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There are very, very few cruising long term rtw under 30... very few in any age group under 60.

You may find yourself craving your own age group of your own culture.
They are not easy to find and it can bring weird problems after a while.
Nicolle needed 'girl time' with other girls of her age to go talk about whatever **** 27 year olds talk about, and go shopping (more like 'go hang out at the mall') with women similar to her. Social things that you don't realise are so important till you really don't have them for a long period of time.

Another false assumption is that all your friends will come an have a cheap holiday on your boat. Well, there's more unused beds on boats in the anchorage than you can poke a burnt stick! Grandparents wanting their grandkids to come and stay: "Hey Pa, Love to come on your boat but you don't have TV so shove it!"
Before you go friends 'book' places they want you to go so they can come stay: "Galapagos!!!" Then when you are 2 months from there they say: 'cats in the cradle, new jobs a hassle and the kids...'

People say immerse yourself in the local culture.... then after a year or so in the 'islands' you realise theres no young people there either! In Tonga all the young smart people have gone to New Zealand. So you sit smiling at more old people, but these can't talk English.

Remember, humor is really only accessible by someone whose mother tongue is yours and same/similar culture.

I don't know the solutions to the age thing, but its not easy. But start planning now to work ways you can be in places longer that are accessible to your friends and have a lot of young cruisers (Caribbean) or lots of young, cultured people (Mediterranean).

Make sure you get the email addresses of all the young cruisers you meet (and the ones on here too)... no matter which way you or they are headed you will always bump into either them or their friends someonewhere around this small blue ball. If you are leaving in 2012 then stay in contact with Rebleheart - they are leaving that year too (or is it 2013?)

Notes on a Circumnavigation.

Somalia Pirates and our Convoy
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Thats not just a cruising problem, everywhere there are mostly old people. There was a big drive in the 70's to stop the population growth. As a consequence people have few children in most western/developed countries,(except in 3rd world countries that had the problem to begin with). That leaves an aged populace, add to that the requirement of most 30 somethings to work for a living far from the water, and well.

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We're under 30 (29/26) and have been living aboard for 1.5 years and cruising for the last 6 months -- bahamas bound from the bay in two weeks any other young people out there want to skip the old folks summer camp and go have some adventure

old farts with young hearts dutifully excluded from my previous comment.....
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Originally Posted by MarkJ View Post
If you are leaving in 2012 then stay in contact with Rebleheart - they are leaving that year too (or is it 2013?)
Spring of 2013! Can't wait

I have a blog roll on my blog with a ton of younger cruisers/liveaboards. Check out their sites. A lot of them have young children or are currently pregnant. Very cool and very exciting. One of the things I've liked most about blogging our lifestyle is how many fellow liveaboards I've met, especially women. Feel free to check out the blog roll:

If it hadn't been for my husband, I would never have thought of living aboard or sailing around the world. I wasn't exposed to sailing as a child and first stepped on a sailboat when I met Eric. I was 26 at the time.

I find that the liveaboards I currently correspond with are of a similar age range and believe in living frugally and simply, and want to raise their children that way too. Living aboard and sailing encourages both of those things.

There also seems to be a division between young and old in this lifestyle. We've been fairly successful at making friends with the older crowd at our marina, but it took awhile for some people to accept us and chat with us.
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I'm around, kinda. Most of my time is spent in a practice room preparing for graduate music school auditions...

It seems to me that most sailors are pretty bright folks, so the younger folks who sail are likely in college, too busy to be out sailing much. I know that's my excuse

Aaron N.
(23 in Miami)
"Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible."

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oh.. how I loved sailing young, no money, no hot water on board, no clue, life was good.

did my year when I was 24, me and my friends were the youngest ones in any anchorage or marina we entered, always looked at with fear - no way those guys can stir their boat to the dock, prepare your fenders!!!

Learned a lot that year, but mostly I learned that your boat is your home and the better you will treat it, the better it will treat you because its your home.

