of those with experience.

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Old 20-03-2010, 00:04   #38
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I have to run a bunch of zodiac boats through water spouts this season.

Ha ha Ha, Good times!
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Originally Posted by Don Lucas View Post

And David, how is that darn Goat doing anyway?
The Goat is doing well thanks
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On the whole I find CF to be far more helpful,friendly and useful than problematic or frustrating and when near a computer with time to spare will logon. Its like walking into your local bar... with all the variety and vagaries of human nature therein... and enjoy the beer. I also note a wry sense of humour coupled with a certain detachment at times is very useful...especially when a "general" thread is open to variable viewpoints rather than those threads with a specific question being asked. Indeed many threads should be avoided like the those I skip, having now learned they are unlikely to have much new to say and/or become polarised/personal and tend be closed.

So have a little holiday away from CF and come back refreshed.

Best Regards

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As a relative newbie to CF and not an American, I find it vastly better than many other forums. There is remarkably little sexist/racist/homophobic/otherwise offensive behaviour here compared to some, including other sailing sites, and many posters are astonishingly well informed! That makes it a much nicer 'bar' than most.

In certain moods, cruising a gun thread offers a unique and humorous insight into the values of cultures other than my own. In other moods, I definitely don't click on the link. And I find being able to hover over the thread title and see the first sentences gives quite an insight into which way it's going to go.

After several years of cruising these sorts of online communities and cruising the wet stuff as well, I've come to the conclusion that the b---t comes in waves, and sometimes you just go and sail somewhere where the water's flatter.

In my little time here, Don, I've enjoyed your posts and hope you stay around.
Sarah & Pip
s/v Roaring Girl
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We really do try to create a website that gets as close as possible to the impossible goal of pleasing everyone. If everyone had the same needs and personalities then this goal would be achievable.

Cruisers Forum is very open to ways to improve the website. Just PM Janet or Andy or any of the moderators with your ideas or constructive criticism.

A significant amount of discussion goes on behind the scenes on how to better moderate the website and how to improve the website, including members ideas on how to improve Cruisers Forum. I think most members would be surprised at just how much discussion occurs. This comes from a bunch of volunteers. Many volunteers spend a few hours a day here.

If we do not receive input from you then how do we know how to make things better? Your input is encouraged and does make a difference.

Life begins where land ends.
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For the record, everything I said was satirical except that part about my family circumnavigating. And my name. It's not satirical. My first name really is skeedaddy and my last name is slartibartfaster. I would never hide behind anonymity. So, Mr. Don Lucas, it is really nice to meet you and I am sure that's really who you are and I do hope you know I was totally joking from stem to stern. The only other thing I wrote that was not satirical was that part about monohull owners all being complete idiots, but I deleted that so no one would know what I really thought. But this is just between you and me. Don't tell anyone.

I really like CF. I really don't like people being mean to each other, even under the veil of anonymity that the net provides. I think it reveals a good deal of poor character and proves that the good behavior seen in public is really a fabrication of the truth lying inside. CF being hosted online just sets it as a victim to that truth lying within. That being said, I DO APPRECIATE THE MODERATORS and the WORK THEY DO!!!

A previous poster hit the nail on the head. This doesn't happen in the cockpit around a bbq pit because, if it did, the offender or offended would wind up overboard with a fat lip. Now, if they had a multihull, they could smite each other without getting wet because of how much more room there is to wrestle, but that is covered in another thread...the one where it's finally proved how superior multi's are to mono's.

The crash fan in me does somewhat enjoy watching writers melt down over minutia that they just can't let go of. In some respects, it can be fun to watch someone lose their temper over an issue such as inflatable vs rigid or to arm yourself or not. I wonder about the one that chunks his/her keyboard against the wall over someone else's thoughts. How many 'enter' buttons and space bars have been worn out over the mono/multi debate?
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Hey, after reading to this point I just went to check my own profile and found that I first signed up on March 19, 2009, so I just had a birthday - so to speak. And I have made 47 posts, which couldn't be viewed as an egregious number. What's missing in the stats though is the number of posts I have read. I'm sure that number would be in the thousands. I like this place a lot and I visit almost daily.

The analogy of this being "my yacht club" or "my local pub" is perfect for me. I wouldn't change things here. I have enjoyed meeting all you folks, even if I have just wandered by a conversation and listened in, without participating.

Don, if not for your posts I don't know if I would have discovered those good looking Cal 39's! Don't bail out now.

It really is fun around here, ... Just sayin' .....


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As a friend/colleague likes to say: "There's a place on the Internet for every personality disorder."

CF seems to fit with mine pretty well, for now.


Intentional Drifter

Observations are gold; hypotheses, silver; and conclusions, bronze.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.--Ben Franklin

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.--Daniel Patrick Moynihan
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