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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Originally Posted by Tellie View Post
I suppose it's fine to sneak into a hotel use it's facilities and justify it with buying a few drinks. I also suppose that you wouldn't mind then, while you are at this hotel, that some of the hotel staff, without asking, borrow your dingy and head out to your boat and take it out for a few hours of leisurely cruising as long as they replace the small amount of diesel they used would you?
Horrible analogy. The hotel staff is being paid a wage to serve you drinks, why would they want to go out on your boat? If you are at the hotel, who will serve them drinks?

I like the idea of the hotel owner going out on your boat while you and his staff stay at his hotel and make him rich.

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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Originally Posted by martinworswick View Post
If he helped himself to a drink from behind the bar and left just enough cash to pay for that drink at wholesale rates it might be the same analogy
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No sneaking required. Honor bar. Professional Captains eat free with paying guest's meal. You do need to pay for the mooring ball.

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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Wow. "How to sneak into beach resorts." There have always been a few threads, here and there, that are about how to cheat the tax man, or the customs guys. How to work illegally, or how to go places that you are prohibited from. And, of course, in those threads there are always a few who are happily willing to recommend to others that they commit various sorts of crimes. This is pretty blatant, though I think the OP missed the mark by just a little bit. "How to cheat beach resorts" would be a more clear subject for the thread.

Maybe we need to have a complete, new sub-forum here. Perhaps entitled "Methods and Recommendations for Lying, Cheating, Stealing, and the General Commission of Crimes."

What's really funny is when I see people recommending to others various ways to lie, cheat, and steal, and then a week or two later you'll see these same people whining incessantly because they feel like some vendor didn't give them the service they deserved. Can you say "karma"?
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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Can we please get back to the OP comments. I think it had something do with 30-60 year old man with 20ish year old woman.
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pirate Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

I think the OP's error, if error it was, was in announcing the behavior. We all know this stuff happens every day and is usually not started by buying a drink in the bar. In marinas I see it starting with someone asking you for the wifi password or the combo to the showers, or "hey, can ya leave the restroom door open?"

The biggest leach I know when encountered coming out of a yacht club restroom said " _______ told him it was OK to use the shower." NFW! That stands for No Fing Way!

Let the young guys do their lameass ****. They will anyway, and laugh in our faces. As most of us know, integrity is what you do when no one's looking.
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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

In SE Asia cruisers are welcome at most of the beach-side resorts. At one resort on Langkawi, my wife and I tentatively landed on their beach and were met not by security, but by a waiter with a plate of frozen melon. I got the impression that they liked having boats anchored off their beach, much the same way the condo developments have a token marina for ambiance.

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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Some resorts actually want visitors . . . so long as you look halfway decent. We stopped in at Bimini Bay Resort on our way back from the Exumas, and asked at the desk if we could go in. They gave us all wristbands and essentially said "Enjoy yourselves." Might've helped that we are a fairly wholesome-looking family of four.

I think part of that was also that it's a condo/hotel development, and if prospective condo buyers see lots of friendly happy faces around the pool, it seems like they're buying into a good thing.
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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Cormorant nailed it. Ask. If it's OK, then enjoy. If not - don't do it, or pay what is asked.. Stuff you should have learned in Kindergarten.
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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Agreed. And even the all-inclusive resorts often have day passes available for food, drink and use of the facilities if you are interested.
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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Originally Posted by a64pilot View Post
Title of the thread is how to sneak in, not be a paying customer. Presupposes dishonesty doesn't it? Why would anyone sneak into anywhere unless they weren't supposed to be there?
Another question might be, why would you sneak into any place you're supposed to be at?
“If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your ****, then you deserve it.” ― Frank Zappa
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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Great thread, go easy, I'm just easing back into the forum. I'm a novelist, and these kinds of threads are grist for my fiction mill. For a novelist, clever new tricks for evading all types of security are real gems. (Too bad I didn't find any here; just an ethical debate.) And for those on both sides of this great moral divide, in novels, the person trying to elude the resort security staff might be a very appealing character, down on his or her luck, broke, trying to sneak in or out of a country while not sleeping under a bush behind the dumpsters. So beach resorts are a natural magnet for such wily yet charismatic vagabonds. Where else can one so easily seduce an old gentleman on vacation and perhaps stow away on a megayacht? (Writing this kind of stuff with a clean conscience is one of the perks of being a novelist. Really.)
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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

In Antigua, we just mingled with the guests on the beach at Sandals, had no problem. It appeared at that time--2000-2001, the guards were mostly wary of the beach vendors who had a darker tan than we did.

We didn't try to go into the resort proper.

At another resort down the beach we walked in and sat a table and were served very expensive drinks, which we paid for and left.
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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Originally Posted by SimonV View Post
Don't sneak, walk in like you have just arrived and should be there. If you plan to use the facilities other than pool bar and restaurant, talk to the barman. I found the bar staff are the best point of contact especially if you have just bought a drink. If not the bar staff give the sports and rec shack a try. Number one thing don't be a dick.
This seems to be the best bit of advice yet. I think you might be right... I've gotten plenty of perks from friendly banter with a bartender. They are generally just looking for tips and generally aren't too big on rules from "the man" either.

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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

Amazing thread I am a cruising sailor that just happens to be getting away from the pressure of these full on resorts plenty of good looking girls on the free beach why would you want to steal into these phony places like a criminal "you Pays Up or you don't go" please don't add to the grotty yachty syndrome If you have to hide from the rain because it is cold you are cruising in the wrong place find somewhere in the tropics and you will love it when it rains Hahahah Cheers Jacko
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Re: How to sneak into beach resorts

wow this site IS filling up with arm chair sailors. All this talk of the rates they pay to be in these resorts! hum thought they were.....uhhhh their sail boat!

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