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Maybe this is what the new Cat is really for?
LOL, that never even occured to me. But we can still beat him to the "plastic soup". But we have to move quickly. Quick!, empty your bank account, get to Hawaii, I will grab a few cases of beer and meet you there, we can split the profits with delmarrey, but only if he buys a fast cat, drives the boat and brings the drag nets .

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I was thinking the same thing about there being profit to be made on the mass amounts of plastic waiting to be recycled. Not only that, but the article mentioned kayaks floating around out there too.. Hmm.. salvage business anyone?

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Garbage soup: secrets spewed up by the trash vortex

Marine Business News - Sail World - Powerboat-world: Sail and sailing, cruising, boating news

“... Plastic is believed to constitute 90 per cent of all rubbish floating in the oceans. The UN Environment Program estimated in 2006 that every square mile of ocean contains 46,000 pieces of floating plastic. The group states that plastic waste causes the deaths of more than a million seabirds every year, as well as more than 100,000 marine mammals.

And not all plastic floats. Around 70 per cent of the junk sinks to the bottom, stifling the sea bed, killing organisms and messing with the food chain. In fact around 70 percent of discarded plastic sinks to the bottom. Dutch scientists have counted around 110 pieces of litter for every square kilometre of the seabed, a staggering 600,000 tonnes in the North Sea alone ...”

Gord May
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Originally Posted by Morgan Paul View Post
Let's just say when I here stuff like this I am very skeptical. Behind these claims there is usually some Liberal envioronmental propagantist organization with a half-cocked agenda
Morgan Paul, I'm gonna post this even though I'm almost positive its gonna go in one ear and out the other. I have seen video from another cruising boat of this "Soup" in mid-Pacific. The boat sails through mile after mile after mile of this stuff. It may be on YouTube too, I'll look it up later. It actually exists, as sure as you dont use spell check.

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I would not be assuming the issue cannot be addressed if the desire is there to do so.
In the Med up until 4 years back Spanish Marinas and thier coastline used to be sadly littered with lots of floating plastic.
Then the govt introduced to nearly every harbour and marina small floating 'scooper' boats that now run around every day 'sweeping up' the ocean nearby.
Only took a couple of years for this coastline now to be one of the cleanest in the Med.
Where there is a will - there is a way.
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The US Army Engineers have been running two scoop boats in NY harbor for years and years now. Great for getting larger flotsam--but I don't know how Spain compares to the US, where most storm drains carry plastic right into the sea.

I don't think ecology can be "sold" any more than teaching ethics classes in b-schools actually imparts them into business thieves. That leaves either enforcing it--which the pols and voters will both be reluctant to do--or learning to live in a world full of plastic scrap. Unless someplace like Japan or China figures out they can just mine the oceans for plastic stock, instead of buying it from recycling programs.

Ah, capitalism. Ain't it grand.
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Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
T... Ah, capitalism. Ain't it grand.
And that, of course, is THE KEY to cleaning it all up. Figure a way for it to be profitable and the problem will be solved rather quickly.

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Hmmmm I don't know to be disbelieving the trash vortex. But all the links supplied are from articles about Charles Moore. Seems that airline pilots would have spotted these large areas of trash between Hawwaii and Japan?

Removing Moores name from a google search:
Google search which you can do by putting a minus sign as the first character then the word ie: -moore you get a return led by Greenpeace.

Then try google again with myth pacific trash vortex and theres a whole host of results.

In neither, or any, seaches are there results from large, reputable scientific agencies, universities etc.

I know trash exists at sea: I sailed into Rio about 10 years ago and the orange water and plastic floated 100 miles off shore and got progressively worse all the way in!

If someone has some good, independent, info I would love to read it.

Notes on a Circumnavigation.

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Posts: 913 are absolutely correct. This has been discussed extensively on several other forums and ALL the sources keep coming back to one organization which gets its funding from people looking to do something about this "Texas sized garbage dump". There continues to be NO, NADA, ZERO confirmation from any other independent sources several years after the initial announcement.

Note...plastic is BAD. We need to keep our waters clean. This is not about is about a potential hoax that claimes millions of small bits of plastic in an area the size of Texas. Would seem rather easy to verify independently but it has not been done. If anyone has anything done by anyone other than Moore and his Algalita Research Foundation...please make it known.
Cam - I am no longer a member here. Look for me on other forums...same name.

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I have a hard time believing in something that is supposedly hundreds of square miles but has never been photographed.
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Well, here's the deal. I went to and watched a a video series featuring Charles Moore. He takes a crew out to this "Trash Island" and here's what they find: as they approach the area Moore believes is most concentrated, they start dragging a "trawl" that nets and samples the water. Nowhere in the video do they find an area with large pieces of plastic floating all over the surface. What they find is greater and greater concentrations of plastic "bits". The samples are removed from the net, and volume and make-up are analyzed. As they approached the area, the percent of sealife went way down, and plastics went way up. THERE IS SOMETHING THERE, but it's not like I imagined. There is no way you could see this from a jet, and you can probably steam right through on a freighter without ever knowing you crossed it. Now, I'm no scientist, but the process described in the video makes the plastic breaks down, it gets smaller and smaller, but it stops when it reaches the plastics base polymer stage. By then this "soup" is easily ingestible by the smaller members in our food chain. Eventually it comes back to us, and as levels rise, it will probably effect us in ways NO ONE ON THIS FORUM can currently understand. Feel free to watch the videos yourself. The captain and his crew are incredibly crunchy, but some of their observations make real sense, IMHO. Chris

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Here...check this out...I don't know how much more proof you need but I'm sure you'll find a way. Drinking beer in your armchair won't make it go away.


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