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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

I read through this thread thinking of what I would contribute as what I don't like about living aboard. Whatever I could choose would be a statement of what I don't like about life. After 43 years of living on the boat I don't have a list of things I miss. I was raised in a house with a yard, big rooms, hallways and a garage. I do remember looking out from the utility room next to our garage when I was about 14 years old during the eye of a hurricane. I was peeking out the forcast "safe" side when the eye wall closed. I remember hearing a "bell" ringing and saw that the sound came from a stop sign cartwheeling down the road. That was my cue to close the door and retreat back to the center of our house.

On our boat I've had some tiresome times managing through a few hurricanes and many tropical storms with our worst damage, still minor, from an afternoon squall. I'd appreciate the lack of hard work and stress when dealing with big weather events.

Take care and joy, Aythya crew
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

Being able to get a reasonable amount of exercise or go for a run or bike ride everyday.

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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

The hardest part for me is getting appointments with doctors and/or dentists in strange cities when we don't know who to call or exactly when we'll be there and we don't really want to hang around for an appointment or a followup.
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

While showering, or should I say the opportunity to shower frequently is lacking, there's the upside. In the wintertime when it's too cold - especially in a cool breeze - to shower in the cockpit, I perspire less. So, at least any objectionable odors that may annoy others are less likely to exist. Showers can be deferred - hair on head and face washed in a cafe - until weather warms enough that perspiration becomes a problem but showering in the cockpit is doable again. It's not ideal, but adapting is often required when living aboard. Too bad marinas in my area do not allow showers for a modest fee. If one must shower however, local community centers will provide showers for $5 and up - no towel and soap included. Spas will literally take you to the cleaners. $20 and up for a shower.
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

I have a full size (I can stand up) separate shower, which was a requirement. I don't use it that often, but when I do, I'm extremely thankful for it. Most of the time it is home to my asym, "Wilson".
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

Wrong, a tip given to me ages ago about showers, albeit yet untried. Go to a hotel @ around check out time, & find/get to know one of the maids. Give her/him, a small gratuity in exchange for 1/2hr to luxuriate & get thyself clean.
If anyone gets good at this, might you be kind enough to post any important How-To tips, & or Do's & Don'ts.

One big difference about most boat showers is that they're too small to shower with your other half. Something one misses from time to time. Also, you can't just take a shower onboard without giving thought to how long you're in there. Either you run out of hot water, or water period... if you're not careful. Which is also a pain for those who have long hair.

The Uncommon Thing, The Hard Thing, The Important Thing (in Life): Making Promises to Yourself, And Keeping Them.
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

I have been living aboard for nearly 20 years and love it most of the time except during a storm in the middle of the night. I don't even mind living in a boat yard for a while. I would prefer a bigger boat with room for more stuff that I have collected over the years or even better, as well as my small boat, a small sea view cottage where I can have a fireplace, a grand piano, a loom, a bath tub, hang pictures on the walls, store all my books and extra clothes so that they won't get mouldy, grow a garden, a kitchen with a pantry to keep jars of preserves and wines. This way, I can have the best of both worlds. Summers on the boat and winters in the cottage.

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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

First, as to those earlier who mentioned lack of address, I'd recommend St. Brendan's.

Now as to what we don't like. Understand we only spend 6 weeks to 2 months aboard without a break and that brings to what we don't or wouldn't like. Being away from family and friends. Now if you're living aboard at a home base or marina that's not an issue. But if cruising it is. We're too attached and just have to spend time with them. It's still wonderful when we return home and find ourselves with a house full of family and friends the first weekend home. Honestly, we never expected that as when we lived in our former home could have easily left full time. But where we are now, got so close to new family and friends that we'd feel a huge loss.

Wifey B: Plus now I have an all most 5 month old niece and she is the smartest and most beautiful ever and I must must must do my proper amount of spoiling her and while we do skype with her that's not enough. I mean who else but the crazy aunt would buy her a designer stroller and dress her up like the star she is.
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

Originally Posted by conachair View Post
But I don't like having a left handed boat, every hard to get nut and bolt is always only accessible using the left hand.....
Small price to pay

Edit. And it's quite sad sometimes saying goodbye to the wonderful people you meet along the way..
A-Ha! I've been looking for a Left Handed Boat! I seem to have the opposite problem... Anything I need to fix is suited to a Right Handed person! LOL! I'd be happy to take it off your hands
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

On our old 28-footer, lack of room for the quantity of books I wanted - I like to have guides to local plants & birds etc, as well as decent fiction, pilots etc. And our daughter read a lot as she grew.
Drying out the books after a passage, as the chainplates always worked and water would seep in to the shelves.
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

Living aboard for 6 years meant habitually "reducing". Being an avid reader and also doing writing, it's easy to have piles of books and papers and not enough good organizing and storage space. My "office" was a crew bunk complete with compact printer. Frequent shuffling of books, collections of charts, etc., to/from land-based storage was 'de rigor'.
Having easily removed and stowed canvas to cover the cockpit during rainy times and during hot summers helps to extend the "living" space without impeding frequent spontaneous sailing days taking the boat out.
Minimal wardrobe requirements is also necessary--being very organized really helps.
I like having my tools and spare parts, etc., so having nearby storage is really a big plus, otherwise, the boat sets down over its waterline boot stripe.
Also the limited storage in the galley is a challenge if you like to cook. Keeping spices, ingredients for more ellaborate cooking and baking is a problem. I used to share new containers of herbs and spices with dock neighbors to reduce the size of the stored small amounts needed.
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

having to run the party girls back ashore at 3am..............
my catamaran building project updates
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

Originally Posted by Cheechako View Post
*The moisture, fungus, mold.... it permeates everything. You get used to it, but you don't realize that others can smell it on your clothes!
*Sore body syndrome from wedging myself into a space and trying to pull resistant hoses off fittings etc! I guess that's "boat yoga"!
*Bottom work. I had a couple bad blister boats. It used to cause me sleepless nights at times. I still have a nightmare occasionally...
I have a seadog 30 ketch it would make a great live aboard for 1 or 2 at a stretch. One of the reasons being that the hull is solid grp but the deck and coach roof is sandwich construction and even in wintertime any clothing or
artefacts are fungus free.
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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

Ya, my boat is crazy dry on the inside, same construction, insulated hull, all the furnishings and cabinetry is teak. We actually have to keep a pot of water on the oil heater AND run a humidifier in the aft cabin so we don't get nose bleeds in the winter time.

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Re: What Don't You Like About Living On A Boat?

-Not having onshore transportation, like a car in most places, especially as public transport isn't usually close by. Pedal bikes only work in some places & where traffic isn't lethal.
-The cooking issue can be aided heaps by tossing out most appliances and replacing with a Thermomix, not a substitute-there is a difference, but you need power of some sort - not sure yet whether an inverter would be sufficient, but cant see why not.
-have seen several sailing and motor boats with herb gardens of some sort or the other. And no, the sailing ones in particular, actually travel long sea distances.
-putting a fan almost 24/7 in cockpit helps with the mould issue on the canvas dodger/bimini.
-using a sodastream saves carrying heavy bottles and a good filtration system for the drinking water.
-got so used to turning the water off when soaping up in the shower that cant stop doing it when on shore, so no longer enjoy long showers even on land - drat!!

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