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Re: Pranks and practical jokes... what's next?

How bout a blow up doll in leather, chained to the mast when he wakes up in a crowded anchorage.

Jerin and michelle's site
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Originally Posted by ahnutts!
How bout a blow up doll in leather, chained to the mast when he wakes up in a crowded anchorage.
Too risky...could end up putting a hole in a perfectly good blow up doll.

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Re: Pranks and practical jokes... what's next?

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Re: Pranks and practical jokes... what's next?

For this you need a computer savvy person to spoof and email address, but it is pretty easy to do....

Send him an email from Good Old Boat or similar saying they want to feature his boat for an article. When he responds have someone call him from the magazine and arrange a photo shoot on his boat. When photo shoot day arrives hang out in the area and watch to see how long before he figures it out.
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Re: Pranks and practical jokes... what's next?

During races a local sailor here used to load up a sling shot with a clevis pin and shoot it into a close competitors mainsail from where it would fall onto the deck catching the attention of crew...
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Re: Pranks and practical jokes... what's next?

Originally Posted by Pelagic View Post
Speaking of Mates… a chief officer of mine on a super yacht got his own command after 3 years working with me. Great guy, good officer… but pretty reserved from his British Royal Navy days. Captain “X”

His new employers had him do a circumnavigation of South America, then using New Zealand south island as a base, adventure trips down to Antarctica.

A few years later, he tied up behind us at Sydney Naval base (near the opera house) for some maintenance. Great reunion and he admitted, they were all in need of a break!

Following Saturday, we offered to take captain x and his all male crew out for some fun around Kings Cross. We told “X” that I would foot the bill provided he let loose and let us take care of him. So leaving just a junior deckhand on board his yacht, my chief engineer (of many years) volunteered to keep emergency watch on both vessels.

Captain X to his word got totally hammered and 3am found us carrying him back to his berth with most of his crew in the same condition.

First clue I had that Chiefy and the guys had been busy was a trail of straw up their gangway to the Bridge deck and X’s cabin. Sure enough, inside his cabin on a bed of straw was a contented sheep tied to some furniture.

X was totally oblivious to his new cabin mate so we put him to bed and put out the lights.

For some reason, Sunday morning was a late start, but some of our girl crew did hear some yelling at about 7 am and they could see something wooly tied to the Bridge wing.

The funniest part was watching Captain X and crew try to quietly remove the sheep from the Naval Base on a Sunday afternoon.

Luckily it was Australia, where renting sheep is not that uncommon and they are an open minded nation!

And Yes! We are still friends.
Where do you rent a sheep in the middle of the Sydney CBD? Ask a Kiwi I guess
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Re: Pranks and practical jokes... what's next?

One of the better, or at least most annoying, pranks that I've been a part of (on both ends) involves the planting of a little device called an annoy-a-tron. It creates different annoying sounds at random intervals. A friend planted one in my bedroom and set it to the high-pitched tone. It would beep every 5 to 45 minutes and I ended up moving my bed to the living room etc. etc. before finding the thing. There was also one planted in my car at the same time, with a different tone. I felt like I was going crazy.

ThinkGeek :: The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron

They even have a 2.0 model

ThinkGeek :: The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron 2.0

You can also do things like mix teak dust with epoxy and make little turd piles to plant on his decks (after they harden of course), or cut the heads off of screws and then glue them to his deck/hull (with a putty or something harmless of course) so that it looks like there are bolts screwed into his boat where they shouldn't be,, etc. etc. etc.

Have fun,,

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Re: Pranks and practical jokes... what's next?

It is probably just me but "With friends like that...........
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Not boating related but here's one I was involved in.

I'm an Army officer. I got stationed in Germany a little over a year ago. There was another officer who was big on practical jokes. I was warned about it when I got here that he liked to do things but hated when it turned around. One day at work, he was shooting spit balls at a couple people. One time, he hit me on the back of the head so I got the help of several people to distract him.

He left his beret on his desk. With the Army switching to black berets made this work out pretty good...

I got someone to get him out of the office. Once he was gone, I grabbed his beret and took a sheet of carbon paper and rubbed the whole sheet on the inside front. When I was done, I laid it back to where it was at. Someone else who was in on it told him later that our commander needed to see him in another building.

After going to the other building, he had a black smear across his forehead. He was pissed but everyone else liked that I did it because he kept getting others and no one liked it. I think he was pissed because someone else was actually willing to play his game.

Since then, I deployed and he moved somewhere else. So good riddance.
Daniel - Rhapsody Blog,
“A sailor’s joys are as simple as a child’s.” — Bernard Moitessier
"I don't need therapy, I just need my boat"
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Re: Pranks and practical jokes... what's next?

Lannen - first, PLEASE don't stop your practical jokes! They're an inspiration!

I'm saddened by the seriousness of the responses. They're jokes. They're not intended to cause bodily or emotional harm. Some people need to lighten up - try looking at a side of life that isn't dire and deadly. These two men are adults. If they want to play jokes on each other (even if it DOES cause harm), it's their own prerogative.

I don't think Lannen was looking for naysayers and fingershakers - he's not an infant. The fact that people took the time to post their 'I don't approve of this' opinion is, well, sad.

I love the jokes that have been posted, and my poor husband has somethings to look forward to tomorrow for April Fools.

Thanks guys!
I see my path, but I have yet to know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.
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Re: Pranks and practical jokes... what's next?

Well here's one I pulled on a good friend while in collage. It would work on a boat too. I was walking past a pet store in Boston when a sign in the window caught my eye. "Live Crickets for Sale". Apparently used for reptile food.

$5.00 later and several dozen little noise makers in a small Chinese food box I headed over to my buddies place and let them free. It took about a week of sleepless nights for him to spray,bomb and swat his way to a good nights sleep. One funny part was we were in a class together when a little chirping came out of his pants cuff. The whole class started laughing as he was slapping away at his ankle.

I do have a little remorse about that one because he looked awful for a while.

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