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Old 11-01-2008, 16:28   #16
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Pogo - do a SEARCH on 'live aboard' and marina and you'll be entertained for hours. I know that I've made at least 4 extensive posts on that subject. Probably a couple of hundred posts. Have fun.

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S/V Elusive..Thomas, I will do that.

I recall back in school days when the subject of crowded conditions in Hong Kong harbor with so many poverty people living on boats rafted together painted a bad image of the place. Do we have so many poverty stricken in sailboats here in America? If so, there is a bigger problem than just live aboards affecting us.

Be back later when I have been able to be entertained for hours...LOL


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Originally Posted by Chuck Baier View Post
Wow, A lot of water has passed under the keel since I started this one
The net never loses anything!

I was a bit surprised when I started reading from the top. LOL

We should ask how a few years aboard changes, or doesnt change people.
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Originally Posted by graham View Post
Hey Chuck..........., Are you saying that Cuba is a nice place to visit, and that if I were to sail my future home down there to the South Coast and anchor a while, that I would not be placed in pprison or killed by Cuban Soldiers, or looted or robbed by anti-American castro-ites?

Wait a minute, but my Government has been telling me for years that they are evil, dangerous and that we should stay away!

Hmm, I'm partly making fun, mostly because I usually never believe what Government says, but seriousily, how safe would it be for me to anchor off the Cuban South Coast, and how is it to go ashore and actually walk the streets?

I was raised part time in FLorida on Key Biscayne, when the cubans began arriving, taking over alot of businesses and areas, in the 60s etc, the area got brighter, friendlier, cleaner and lots more fun.

The cubans are great people, can it be possible to actually sail down to them and experience their heritage and country?

Thanks for your comment, opening up new possibilities every day!


Graham, that was in the 60's......... unfortunetly MIAMI HAS THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE POVERTY IN THE U.S.!......
mainly due to immigrants, has HUGE crime problems, Spanish is the 1st language, not English, and if you don't speak Spanish you're looked at with contempt!
I'm in the minority being a white male.
You can go out for an evening in very nice clubs & restaurants and NEVER hear English spoken.
Even the Immigrants that have been born here over the last 40 years call themselves CUBANS, not AMERICANS... which is disturbing to me.
They have changed the climate in MIAMI to one of a foreign country AND they are continuing to do so.
I currently have CUBAN clients that are Millionaires that do NOT speak ENGLISH.
I'm NOT chastising anyone here, they are very nice people.......
but MIAMI is no longer AMERICA!
I love living in Miami, but it's not like anything else in this country, and I don't mean in a "good" way!
Again, I'm not criticizing anybody, except maybe for the U.S. Government letting this happen.
Sorry to spill the bad news, but unless you live here, it's hard to understand, and you don't realize to what extent Florida, in general is changing, and I mean rapidly!

Sooooo... lets ALL go move to the SOUTH SHORE of CUBA !
S/V High Cotton
"Had I known I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself !!!
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Mark, After 16 years it has only made us more aware of the world around us. Such as High Cottons post, we based ourselves out of the Floriduh Keys for 10 years and never viewed the south Florida area in a negative light. It is different there but so are many of the places we have visited and that is what makes it so exciting. we are more conscious of the environment and personally we are closer than we have ever been as a couple, and not just physically. we have become more tolerant and learned patience very quickly. Not even close to swallowing the anchor yet so it must be good.
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Originally Posted by Chuck Baier View Post
we are closer than we have ever been as a couple,
Thats nice

Originally Posted by Chuck Baier View Post
we have become more tolerant and learned patience very quickly.
Well, that ain't gunna happen with me! LOLOLOL not in only 16 years anyway

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With regard to marina live-aboard bans...I have some first hand experience from a marina's perspective on this:
1. I would say that better than half the approaches on "do you take live-aboards" come from single guys on decrepit boats that have more than a fleeting connection with law enforcement or have mental problems. It is easier for the average marina to simply say..."we don't take live-aboards" rather than to have to deal with those kind of problems or make a distinction between good people and problem people.

2. Live-aboards use and demand more marina services than non-liveaboards. When we find the toilets stuffed up and the shower room a pigsty when the weekend boaters ain't doesn't take long to figure out who is making our job harder. The laundry on the rails and the personal crap on the public dock doesn't endear the live-aboard either. And BTW...if the cable goes out at midnight (like everyone else's in town)...I really appreciate the wake up call to alert me to this potentially life threatening situation!

As a full time live-aboarder for half a dozen years...I also know what LA's bring to a marina on the positive side...just offering the other side of the story. terms of advice I would say to never ask "do you take live-aboards" unless you already know the answer is "yes". Instead...take a transient slip for a month or two and let people get to know you and know that you are good citizens and considerate dockmates. Then...ask the marina manager if he would consider allowing you to remain as full time live-aboards. Note that some marina managers expect to profit from such you may want to scope out that issue with other boaters in advance.
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I concur with the above post (camaraderie). I was allowed to live aboard in Mission Bay, San Diego only because of my attitude at the docks. Most of everyone down there knew I lived aboard but were very friendly because I would watch out for their boats especially during the bad weather or if something wasn't right I'd contact the Dock Master. I even helps to stop a sinking a couple of times in the middle of the night.

Keeping the boat in good shape, clean and in operative condition will gain points. A few small plants are common even among non live aboards. But anything that doesn't look seaworthy becomes obvious.

And being courteous with your neighbors is a plus (sanding, painting, washdowns) and so on. A certain amount of maintenance is expected but major refits are not liked. If a boat needs a lot of work, it's best to put it on the hard and rent a cheap apartment until it's ready for the water.
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Sounds amazing , maybe i'll go there one day :P

New and learning !

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