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Its not out of the question that you may know more about a Country's purported regs than the person making the decision. Thus, if it looks like a gun, its a gun. Unless you can produce a thin stream of water from it, you've got problems you don't need to have.

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Yeah, but I can stay alive if I can use it to defend myself along with the Constitution that gives me the right to do so.
Assuming I am in US waters, of course.

Ignorant enough to be dangerous and smart enough to know it.
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You mentioned bird strike. And for those of you that have never seen one before, I thought I'd share. Many of these are huge, but still worth watching. I though it was interesting to watch at least.

outside view 9mb
inside view 9mb

f16 d
forward canopy 14mb
aft canopy 22mb

8 minutes video on why bird strike is an issue (real media file is small about 1.5mb)
or .avi which is 22mb but better quality
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From todays' papers... Boy shot with pellet gun gravely injured

Technically not a firearm but...
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Originally Posted by schoonerdog View Post
Now, that's something that no one would suspect, a chicken shooter. A large airgun shooting a frozen chickens at any pirates. Or maybe frozen seagulls for convenience? Or frozen turkeys for a ship to ship battle. I truely doubt anyone would figure that out. How would you do a ballistics trace? And by the time law enforcement arrived the bird would have thawed and be stuck in the middle of the would be pirate. I think you could pick any story you really wanted to "It was the most bizarre thing, I found him there holding a bag of birdseed with a bird stuck in his chest.." And even if they knew exactly what happened, how could they convince anyone of the truth? 'I know this sounds bizarre, but he's been keeping a stash of frozen pidgens and then using them as weapons to defend himself, look at his freezer and you'll find a frozen turkey too. Obviously he's intent on doing this again"

Thats funny. but can a airgun be used to kill a human? the answer is yes, I have a single shot pellet rifle that shoots .22 caliber pellets at 1150 FPS and will go through a battery from 200 feet, plus I have a 16 inch bayonet attached to the end. I use this gun for hunting ground hogs and such plus I was on the rifle team at school so I usually don't need the bayonet
Sailing and exploration are necessary for life to endure
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firearm or not...

There are more ways than one to deal with weapons. I am an expert with Bow and Arrow. I have hunted for years with them. I have taught archery in recreation depts.
One day while shooting into hay bales in my back yard I was approached by a police officer who saw me over my fence. (how did he do that?) I was informed I could not shoot my bow in my back yard anymore. He admitted from seeing the target that I could indeed shoot well. Then proceeded to tell me he didn't care what the law said about bow's and arrows. He would arrest me for discharging a dangerous weapon if I shot it again and I could argue with the judge.
Anybody want to argue with the judge in any third world country? Or any other country for that matter. All the law needs to do is not debate the FIREARM issue and make it a dangerous weapon and it's a whole new issue!
Be very careful what you carry and be able to prove it's leaglly your's.
BTW I own guns also and do have a couple on my boat Know the laws where you go.
Nothing scares me. I've raised childern!
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Originally Posted by Boracay View Post
My recollection is that air powered weapons are considered to be legally the same as other firearms in Australia.
It actually varies, state to state. eg WA OK, Vic and SW needs to be licensed as a firearm. Don't know about the rest.
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littleotter. Why shoot groundhogs? Do you eat them or feed your dogs on the meat? Why do so many want to shoot all these poor animals. Then you want to take your guns on board your boat.Do you feel that threatened. It seems a lot of people have this mindset to kill everything in sight. When you go on board leave all this behind, learn to live with the environment not destroy it, on land, leave that for moose huntin' gun totin State Governors. We sailors want the ocean to be free of all that crap, just leave your footprints behind when you leave.
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We sailors want the ocean to be free of all that crap, just leave your footprints behind when you leave.
yep....There is way more that will get you unstuck. Take a risk....leave your comfort zone. You may get nailed by another human being but its statistically very unlikely.

Dont go to places that scare you. Do you drive a car?
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Just a little info. Air rifles have been approved for use hunting whitetail here as of this year. A .50 caliber air rifle shooting a round lead ball is plenty inside pistol ranges. A group actually demonstrated the high powered air rifles abilities to the bunny cops. Several of the modern high powered pre-charged pnuematic guns are capable of reaching 22 long rifle power levels or higher with multishot capability. A lot of places use a power level rule to decide if an air rifle is a gun or not. Canada uses a 500fps rule. England uses a power level. They are still unregulated most places here in the states, but it won't be long coming. The peoples state of Illinois and other such conclaves have already done so.
To that crazy, enter your sailboat and leave all that behind, message. I live in full partnership with nature, but it is a partnership based on living with nature. Hollyweird didn't write the script. I provide food and shelter for lots of critters on my land. When I am hungry, I eat one of them. This discussion is about a tool to do a job and how it is classified in different places. It isn't about arguing peoples beliefs. Not an attack at all. Just that other subject leads to more anger quicker than discussing politics does!
Have a very nice day!
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"Why shoot groundhogs?"
Obviously someone has never spent time on horse farms, or riding horses. One groundhog is good for a half dozen holes, one horse steps in one hole while at speed, and now you've got one very expensive horse with a broken leg that needs to be put down.
Farmers, ranchers, lots of folks who are close to the land consider groundhogs "varmints" and varmint hunting is considered simply exterminating pests. Of course, I know some Jains and Hindus who would consider cockroaches to be holy, but that doesn't mean anything with that many legs is allowed to share MY premises.

Runner, getting within pistol range (25-50 feet?) of a whitetail isn't sport. Heck, if you can't sneak up on it and hogtie it, you're not really sporting at all. [vbg]

OK, I HAVE taken flatfish on a hand knife, I'll concede deer are a bit harder to sneak up on.[g]

I don't understand the whole "weapons" argument. Like the US Army Rangers say, "Inside these gates are the finest weapons in the world...RANGERS."
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The reason ground hogs are called hogs is because they are a very good if somewhat greasy meat. A half grown ground hog is very good eating. They are both pests and fine eating!
This discussion always creates anger and divides groups. It is best left alone. The argument comes down to those who live on the land arguing with people that live on lots or in apartment houses in urban areas. Both sides have been taught things all their lives and have formed opinions based on the input they live with. It doesn't matter if one side is right or not for the most part. Only when voting does that matter. Only one side is trying to make the other side live their way. Just leave it alone!
Talk more later. I have to go do a 2 hour job all the way across town.
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The original question it a fire arm?

Weapon, yes. FIREarm, no.
Ignorant enough to be dangerous and smart enough to know it.
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Guzzi - The BATF in the USA might not consider an air rifle a firearm, but most countries do - taking the UK as an example (see here)
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Zanshin is correct, this wasn't a question of semantics, nor was it a question of morality but rather of the legality of carrying one onboard and undeclared in various jurisdictions. The answer in many jurisdictions, whether or not anyone likes it, IS NO - it is decidedly illegal.


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