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Re: Preparing Yourself for a Liveaboard Lifestyle

There is nothing like getting Out There (I refrain from using the term "getting your feet wet") to learn the lifestyle. Your adaptations, compromises and sacrifices will probably be different from those of others. Since you have a pet on board, though, I do caution you about the unique dangers it might face. Just one example: if a pet falls overboard, you need a means for it to get back on board. HOWEVER, if there is a strong current it may not be able to get back to the boat yet would not realize that a nearby shore offers refuge. Swimming desperately to stay with the boat, it exhausts itself and is lost. I never trained an older dog to go on astroturf but maybe using standard puppy training papers would work. Good luck. I am so excited for the wonderful life you have ahead of you.

Janet Groene
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Re: Preparing Yourself for a Liveaboard Lifestyle

Originally Posted by Adelie View Post
As a longstanding member of the engineering tribe I can say that we, more than most people, have this thing for modifying the items we own, especially technical items, until they either crash from 'feature' overload or become unreliable because 'improvements' that have compromised other functions of the device.

Without knowing all the details of your acquaintance's installation I would hesitate to have an opinion either way. If it were a normal person having problems I would be more likely to blame the item.

The problem seems to be that not everything that came with the panels is up to a marine environment. It isn't a case where he made lots of modifications.

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Re: Preparing Yourself for a Liveaboard Lifestyle

I didn't have a clue at first, started doing it, chatted with fellow bodgers, did some online research, did some more, now i have a clue. Such fun.
sv Libertalia
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Re: Preparing Yourself for a Liveaboard Lifestyle

Start living at the dock then spend weekends in the Gulf Islands, then when comfortable circle Vancouver Island or go to the Queen Charlottes for a month, then you will be ready to live aboard and travel. Get a locker for your winter stuff in summer and vice versa.
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Re: Preparing Yourself for a Liveaboard Lifestyle

Originally Posted by bajabound View Post
-having only 10% of the clothes and shoes I have now (I'm a woman, this will be an emotional goodbye!)
But why? The liveaboard lifestyle is all about freedom. You like your shoes? Keep them then! You like the dresses? Keep them too! Buy some new too - clothing is light, you can carry plenty.

-get used to drinking my coffee black (no refrigeration so no milk)
And why? Nearly all liveaboards have coolers/freezers etc.. BTW then there is the UHF cream/milk too! You will need the freezer anyways as the hamburgers do not keep without one.

-dog will have to be trained to relieve herself on places other than grass (astroturf?)
They do get used too it. And please, please, please - anchor upwind from me! We are all like one huge family. Your dog will also love the lack of exercise (we all do, don't we?). Alas, if you take your dog along while visiting your neighbours' boats you will have no problem with the aforementioned, and the doggie may get some exercise too - most liveaboards have cats!

-no more long showers or baths (maybe I'll wait until I've given up my apartment before I start doing that one)
We do not limit shower time here. Why would you? Water is aplenty, I have seen boats with tubs onboard too. Any engine run for 15 minutes or so will deliver copious amounts of hot water.

Ones to add to my list?
If you are to give up anything to go liveaboard, then why do it? It is a value-added lifestyle, not an ascetic cloister out here!

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Originally Posted by Dano72
Welcome! Thought I share one of my first interesting experiences after moving aboard.

Christmas morning, one month after buying the boat and moving aboard I woke up to the sound of my big bilge running. I had over a foot of water in my bilge (normally about an inch), my stuffing box was leaking at a rate of 30 drops a minute. I had motored for about 3 hours the day before because the wind died down. Once I woke up a little more and the panic subsided I made coffee(black) and opened a book by Don Casey. Armed with the new knowledge regarding my leak and a little caffine I went to work. To my suprise tightening the bolts make the leak worse, a steady stream of water was now coming in. With renewed panic I opened a Nigel Calder book to get a second opinion. Don Casey was right, the only obvious course of action was to continue tightening. After 15 minutes of cursing and skinning my knuckles I got it tight and the leak stopped. It was now 730 am on Christmas, I was covered in sweat and bilge water. I cranked up Christmas music and did a victory dance. A few weeks later during a haul out I found out that the stuffing box was tightened almost all the way and it needed repacking.

Up until that morning I had focused on the little nuances of living aboard. Since then I have thumbed through my now epxanded library more times than I can remember. Sometimes I've had non-boater guests aboard during a crisis, they were not impressed when I sat quietly reading a book while we were in the fog with no power to the GPS. It's always an adventure and one that so far I love.

I do not want to discourage you at all, follow your dreams. I had a
small boat for about a year that I slept on over weekends to kind of ease into things. There are sacrifices to be made but I've found living aboard to be a great experience.

This forum is an awesome place to get insight into all things boating. You will get varying opinions on nearly every topic that will help you make your own decisions.

There are two things you should remember, the Delta Anchor is the best anchor ever made and you should always, always carry a machine gun or 2 with you when sailing....

If you've missed the humor then you need to read more forums!
Dano is spot aboard is an adventure. I am all for planning, but experience is what gets you through tight spots and there is only one way to get it.

Clothes, shoes, and milk. My wife and I liveaboard and work professional jobs....didn't give up a thing we didn't want to. We are on a 35ft sailboat.

Don't let life wake you up from your dreams.
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Re: Preparing Yourself for a Liveaboard Lifestyle

Shoes might get mouldy from lack of use....

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