Sailing in your 20's is hard on the pocket, especially in the mad.
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Just turned 32 myself. still at least a couple years away before I get to boat buy'n
Daniel - Rhapsody Blog,
“A sailor’s joys are as simple as a child’s.” — Bernard Moitessier
"I don't need therapy, I just need my boat"
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my wife and I are 21 and 23. we don't get out on the boat a ton, but are eager to begin cruising. The far majority of sailors that we meet are older. Many of the young ones that we meet are less interested in cruising. They are more into the racing side of things.
Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I'm 35, the admiral is 25, we just put an offer in today on a boat and plan on being out there for a few years starting around February 2011, we have a lot to get done over the next few months. First Caribbean and then we shall see. Hope to see some of you out there, and if the people I meet are half as helpful and kind as the people that have helped us with questions on here I will consider us lucky indeed.
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Me!!! Oh wait, I'm actually 42. How did that happen?!?! Never mind, I'm very immature for my age.
S/V Ceol Mor
42 Nassau Undergoing refit in Kemah, Tx
Our little blog has moved:
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My wife and I are both in our early 30's. We do some weekend and extended cruising on our boat in the Chesapeake and hope to go longer term/longer distance cruising before we reach 40. Just cruising the Chesapeake, it's definitely an older crowd, especially on sailboats. We've met a few others close to our age, but for the most part not. We don't have a problem socializing with older sailors and have found most of them to be very welcoming and encouraging toward us. We enjoy hearing the experiences and opinions of those who've been at it a while.

That said, it definitely feels a little lonely sometimes to pull into an anchorage or a marina and be fifteen years younger than the next youngest person we see.
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Early Thirties

Hello All,

It's good to learn that there are plenty of younger folks out cruising, and living in/around sailboats, even if we are a bit spread out. I'm hoping to meet some (any) of you out there on the water sometime.

I got my first sailboat in my late twenties and am now, at 33 years old, working on my second sailboat that I'll use as a coastal cruiser. I haven't cruised on a boat beyond a few short trips but I've been traveling and living a simple/self-reliant lifestyle for much of the last 6 or 7 years. I've found a similar lack of young folks in my time traveling overland. In my wanderings I regularly return to areas where I have friends my age and I enjoy the social life but have grown used to people my age not sharing much in common with my lifestyle. It seems that retired folks live the closest lifestyle to my own and I have made plenty of older friends that I meet up with and share trips with. I'm guessing that things will be similar in regards to folks my age when I'm out cruising but fortunately there should still be plenty of cruisers around, though mostly older.

One of the differences that I have noticed with folks my age isn't as much with the travel, but the daily routine. Younger folks are often in the 8-5 workday/busy night and busy weekend cycle while my routine is much different. I work my own hours (my own business which is web based) and prefer to get out when the weather is good/day is warm and then work early/late, during rain/heat/cold etc. I move this around to accommodate friends routines but enjoy the flexible schedule when I'm on my own. Another difference is that of budget. The folks that I know who are my age spend much more money on a day to day basis than my retired friends. Eating out, going out for drinks, buying stuff etc. my cost of living probably doubles when I'm spending time with folks my own age. With my retired/cruising friends we still enjoy drinks or a dinner out from time to time but it is the exception and potlucks, sundowners on someones boat/camper and other social events are more the norm, and much more budget friendly. In any case these have been my findings. I'm guessing that there must be plenty of young professionals that are living a simple lifestyle like my own and hopefully I'll run into a group of them one of these days . If nothing else, if I'm lucky, I'll make it to the point where I'm the same age as my retired friends.

One of the biggest attractions to cruising for me is that there are so many folks that I consider like minded cruising (regardless of age). In the past year I've spent much of my time living in a boatyard while restoring my old boat and have really enjoyed meeting so many folks with similar interests and values. It's gritty and far from glamorous here in the yard but even in comparison to some great trips and fun times that I've enjoyed, boatyard life is a great time and is exceeding my expectations of a cruising lifestyle. Moving onto the water should be even better, which reminds me that I should go check on the glass/epoxy that I just laid up. Gotta keep working on the boat so that maybe I can finish and get out there one of these days...

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Well I'm not in that age bracket. But, I did meet a 28 year old fellow in New York a few weeks ago who was heading south solo bound for the Keys. I was concerned because a friend was still giving him sailing lessons the day before he left. He bought the boat five months ago. Seemed to have the right can do attitude though. Boat was named ATLAS. Hope he makes it.
Capt. Mike
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I'm in the age bracket, just turned 29. Been cruising off and on for like eighteen years, and have no intention to go back to a 'normal' life.

I expect a truly massive influx of young American sailors in the coming years. Disillusionment is going to be at an all-time high, and the number of unused, blue water capable boats floating in the marinas will keep them affordable for another decade or so, at the very least.

The real estate market bursting the way it has in the USA is also going to drive people into alternatives, one of which is obviously living aboard a boat. Sure, the government will try to tax you to death for doing it (not like marinas haven't already taken most of the fun out of being tied up, anyways), but the beautiful thing about a boat is you can change addresses with little more than time and wind.
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20 here
Currently living in Japan but next year I'll be back in the states. During uni breaks my friends and I like to cruise the gulf. Glad to see other young people into it!

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